GREEN SKIRT Last week, while I was going through my room cleaning : I found these gorgeous tights I have actually never put on. I love the dark strike on the back, they are perfect for the windy breezy summer days. You know how often I speak to you about weather swings here in Swiss, well it is actually very pleasant sometimes, especially when you want to wear your new pair of tights.

I have several outfits with this skirt, but I don’t mind wearing it as often as I want to. It’s color is really original, it’s a dark minty clover green, and each time I pair it with different shirts and accessories : the outfit looks so different and the skirt fits so well neutral, black and white tones. I’ve also decided to find more interesting jewerly pieces, as I ‘ve already told you : I am not a huge jewerly fan, but for this summer I really want to find some chains and bracelets.

SKIRT : Zara / TOP : Zara / SHOES : Morgan / NECKLACE : Claire’s


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Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

очень нравится… красивая

Your skirt is very-very nice!! I like it so much!) And you are beautiful fairy!

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

woow :)

STUNNING…. love the top ;D


love this outfit especially the green skirt! You always look really pretty btw!

Hi Kristina, I discovered your blog few days ago and I really love it :) Big compliments :) I will follow you with a pleasure.

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

Nice outfit! I love this type of tights like Marylin monroe was wearing :)
Do you have to wear uniform in your school?

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

In welchen Kanton wohnst du, und hast du schon mal was von Konstanz gehört :)

gseht alles super us! han din blog grad entdeckt und natürlich wird ich für dich stimme ade miss schwiz wahle :))

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

what type of study did you choose?

du bist sooo hübsch! :D
ich finde du hast voll das markante gesicht das man nicht so schnell vergisst, hoffe du gewinnst die misswahl, dann hat die schweiz im gegensatz zu meinem land österreich endlich eine würdige miss :D

der rock ist klasse, macht eine total schöne taille und das shirt und die kette passen perfekt dazu.
keep those posts coming, I’m totally in love with your blog! :D

Love this style!
I found your blog there is no long time and it is really great!

Everything complements so well in this outfit, and the color of the skirt is beautiful! Love the edge the necklace adds.

♥, Jamie

wow loving the colour of the skirt! gorgeous!

helen xx

love the simplicity of it, yet, very stunning!

Love this skirt!
Greeting from Czech republic :) J.

J’aime VRAIMENT ce collier! awesome look xxx

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

you look amazing <3

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

You are absolutely beautiful! I love your style so much. I hope you’ll win the Miss Swiss competition :) By the way, how tall are you? :)

you look amazing ;-))


@what type of study did you choose?

Hm well, I haven’t finish my high school yet, but I would love to study fashion business, marketing, design and economics. Just have to find the right school :)

really nice ;)))

@Do you have to wear uniform in your school?

No. I am in public high school, there’s no uniform so I am free to wear what I want as long as it stays comfortable and acceptable for school.

@ How tall are you?

I am 1m72.

Lovely skirt :)
Do you dye your hair ?

love the skirt!
such a unique colour!
Krissy xoxo

you look so cute! :)

Hi gorgeous!!! I have the SAME skirt but in blue, and I love it! you look great again, but you ALWAYS do!!!!
Love the top and the chain is incredible!

Beautiful skirt!:)

I love this outfit! That green color is beautiful

xo Julia

Anonymous 20 June 2011 / Reply

All the items are really nice, but I’m not quite sure if the shirt and skirt fit together.. Maybe the problem is the skirt’s material :/

You look so skinny!

love this skirt..You’ve got perfect hair

again an amazing outfit!

Beautiful photos as always! I love your green skirt! And you look gorgeous with your hair in a pony tail like that! xxx

this outfit is very nice

wow! amazing pictures!
great style too, love it all together :)


perfect skirt and blouse! but I don’t really like these shoes…

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

amazing! What lipstick did you use????
The Colour is great!

Such a lovely skirt and paired with amazing tights! Gorgeous!

Anonymous 8 July 2011 / Reply

As-tu des rallonges ?

Love this look.