Sometimes a random post about some new awesome closet or drawr income is a nice interlude beetween all those outfit posts. I got the chance today to do some shopping and I found some great stuff in H&M, silky blouses or nice jumpers, a great cream pink clutch. I can’t wait to make pictures wearing these few things to show you guys.

Also this month of may I discovered a few really nice things in the make-up domain such as the dior’s safari beige nail laquer. I am really mad about nude tones so I couldn’t stop thinking about this shade and kind of had to get it. I tried it, and loved it. Usually I use chanel, opi or essence nail polishes and never tried dior one’s, I have been surprised in a good way. The quality is amazing, the colour is strong. The price isn’t cheap but sometime’s it’s worth it when you have a big big crush. There is also this new shade of chanel’s rouge allure I enjoyed a lot n.187 : a hot coral/pink that looks amazing with my pale skin and appears bright enough for night but delicate for the day.

Another thing I enjoyed this month? My heart-shaped butter cookies I eat all the time, they are lime flavoured and taste so good. I go grab some right away :)


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Amazing purchases! Love that Chanel lipstick!!!!
You have a great blog, I am now following! Maybe you’ll have time to visit mine:)

looove the shoes and clutch! and you’re gorgeous, as always!

XO Sahra

You’ve made some really lovely purchases. The blouse and jumper are darling, and the lip color is such a rich, beautiful hue.
much love.

I love your purchases and you look beautiful in the last pictures, but I look you ever more beautiful with softer lipstick colours:)

I love the shirt and the shoes!

Anonymous 24 May 2011 / Reply

i also found some great clothes at h&m this days :)

J’adore le premier petit pull et tu es splendide ! ;)


Anonymous 24 May 2011 / Reply

Im nude freak aswell :D love ur blog where did u buy the shoes?

I love them all ;)

Love all of your new stuff! It is all amazing :)

great items!!! I especially liked the shoes!

love the lipstick you’re wearing in the last picture!

As always, just perfect!

I have the pink blouse from H&M in cream. I love it! Love the color of that chanel lip stick. so beautiful


Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve been in H&M :) I found tons of cool things yay.
kisses guys

Great stuff!

Красивый цвет помады=)

Oh gosh , why you are so damn beautiful ? Have you any special secrets ? :-D

so great! perfect :)

you are soo beautiful <3
nice nail laquer, I also love nude tones.

I just love the colour contrast between the blouse and the lipstick in the last picture! And I really love how you do your eye-makeup, wish I was so talented.

love it! the cookies look delicious :)


i saw that shirt in h&m a couple a days ago and i love it!

You are so pretty!
And I love your new purchases.

Chanel pink lipstick
so chick

Always stunning. Always a pleasure reading your posts. :)

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