FLOATING CREAM SKIRT Hey guys I am writing you live from my ” Miss Camp” in Zermatt, and I must say : it is trully great. I will of course explain you everything I did in a special post with some very cool pictures I made but I can tell you for now : it is simply an amazing experience. I have learned so much and I am looking forward to learn even more.

Now, this outfit must be my overall favourite because it pairs my two most wanted garments of the season that look both so original and special to me : I searched after those two clothing pieces for months on internet and manged to finally get them, which I am so happy about. First this American Apparel body, that is simpy the most amazing garment I have ever seen : the cut is so unbelievable, so sexy and elegant at the same time. And I have waited for this skirt to arrive in Mango shops for weeks, but finally ordered it on the web. It has a floatty cut, mid-lengh and this amazing colour I just die for.

BODY: American Apparel / SKIRT : Mango / SHOES : Zara  / CLUTCH : BCBG maxazria



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You look so pretty twirling in that lovely skirt! And that bodysuit is incredible, like a work of art. Looking gorgeous, girl!

♥, Jamie

You’re amazing and this skirt is beatiful ;)

Anonymous 22 June 2011 / Reply

what size is the body? love the outfit!

I love how your paired the black body suit with that flowy skirt you look amazing as always and your clutch is adorable! :)I love your makeup too!

Cute original and Chic outfit.
Love the skirt color. Top is adorable.

It is a beautiful outfit, yes. And you look gorgeous. I agree with everything you said about the top. It is so sexy yet elegant. How many sexy tops can be elegant at the same time, eh? You’re so luck to have found this one. And the skirt is absolutely divine.

Mars of fashion insouciance

you look amazing!

xo Julia

I just discovered your blog from finding it on Lookbook and I LOVE it! This look is amazing – right away I knew it was an American Apparel bodycon dress because I wanted the same one! Love how you wore it as a top, I just did that in my latest post too :)

i really loved your blog. i’m following now!

Anonymous 23 June 2011 / Reply

This outfit is just amazing!! Your best ever
I love how you toned down the body with the skirt.

very nice skirt :))

gorgeous photos! love the whole look.

I really love how you paired the edgy/sexy bodysuit with such a classically beautiful skirt. The overall result is fabulous!

very sweet :)
you are amazing :)

woow! just adore the body!

perfect skirt! and I remember this your top:)great! you are sooo adorable <3
xx, Tyna

Vau, amazing look, love the body and the skirt ;)

I like your blog and I follow you now :)
You look amazing, girl! I love your skirt.


I love your skirt! You’re so pretty!

beautiful amazing skirt! so love it :)



I love all your posts !
I know I said this sentence in all your posts but it’s incredible your style. It’s natural and elegant at the same time.
In the future you will be an extraordinare model :)

You look amazing!! Lovely skirt and top!!

GIVEAWAY skull bijoux!

woww…beautiful skirt! I simply love the combination of this cream skirt with American Apparel body. Great result ;)

beautiful pleated skirt
Krissy xoxo

So lovely and whimsical! -C.C.

ReFashion Statement

You look stunning!
I’m following on Google :)

You look amazing! More than AMAZING! I love your dress. :) So cute. <3 I follow u.

you look beautiful!
I love this outfit!!! :)

Woooooowwwww…lovely look and particular t-shirt!!!
A kiss…Miriam

Fashion Crazy Ball:

In love with the skirt and your blue nail polish! : )

Amazing outfit. I just love the skirt. And the body is very elegant and interesting.

Stunning outfit and photos! Your top and your skirt are both absolutely amazing! xxx

beautiful skirt!!!

and gorgeous photo


I love every element of this outfit !!! WoW !

Anonymous 23 June 2011 / Reply

wow, du bist bestimmt eines der schönsten mädchen die ich je gesehn habe!
Vor allem deine Haut ist makellos.
Hast du ergendwelche Tipps oder Tricks mit denen sie so gut aussieht oder verdienst du es der Genetik? :D

Ach ja, der Rock steht dir wunderbar!
ich würde wahrscheinlich wie eine Omi in ihm aussehen! :p

und respect für all die high heels die du trägst, vor allem weil du ja noch zur schule gehst!

viele grüsse aus kroatien! :)
Und viel glück bei der miss wahl :)


i like this look. its edgy but soft!

Vi from Cali

I found you through Lookbook. Your outfits are gorgeous and I am a new follower! :)

Coucou !
Je viens de Suisse, précisément du Valais, je t’ai vu dans l’illustré :) Je voterais pour toi pour Miss Suisse, tu as le mérite de gagner, t’es super belle <3 Bisous !

co cute, romantic and sexy!

Beautiful photos!

wow you’re so pretty! I love your skirt.
I really love your blog :D
visit mine at: xo!

omg i love it soooooo much!!!!
Liäbi Grüess Anja

That skirt is so amazing! Your complete look is so pretty :)

This outfit is amazing! The contrasting pieces look great together!

Waou ! This is Amazing you’re really beautiful on this outfit !


A big thank you for your blog post.