NEWS Hey everybody, hope you had a great tuesday : today I am finally able to let you now a great official news that I am highly excited about. I have been for a few weeks now spending time in Zurich because of the Miss Switzerland competition in which I am taking part. It is, I think, a great experience for any young girl living in swiss. I feel deeply attached to this country and many of my familly and friends encouraged me to take part in this new project. So I really hope you guys will support me in this and you can of course check me as a candidate by CLICKING HERE.

Many of you asked me what language do I speak : well my language is french. I was willing in the first place to write my blog posts in french but I really wanted that the access to my blog was made internationaly and most of us today have basics knowledge of english. I  do speak german and also russian. So of course perhaps you won’t be able to read my interviews as most of them are in german but here is the first miss swiss publication in the ”schweizer illustrierte”.

Guys I have just read all your sweet comments, most of the time I feel like such of a lazy blogger but you just can’t immagine how great it feels to have so much support. It means a lot to me. So thank you, danke, merci and cпасибо to all of you folks! You are way to cool ;)
I will of course keep you updated with the competition wich will take place in september, it is actually the reason why I am leaving for Zermatt next week.


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congratulations! that’s awesome. i hope you do well, you look gorgeous in the photos!

thank you so much mary louise!

Already checked other girls and must say that you have big chance to win!!!! Not excited about the others!

Wow that’s amazing! You look really beautiful in the photos, I really hope you win! You are such a amazing person, you really deserve it :)

Greetings from Finland! love your blog :)

good for you that is awesome!

Ich drücke dir die Daumen bei der Misswahl :)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

hey, hi babe, hope you win this competition, you are so georgeous, you seem so smart and speakin four languages is amazing, good for you girl, I wish you the best!

kate prague

Amazing, you really are just naturally beautiful. Good luck and have fun!

I wish you luck =)

wow ! die fotos sind echt schön! :)
ich wünsche dir ganz viel glück & toi toi toi, dass du die nächste miss schweiz wirst!


Congratulations, you are very photogenic and most beautiful;D

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

sei bravissima!

Wow congratulations, you look great !



Wow congratulations, you look great !



oh i love the Photos from you in facebook and lookbook! I hope you win :)

Wow I can’t belive you’re 17 :)

That’s nice, you are really beautiful and you’re blog is a big inspiration for me!

Nadja M. 14 June 2011 / Reply

I definitely vote for you!! I’m also from switzerland and this morning I’ve seen you on the cover of 20 minuten :)

by the way: your looks are amazing

congrats! you look amazing, as always!

XO Sahra

gorgeous!! good luck :D

Wow, amazing! Let’s hope for you to win, which I’m sure you’ll do. And how cool you speak Russian, I envy you!

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

wow i really will watch the show. are you actually russian?

oh wow,that is so cool!Congratulations!

OH-MY-GOD!!! This is amazing!!! Actually, I saw the girls and I have to say that the most beautiful are you and Michelle Koch! I really hope that you’ll win, that would be amazing and you so deserve it! You are pretty with the whole meaning of the world!! I’m excited and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, doll! :D

how awesome! You are so stunning, you will do fantastic! I am so excited for you :)


I hope you’re going to win. Your blog is my favorite! X

CONGRATS… you’re beautiful ;)

STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

Most beautiful one for sure:)


Gut dann kommentiere ich in Zukunft auf Deutsch :)
Wann findet die Misswahl denn statt?

♥ Verena-Annabella

congrats! this is huge news! i wish you the best of luck (:


Wow! Viel Glück und Erfolg bei der Competition! Ich drück dir ganz fest die Daumen und bin sicher, dass du eine tolle Zeit haben wirst!

congratulations! Like mary louise said, you look fabuluous in these photos :)

Congratulations! You are such a beautiful girl!

Congratulations! I’m so happy I can read that interview. Wish you so much luck! Ich drücke dir die Daumen!

