TEA TIME Good evening folks, I had fun today making my own head-band with some textil I found lost in the deepness of my room. Well turns out pretty well, I really like the final resullt with the hot red lipstick and the peach Isabel Lu bustier that gives this totally retro pin-up vibe. The bustier is actually way too big for me, but the color and it’s structure make me forgot it’s wrong size and I still want to wear it even if I totally float in it. Guess it’s the result of a good clothing piece, one that you want to wear because it looks too good even if you don’t fit it. 

How did I do the head-band? Nothing more easier : I have cut a piece of cream textile and tied it around my head. Done. Easy as hell and I think that hats, head-bands and other head accessories can add so much to an outfit. I have seen head-bands and turbans all over the web and in a lot of fashion editorials, it looks really great and is also a great way to bring some touch of originality to your look. Now time to make your own.


Add yours

wow, love the pictures and this look!!

Very nice!:O

It is a very nice post, you have got beautiful shorts and top…look cute :)

love that lip color!! gorgeous!


super lovely as always!! XX

ohh, so beautiful!

love your headband its looks fantastic, you should put up a tutorial of how you did it! :)

You would look wonderful even with a plastic bag on your head. *_*

beautiful!!! ♥ :-)

Beautiful pictures!


Anonymous 9 June 2011 / Reply

I’m a french girl, and you are very beautiful !!! :D


You look wonderful!
I just can’t believe how pretty you are :)

(&Barbara Tommasin’s comment totally made me laugh!)

love, Cotton Candy



Love your lipstick! And for sure the nailpolish, cause I’ve got the same! :D

love it!! what chanel lipstick is that? well the shade! so cute

AWESOME PHOTOS!!!! Lovely head band!!!

amazing lipstick! wow..ur photographer is a professional, huh? your photos are really perfect!! ♥ you are totally wonderful, darling :* ♥

Great photos :)
And I liked your homemade head-band ;)

xoxo <3

Pretty outfit and photos! You look great with red lipstick! xxxx

oh wow, you are so beautiful!

You look so demure and pretty! The self-made turban is lovely and I adore your bustier.
much love.

you are really beautiful!! love your blog you have an amazing body and face!

i absolutely adore these photos!! you are so lovely

Actually I’m not a big fan of knotted headbands, but you look just too cute wearing it. So relaxed with your cup of tea on hand. And I absolutely understand what you wrote about that bustier, it looks gorgeous.

lovely photos and the headband looks amazing on you!

Lovely photo! This post is like a vogue editorial.
you look soo cool


TELLEMENT JOLIE! You’re stunning darling!

that is some vivid lipstick and i love it, especially against cream :)

beautiful photos, really! you’re amazing girl :)

Wow, you’we got a gorgeous blog! I found it few days ago and I cant stop reading your posts! Youre my inspiration n.1 :))

stunning! great headband :D

Hey Kristina, I am a big fan all the way from South Africa. You are honestly my favourite blogger! This might sound silly, but I live in a very sunny country and it’s kind of a big deal being pale. I used to be teased so badly in high school over my white legs and not being as tanned as everyone else, but seeing you, being so pale and beautiful, has given me the confidence to walk around with bare legs without feeling like everyone will laugh at me. Thank you for doing that for me! Kisses

The headband looks really nice, and your lipstick goes great with your skintone!

love all the photos and the headband! stunning :)
all the best,

Lovely lipstick <33

Ivânia Diamond*

absolutely gorgeous photos!
xo, Alexandra

love the headband!!

helen xx

Anonymous 9 June 2011 / Reply

You are so pretty! Your face just looks perfect. nice pictures :)

love,love love everything! u look amazing :D

love the result and.. your house? so pretty! also love the mug shot xx

Anonymous 10 June 2011 / Reply

You’re so beautiful)
I love your blog(:

love the photos! you are beautiful especially in the turban and red lipstick. i like the cup btw

Vi from Cali

Love your blog! You’re very beautiful!

the photos are great, headband is also very cute

you look awesome!!

Nice pictures! :D

That’s very creative!
I’m hoping to buy something similar, as I doubt I would be able to make one myself!
And I always get lipstick on my cups too!

Emma xx

I totally agree: hats and headbands are the x-factor of an outfit! These pics are very amazing: I particularly love the ones with tea and book… this is my cup of tea :D
You’re always so gorgeous as well!

you’re right,turbans and head accesories look so nice and can change a boring outfit into something completely different. I like the colors you chose for these photos

alexandra @

the lip stick is amazing and you look like an angel!

Hei !
Great headband and awesome pictures.. so well defined !
what kind of camera does your boyfriend use ?

what is the name of that lipstick? it’s gorgeous!!

J’adore Kristina! :D

ur lips are amazing ! always love your lipstick colour.

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youre really pretty girl :D and your blog is cute :)
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3

Take the top to a seamstress. With a great fit, it will look even better and you won’t have to worry about it slipping.

You look super sexy. I love the red lips. x




waow great editorial like pictures.. great styling aswell:)

Your blog is amazing and all your outfits are to die for! I can’t believe you are just 17! I am trying to start a blog and was wondering- how do you get the “click to see more” link on the post?

Thanks :)

Dein Blog ist wirklich toll!! Hab ihn gerade erst entdeckt :)
xoxo <3

you’re gorgeous and I love your blog so much :)

Polly agree, of course!

You look so BEAUTIFUL here !
xx M

You are so damn pretty! And this is a very inspiring blog:)

omg, you are so beautiful! I love yout lips in that color. That head band is amazing, i agree with you: they add so much to an outfit.


You’re flawless!


wow, you’re soo beautiful and you’ve got a great blog, i like it ! :)


you’re soo pretty and you’ve got a great blog :) i like it !


I love your lipstick, but also your nail polish, where did you find it ?


How’s the book ? :)

Очень классные фотографии=)

i love this nailpolish and lipstick! the lipstick is from chanel isn’t it, but where did you find this amazing nailpolish???

Anonymous 8 July 2011 / Reply

Do you train in a gym ?

seriously,. there’s nothing more beautiful in the whole world than you in these pictures!! :) love ‘em

I reeeeally wanna meet you some day, ‘cuse I love everything yours! <3

INLOVE with this post! I love everything about it! The outfit is flawless<3


you have the perfect pout! and somehow you make a rag wraped around your head look chic and effortless! :)

I love everything here. EVERYTHING. Congrats!

Im thankful for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

Thanks a lot for the post. Awesome.