BACK HOME I was so happy to return home and see all my family, friends and James. Even though my week in Zermatt was marvelous I have missed all my folks and could’t wait no longer to see them all. Also back in Lausanne, my little streets I know so well. Feels good.

The other day I received a package from FABISHOES.IT, such an amazing gift. The packaging is gorgeous, with a dark blue pearl box and a satin dark blue bag, the fabi shoes look like a little treasure I couln’d wait to wear. You guys absolutely have to check their online store, they are an Italian brand and their shoes are pure jewels. Here I am wearing some peep toe high heels made of soft silk, so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Also just got this red dress from which is also a great online web-sotre that sale incredibly beautiful garments.

DRESS  : / SHOES : / GLASSES : Vintage / BELT : H&M 


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You emulate complete elegance in that lipstick red dress! Such a sophisticated look.

♥, Jamie

Your outfit is brilliant, I love your shoes;-)

Lovely dress, beautiful color!

Lovely shoes and glasses!! <33


beautifull! I really adore you



Love this look ;). And youre hair too ♥

Victoria 28 June 2011 / Reply

Wow,it’s amazing, very beautiful. You look sooo elegant and feminine like lady vamp. Very sexy and glamorous

Very pretty! I like your dress with the lipstick,
Also these glasses suit you perfectly!

This red is beautiful on you!! Love the dress! And while I generally find this shape of sunglasses to be really hard to pull off for most people, they totally work on you!! Love this, from head to toe!

Really pretty shoes! :)

Love all the picts such a lovely dress and amazing shoes

just Perfect :)

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

Beautiful as everyday !

Great sunnies, Im searching for some like these! its amazing, all this round shape.. :)

love love love the sunglasses


love your dress!!
I have got a similar dress but in pink :)

Such a chic outfit! And those sunglasses look stunning on you!


Oh dear! this outfit is absolutely perfect wow

Blondes look great in red. You look very well!
For this great shoes!

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

Love you! ;)
…and the shoes! xoxo

love your heels.. gorgeous!! :)

I love red!
And you look great in it :)

Cotton Candy

Amazing dress, the glasses are super cute!

you’re so pretty …

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

so gorgeous……….

I love the skinny belt with those amazing shoes!

i love this dress! so chic! and your glasses are AMAZING!

wow, you’re dress is faboulous!!! I love the vintage atmosphere of these pics! :)

The round glasses look very good on you !

my outfits :

The round glasses look very good on you !

my outfits :

L-O-V-E your dress and shoes!!! You give me inspiration for obe post in RED!!!!

i like your blog a lot! you are just gorgeous!

i wonder if you eventually could show a casual look or how you dress for school? that would be great :)

I love your sunnies, there so retro and cute! and that dress looks amazing on you fab shoes :)

AMAZING!!!!!! Red! Trend color♥♥♥:)

that´s tottaly MARVELOUS !!!!! <3 love your style, love your look, love everything :)

i’m totally in love with ur style :)

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

Wow, such a beauty…

looooooove the sunniesssssss. haha, just out of interest, are you from the german speaking or the french speaking switzerland? xo (:

Very nice outfit :)
Red colour looks great on you :)

you are so pretty ^^
I love your blog!
i follow you right now (:

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

really great!!!
red is fantastic!!

you’re perfect)
I love your sunglasses and dress

Gorgeous outfit and photos! I love your dress, your shoes and your glasses! xxx

omg! i loove your style! and u r so beautiful! i cant believe u r olny 17!:)

Anonymous 28 June 2011 / Reply

loved it!!

You look AMAZING ! I really like you dress and glasses !

nice shoes.simple and very elegant.suits you very much))

That little black dress from a few weeks ago, was that from the same online store? Btw I just love your style and your my nr. 1 style-icone ;)

fabulous dress! The color looks beautiful on you :)

hey girl, you’re in Lausanne in Switz..I went on a school trip there in 2003 and stayed in a lodge there. I was wondering if it’s the same place, or if there are 2 Lausanne’s. It is so breathtaking there.

this dress is amazing on you! red is definitely your color

xo Julia

woww nice picturess!
lovee your dress and glasses

this dress really beautiful look like on you! Is simple but chic! LOVE IT!
This is my site :) :

PS. I’m follow u:)

your are so beautiful

love your pics and your dress

Anonymous 29 June 2011 / Reply

What shoes….!!!

wow you look so AMAZING!!!!
love it!!
Syriously in Fashion

amazing look!

Amazing dress

You can really match the pieces perfectly together :) good job!

xoxo, Ana

You are beautiful !
love the round glasses

You look stunning in this dress! It is also so trendy that red (that highlights so well your blonde hair), and those orange-red lips!

wow, the shoes are really amazing! and this dress… fabuluous

That dress really is incredible and shines all on its own. It really needs nothing more than some classic black accessories. This is great inspiration!

Anonymous 29 June 2011 / Reply

The shoes are super !!! I hope you’ll get more and show them to us :) Good luck

you look perfect sweetie! I really like these sunnies on you! Tellement jolie. xx

Anonymous 29 June 2011 / Reply

Habe dein Blog durch die Miss Schweiz Wahl endteckt, bist meine Favoritin, du bist eine wunderschöne Frau…Wie gehst du mit deiner Teilnahme an der Miss Schweiz Wahl um, es gibt sicher viele die Neidisch sind auf dich?

hey mickey you’re so fine

Diane O. 30 June 2011 / Reply

I love this outfit! I like how you paired the dress & the glasses.

Too bad the sunglasses is vintage so I can’t find it, hihi!
Love your look! What do you think of mine right here: personal // STRIKE A POSE
Hope you like it!

Love from,

Classic lady in red – very beautiful miss xx


This is such a classic and chic look. The lipstick and glasses look so good on you.


I love your white skin. Beautiful and fine.

Hey! I’m right now working in Geneva for this week!
I really love the work you’re doing with your blog! I always read you!
Take care and keep on going!!
Love from a Spanish girl!