I received a few days ago the american apparel body which I cherished for many months now. I do admit it is very sexy let’s say, and I am someone who enjoys wearing elegant and chic looks and nether think a second about doing something sexy, but instead something fashionable and beautiful. But this garment looks incredibly interesting to me. The cut is still delicate but at the same time well structured and still has this bit of chocking that gives a true impact. On the american apparel web site you can see the girl wearing only the body posing with in a weird gesture, which made me laugh so bad.
I tried my best to make this outfit look rock and chic without beeing to trashy or tacky-sexy. Pairing it with mid-waist shorts and an elegant chanel clutch adds the touch of elegance this body needs not too look over the top.

BODY : american apparel / BAG : Chanel ( vintage) / SHORTS : zara / Jewerly : Claire’s / Shoes : Bally


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wow, great outfit :D

omg your top is amazing! Beautiful as usual, Kristina <3

love ;)


love ;)


You look absolutely incredible, a stylish and sexy look!

you look fantastic! that top is excellent and it looks wonderful on you

I’m loving it! You look like rockstar – a super chic one, not a trashy one.

kisses from your follower♡
With love Little Sable

You look fantastic.
I love that top. It’s sexy, but not trashy-sexy.

You did it PERFECTLY! It looks chick and awesome… I would also have some thoughts like you had (about trashy-sexy and vulgar) but u did an awesome job… you got it girl… <3

It works…but only because of your long blonde hair. If you had a shorter style it may look trashy but here it just looks chic. – WMS.

The body is amazing and I love the combination with the shorts! xx

and a perfect makeup for this outfit…

you look absolutely phenomenal! I adore your whole wardrobe x

I love this! I wish I could pull off an outfit like this :)

I think you did a great job dressing down this body. I love the play of textures on it from mesh to leather and the all-over stretchy fabric, it’s a very interesting composition.
I only recently discovered your blog but I love seeing the gorgeous outfits that you put together so I passed on to you the very first blog award that I got – the One Lovely Blog award! I have more details in my latest post if you want to check it out. :)

first and second photos are the best!

awesome blouse

You look charming.

love your top. Simply but pretty.

Lovely outfit, the body looks great on you, not trashy at all!

WOow this (so delicately worn) “AA” BODY (spontaneously) sounds like a (lethal) weapon of seduction, AND you (obviously) proves us that “uber sexy” fatally do not rhymes with “tacky” indeed Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

u look great and nice top :)

You look beautiful!
I love the style and feel of this outfit.

I love Youre hair ! <3

oh my gosh! amazing top.) you are so hot that I’m blushing right now!! wow!! ♥

J’adore, tu es jolie comme tout, tes cheveux sont incroyablement longs et tu as un corps de rêve
D’ailleurs cette tenue te va à ravir
Dommage qu’on ne croise pas souvent des jolies filles comme toi dans la région lémanique!

Continues ton blog c’est un plaisir de venir te visiter



Beautiful! I love this look, its very edgy and sexy without being over-the-top.


I love it, it suits you very well, on someone else it might have looked very trashy, but you work it perfectly!

you look awesome in this shirt and shorts!!! it suits you ;)

wow, you look stunning. I love this look, definitely not too trashy!
xo, Alexandra

I love that body suit! You look great!

Honestly, I’m going to buy this MF hot body! :) Chérie, you look fabulously CLASSY – no matter how deep the cut out is :)

So fanned!!
Love the top! So sexy and u make a perfect match!!
Hope u have a look on my blog some day!
good luck.

OMG!!!! I found my inspiration!!! you’re so amazing… seriously.. when I grow up i want to be you..

that top looks amazing on you!


You look smoldering hot in that AA top. I love the subtle sheer paneling detail to it. Looking gorgeous and elegant, hun!
much love.

wow, daring, but super cute, because you accessorised it well! :)

You look so beautiful, sexy and not trashy at all! It looks perfect with the shorts, it kind of breaks a little bit all the sexiness from the bodysuit.

That looks great! You did a nice job making it not look trashy. Well done!

Wow the body is amazing! No way do you look’s very sexy yet sophisticated!! :)
Taylor xoxo

hello!i follow you!great blog!can you follow me?thanks!

I love your blouse!amazing!

amazing.. so beautiful and i love your style :)

It looks great on you! You have the body for it.

It looks chic!


Sooo hot! You are incredibly sexy and have amaing style! I envy your boyfriend!

Какой красивый топ!!!Супер!=)

i love that top you wear it so well and i guess rihanna have the same!!
your biggest fan lol


i love this body, it looks amazing on you!

Stunning outfit! I love your top and your shorts! xxx

Je découvre ton superbe blog, tu es vraiment sublime et bien sûr ayant le même body je ne peux qu’approuver la tenue :)
Je deviens membre !


The body is amazing! And I really like how you paired it, not too sexy, not too nineties, but a bit of everything.

love your style but too much photoshop… I have the same problem with my legs…

lets just say this is your best outfit forever!!:)
its so egdy,sexy and classy with those pumps and that chanel bag!!so perfect!!

I would never think to wear something like that, but somehow you manage to still look classy in it. You rock!

You manage to make everything look so good! This outfit looks A-mazing on you! :)


your hair is in the way!

The hair look so cool in that outfit!!

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