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

can you add blog adress the rest of girls from this paper that you have? or add some adress that you also like watch. gratulations :)

wow. :) very nice

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

du hast echt so viel geschafft, in so kurzer zeit ! Einfach nur ” WOW ” .

Oh tu parles français ! Tu vis en France ?
En tout cas, ‘i hope you’ll win !’
Tu es très jolie, tu le mérites vraiment !
Bisous ♥ !

Congratulations! These photos are so beautiful :-)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

gz, i’m sure you’ll do well! that’s a shame you aren’t writing this blog in french, im so lazy when it comes to studying french, but if this blog would be in french i’d surely be more motivated! could you do sometimes post entries in french?

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

You’re definitely the most beautiful girl, not only in Switzerland , but I’ve ever seen ; ) Hope you win, but don’t forget about blogging ! Kisses ; )

Oh my goodnes, that is so exciting, sweetie! Cheering for you, Miss Gorgeous!

♥, Jamie

SWeet, Is this like a vote thing? I was looking for a link to vote on lol

Aww, you look so beautiful in those photos! Im glad you get in! Congrads:)

Go for it!!!

Werd für di vote ;)

I found your blog one week ago and i’m really shocked, you are beautiful and you’re amazing person. And your outfits… mmm… lovely;)
Reader from Poland:)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

i’m in love with your blog and your style !!
ich hans heftli hüt ide kafipause glese woni das gseh han , ich wünsch der viel glück & lüt natürlich ah !! :)

you have to win!

Dann kann ich ja in Zukunft meine Kommentare auf Deutsch schreiben? :)
Die Bilder sehen gut aus! Ich denke du wirst gewinnen ;)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

You’re so much prettier in your pictures (on the blog), I dont like the photoshop in the magazine!!!

congratulations, I hope you win! you have such a beautiful & feminin style! :)

Greetings from Croatia!


congratulations ! ))

Wow,congratulations :)
you’re so beautiful, I love your cute face :)

Easily the most beautiful of all the girls

Congratulations from Italy too…u r beautiful Kristina…really hope the best 4 u!
when the contest start?

ты умеешь говорить по-русски! вау! где ты научилась стольким языкам?

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

when i saw the cover i stopped and thought “isn’t this the girl from the blog Kayture?”:)
congratulation! I’m pretty sure that you’ll win that competition because you’re the most beautiful girl from this 12!
Greetings from Switzerland

That’s really awesome, I wish you best of luck! I’m fron switzerland, too, but I must confess, I didn’t recognze you first in the magazine… but you look really beautiful!

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

aha c’est super de savoir que tu parles francais !
tu est vraiment magnifique j’espère que tu vas gagner !

mega cool!ha din blog bis jetzt nie kennt und ez het Modeopfer en post über dich gmacht. din blog isch ja de wahnsin!und bisch mega hübsch!du günsch twahle bestimt:)
ich verfolg dich jetzt :D
xo anja us winterthur

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

Bravo, je suis vraiment super contente pour toi ! Je ne poste jamais de commentaire d’habitude, mais je me dois de te féliciter et suis de tout coeur avec toi ! ;)

I’m super jealous of how European people can speak do many different languages! It’s amazing. You look great in your photos, I wish you the best of luck for this competition!

congratulations, beauty.

Hi Kristina!
I’m Patrycja from Poland. I must tell You that You are my inspiration and favourite blogger! You are so pretty and have amazing style. <3 I visit Your blog every day i wait for new note. Thank You for this blog.
Big hugs and kisses!

omg i love your blog and you are my favorite for the new miss switzerland. Good Luck!

I am a blogger too and post something about you and the competition. ->

love Tim

1ère place, bien sûr! BONNE CHANCE! XOXO:)

Wow..You’re amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Kristina, I’ve checked all your photos and I really have to say you are the cutest one! Also, you are absolutely the typical swiss girl I would think of, not too french, not too german and not too italian! I’d like to support you ;)…CONGRATS!!!

