Just came trough this gorgeous Marc by marc jacobs bag and could’t wait to share my excitment with you. This bag belongs to my mother, but she’s okay with sharing. It’s colour just leaves me speechless. I always loved turquoise kind of a green jade shades, so this puffy bag really made my day.
Can’t wait to wear it hehe :)

BAG : Marc by marc jacobs THE EXACT MODEL CLICK HERE


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Very beautiful!

lovely bag.. the color is amazing!! Love.

It is so beautiful, and I am so jealous right now!

You’re right, the color of the bag is beautiful I really like …..
Come see my new blog my bag to the store bought in France NAF NAF PARIS …… Tell me if you like …. kiss
xx mery….

Love it! I love Marc Jacobs so much!!

Just perfect!

wow! i love ur new handbag <3 pretty colour

Lovely bag!

pretty bag,lucky you!!

sooo jealous! gorgeous color xxx

wow, really great color! :)

great colour! Marc Jacobs is my favourite designer ever!

this is the perfect colour!

WOWW Your blog is perfect!
I follow you now :)
The color of the bag is wonderful!

I love Marc Jacobs bags! I’m excited for you, it’s a gorgeous color.

Really enjoyed this blog post. Awesome.