SUMMER CLEAN UP I think I have problem. Yesterday was my first day of holidays and guess what I did? I started to clean my room like a crazy person. I dropped all my old stuff and organized more my drawers and closet. I actually found so many old stuffs I have totally forgot about, some really cute american apparel nail polishes I have baught a few months ago that I am definetly going to use. They are both very light and pastel, and will look great with summer garments. It feels actually so good to clean up, it’s like making space for new things, and it looks like a new neat beginning. So guys : clean you room!

The dress you see in the first picture is a new purchase from H&M,  I completly fell in love with it because of it’s colour : peach. It’s very feminin and I really like it’s cut and shape. Also the polishes from amercican apparel are : Butter ( light cream colour), and Coney Island ( light pink). They are both very opaque and you just need one coating to get a perfect shade. Also check out this article in the ”20 Minuten” fro the miss suisse contest.


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lovely dress and bag <3

I like these dress! And colour of dress is beatiful.

amazing blog!!! I love it!!!

The H&M dress is stunning! And I love the colour of the two nail polishes! xxx

Whao, j’adore vraiment la robe H&M, elle est magnifique *-*.
Il faudra que j’aille faire un tour chez le Suédois :D.
& .. Tu me donnes envie de ranger ma chambre !

i love to have butter, think it is such an original colour! also the dress looks lovely, think it’ll suit you great!

wunderschönes Kleid! Ich finde Apricot ist einfach die Farbe für uns Blondinnen :)

I like the butter nailpolish!!! ;-)

Seems like there will be a lot of competition :) but im sure u’ll do well.
and cleaning up your room is always great for new beginnings…and more space in your closet for new purchases :)

new blog

Seems like there will be a lot of competition :) but im sure u’ll do well.
and cleaning up your room is always great for new beginnings…and more space in your closet for new purchases :)

new blog

congrats…. very nice dress ;D

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Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

Люблю твой блог)
ты очень красивая)

Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

haha tak ya i 3nala! ya tolkoshto vi4itala artikel v 20minut, kaneshno takaya kak ti tol’ko mowet bit russkaya ;)

I fell in love with these dress :).

the dress is amazing!!! i think that I fell in love with it!!! :D

dresses is beautiful

The H&M dress is like a delectable sorbet! So pretty.

♥, Jamie

hahah spring cleaning.. i’m in need of this!! congrats on making it in the newspaper ! wish you luck :)


You can come and clean my room next! Haha. That dress is amazing, I can just imagine how flattering it would be on. :)

that dress looks beautiful! :))

Spring cleaning, the feel good solution ;)

perfect dress <3

summer clean up sounds like a good idea! mt room definitely needs to be cleaned, and I love finding old cute stuffs that I’ve totally forgotten :D

You’re going to be famous one day! Lovely dress and polishes. I wish you lots and lots of luck for the competition, but I’m sure you’ll do more than fine.

orange pleated dress is pretty gorge

Dress and nail polishes are amazing ! :) i love them :)

I still don’t know if you actually speak german or just french xD in switzerland it’s a bit complicated with the languages, isnt it?

wow!!!i love this colour!:)

Your dress is stunning!!!! But you are stunning!!!!love the nail varnish

nice dress, beautiful color.

I love that orange dress, can’t wait to see you in it! Also, I really want to try American Apparel nail polish!

Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

show us all of your lipsticks, please! I’m begging

Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

C’est magnifique ta robe de H&M !!! J’ai aussi lu l’article. Bon chance ! On espère que tu gagne :)

these nail polishes are so cute! love them <3

That orange dress is absolutely beautiful, and both nail lacquers are adorable.

I can’t wait to see how you’ll wear the dress.

Какой замечательный пост!Супер!=)

nice dress: ))

i like the dress and the light yellow nailpolish and i’m waiting for the outfit with the pieces you bought/found ;)


Anonymous 18 June 2011 / Reply

nice dress! How much do spent on clothes every month?

Anonymous 18 June 2011 / Reply

Do you usually go to school in the clothes which we can see on the blog?
I am asking beacuse in my school there are very strict rules about clothes that we wear:(

Can’t wait to see the dress on you! It’s really beuatiful! :)

Wow! What a great colour for a summer dress! This will definitely be a winner on you :)

Gorgeous dress, magnificent color… Can’t wait to see it on u!;) I think I’ll search for this dress!:))

I, too, to measure a dress in H & M, but on my body it looked not so elegant))
The color really great!))

Gorgeous dress!!!

Never seen you on that dress

Enjoyed every bit of your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.