You’re the prettiest!

you must be one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, so if you don’t win they will be blind. Good luck and congratulations!

love from Holland

You definitely are the prettiest girl :)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

wah :D ich komm aus deutschland und wusste bis eben nicht, dass du deutsch kannst ;) freut mich dir in richtiger grammatik sagen zu können, dass ich deinen blog absolut vergötter&dass ich dich&deinen style wunderschön finde :)

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

Good luck, Kristina!

I think you’ll become a winner

Danke Leute! Ich freue mich sehr viel auf :D

Merci, c’est super de voir tous ces commentaires encourageants :)

Oui je devrais faire quelques posts en français, mais je pense que l’anglais est beaucoup plus accessible. Tout le monde comprends plus au moins.
Internet doit rester accessible a la majorité d’entre nous, écrire en français serait génial, je serais surement tentée d’écrire des pavés haha mais l’anglais est beaucoup plus international.
Sinon je peux écrire en russe! ;)

wow, it´s really cool!!!
congrats!!! you are the best (really really beautiful), I´m sure that you´ll win ;-)

And thank you for english posts!!! ;-)
Good luck!!!

looks like you are youngest of the bunch! congratulations/felitications!

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

J’espère tu vas remporter la couronne! Je te croise les doigts!!!

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

Wow! French + English + German + Russian.
Well done! Поздравляю. Молодец! Будем следить.

Anonymous 14 June 2011 / Reply

how you will live to Zermatt? Don’t you have classes anymore or final exams?hope you win!you’re gorgeous :)

What great news, congratulations! You are definetely the prettiest.

wow…this sounds fun! i am sure you will outperform!

Du wirst gewinnen! Keine Frage!

congrats! that so amazing! definitely voting for you :) you look the best of all the candidates! :) love the feature!

Tu parles français? Moi aussi! Guess in which language I’m gonna write my comments, now! ;) hihi:) Félicitations pour ce concours et le featuring dans le magazine, je te souhaite la meilleure des chances! Love, Cath xxxx

Congrats! And I do hope you win, you have a huge chance of winning. :)

Mars of fashion insouciance

Обожаю твой блогб Кристина!!!
А где ты научилась говорить по русский если не секрет? ;)

Cool that you speak 4 languages !
Good luck ! – new blog

Cool that you speak 4 languages !
Good luck ! – new blog

Anonymous 15 June 2011 / Reply

Glückwunsch. Tolle fotos, einfach alle atemberauben :)

aus köln

Anonymous 15 June 2011 / Reply

Je te souhaite beaucoup de chance pour ce concours, mais selon moi tu vas gagner haut la main! Je voterai pour toi!! ;)
Tu es vraiment magnifique, et ton style est incroyable, j’adore!
Bonnes vacances!! ;D

katefang 15 June 2011 / Reply

du wirst bestimmt gewinnen oder sehr weit kommen :D, denn wenn ich die Bilder oben sehe, stichst du sofort aus der Menge heraus. Auf jedenfall wünsche ich dir viel glück bei der Competition und gönne dir total den Erfolg.

Anonymous 15 June 2011 / Reply

omg,,, It s in german language… i dont understand almost nothing!!! iam from Slovakia and i learn italian :D

Congrats!! I hope you win, you are the best!

xoxo sweetie

Congrats ! It sounds great ! I hope you win.


I will support you! It’s good that I know German and a bit French, too) And Russian is my native language)))

That is so AWESOME! Congratulations! I wish the best of luck for you & I hope you do win. :)

Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

I see you can speak Russian. Cool! You have fun from Ukraine in my person :)
I hope you win. Good luck! Удачи! :)


Anonymous 16 June 2011 / Reply

i really happy about u :))))

Of course we will support you. I’ve just seen the other candidates: each of you is soooo beautiful, but you’re the cutest one!

Good luck!!

Well, you are deffinitelly the most pretty one there :D kis kiss from Poland :*

Many congrats!

I will follow your journey :)

I’ve got a June blog giveaway at the moment to win the cutest playsuit if you’d like to check it out? xx

Many congrats!!!
You totally deserve it!