And you give yourself away

 Taking a walk by the lake in Montreux never felt so good. Eating ice-creams and enjoying the cool weather really makes me happy in spring, what do you need more that a little sun and a little cup of caramel frozen cream. The light was perfect for some pictures, hope you like this set.
The outfit is so comfortable, a light isabel lu dress with orange lipstick and mulburry bag. Feels great to feel the hair and dress float as the wind blows slowly in it’s cool day.

Dress : Isabel Lu ( )/ Shoes : Saint Marina / Blazer : Zara / Bag : London Vintage Mulburry / Bracelets : Forvever 21


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I am absolutelly in love with your outfit. And you are sooo beautiful :)

nice look…. amazing place ;)

nice look…. amazing place ;)

I love your style!(:

Beautiful as always! I still can’t get over how much orange lipstick suits you! x

Love this look. I die for that bag!! Love Sia x

i don’t get it. in your first look you said about the bag that your don’t know the name of the bag and its a gift an now its a mulberry? is this because you just into fashion or that you have fake bags?

i still love your looks! this was just a question :)

Thanks to everyone :D

@ Meggy-roos : yes it is a fake mulburry bought in a vintage shop in london by I friend of mine who offered it to me .
Even though it’s a fake one, I love it!:)
big kisses to you!

Gorgeous outfit, honey!Love the bag and the top!xoxo

your bag is fabulous & your lip color is gorgeous!


love your outfit. <33

You are really beautiful, look like an angel!!! The dress is amazing:D


you’re so beautiful *-*

I really love your blog !


You look amazing! And this bag is perfect ;)

Be our guest:

Gorgeous outfit, I love that dress!

Love your blazer!

Love your entire outfit! Cute purse!

nice post <3<3 i like it (:


I am in love with that dress, it is incredibly beautiful!

I’m ur newest follower! hope u can visit&follow back too
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Great photos! I love your bag!

Love the bag ..kisses

i love leopard print

That dress is absolutely lovely! What kind of lipstick do you use, it seems to hold so well?

lovely blog, I follow You :)

Gorgeous dress and bag! I can’t get over how pretty you are.


I LOVE that bag! And you are so pretty it’s crazy, you should be a model if you are not one already! :)

Emma xx



Your handbag is cute. You can find some lovely leather handbags on the link.

Coucou ! Ton blog est vraiment incroyable ! Plein d’inspiration et de poésie !
Comme on dit “qui ne tente rien n’a rien” alors voila : j’adore ton sac ! Malheureusement il est INTROUVABLE ! Alors je me demandais si tu serais d’accord pour me le vendre ou pourquoi pas voir si in peut faire un échange (enfin n’importe quoi !) :D
Je me rend compte que ma demande est osée mais autant être culotée !
Mon adresse mail est notée
En espérant que tu me lira et que tu acceptera ma proposition,
J’espère pouvoir te lire encore longtemps,
Ismène (une très grande fan !!!