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 Hi guys as so many of you have requested, here is a post speaking about the beauty products I use. I though it was I good idea, make-up has always been a great hobby for me and I think that cosmetics really add something to an outfit. Especially the lipsticks, they really add this little touch of colour to a look which I really enjoy.
My favourite beauty products are Too Faced’s, It is a brand you can find in sephora shops all over the world. The quality is amazing and the designs are wicked! So here are pictures of the make-up I use daily. I always do the same eye make-up. It stays very basic in brown shades, I prefer to accentuate the lips.

1. Too Faced “Amazing Face” skin balancing flexible coverage foundation powder ( it’s a great powder to wear alone or over foundation)
2. Too Faced “Chocolate Soleil” matte bronzing powder with real cocoa ( AMAZING blush, the best one I swear, it smells and TASTE chocolate)
3. Clinic anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation ( great foundation, I really recomend for every tipe of skin)

1. Too Faced eye shadow duo in ” Teddy bear and heaven” ( basic shadow for my every day make-up)
2. Lancome ” L’extreme” ( best mascara from lancome! love it)
3. Essence ” liquid eye liner” ( it’s really easy to use and the line is highly precise)
4. Too Faced ” eye shadow insurance” ( keeps your eye shadow perfect for the whole day)

Here’s a zoom to my basic eye make-up, it’s thick strike of black eye liner, with on the lid heaven of too faced and upper lid a darker tone : teddy bear. With tons of lancome’s mascara.


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It’s not fair that you’re so pretty :(

oh beautiful :) Love the make up!

Don’t tell me you tasted your ‘blush’??!!

You’re honestly really good with make-up. xx

Gorgeous look!

Beautiful! :D

I love this post, love Sia x

wow you are so beautiful, cool!


thanks for the suggestions! i will definitely check them out!


As always, just GORGEOUS!!

You do your makeup really, really well! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful blog, beautiful style :)

wow.. simply gorgeous! Your makeup is flawless, really lovely.

you’re so beautiful and i adore your blog! always love a beauty post too! i really like the lipstick in the first photo, is it ‘ravishing’?

glitter and ink

LOVE the eyemakeup! thanks for sharing!


Lovely make up dear.
Wonderful pic ;)

gorgeous eye makeup! you are stunning :)

Love it!

Can you make a picture/video tutorial? You’re so pretty!

What lipstick are you wearing here btw? (:

gorgeous makeup thanks for sharing!!


amazing!! ♥

looks really good !


I will definitely have to try some of these out! Thanks!

thanks for sharing :) which color of foundation do you use ?

The eyeliner looks great! <3
you look french (that’s a compliment) haha!

Beautiful makeup! I love the colors.

I love this post, your makeup looks amazing! is there any way you can do an eye makeup tutorial? I looooove your winged eyeliner so much!!!

you’re absolutely amazing, love the first photo!!

you are one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen

wow you use a LOT of make up every day :P
its pretty though

Anonymous 6 June 2011 / Reply

You are really good with make-up. I especially love your lipsticks. Can you give some advice about make-up for tanned skin, like Kim Kardashians?

are these fake eye lashes too?if not than really ice your own.and please do tutoraial of your eyes make-up it wonderfull.:)

Anonymous 15 June 2011 / Reply

Потрясающий цвет помады. Тебе очень подходит, подчёркивает аристократическую бледность) У меня тоже светлая кожа,но яркие цвета, увы ,не идут.

i hope u making make up tutorial vdo !!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 24 July 2011 / Reply

Can you please tell us which lipstick do you use? :) It’s amazing

Anonymous 25 July 2011 / Reply

You could make a vidéo for this make-up ? :)

Hannah Diepold 17 August 2011 / Reply

Kristina, I’m from germany and I found you at lookbook. Oh my god, YOU’RE SO PRETTY!!! <3 I really love your hair and clothes! Much luck for the future, you’rs Hannah

You are sooooo beautiful but you look very old for your age! Take care! :(

Beautiful make up. You are very pretty :)

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I love the work you did there with your eye shadow! I’ve been dying to learn how to perfect using eye liner. What did you use there?

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Your make up has inspired me so much. One day I would like to try to do this.
You look very cool in here