ZERMATT ( part l)

MISS SUISSE EXPERIENCE  Here are the first pictures of Zermatt, an amazing week I really want to share with you guys. I arrived there on Saturday and as soon as we entered the hotel we started the hard work. We received our planning each day, and it was full of interesting things such as video and photo shootings, interviews and meetings. I have learned so many great and usefull things and also I really enjoyed our stay in the fabulous hotel ”CERVO”. It was trully beautiful , the food was delicious and I am so glad to have met so many amazing people. If you are once in Zermatt, I totally advice you to stay a night in hotel Cervo, the service is incredible and the athmosphere is unbelievably friendly.

The pictures you see here were made on tuesday afternoon, when we celebrated one of the candidate’s birthday with a barbecue and a marvelous strawberry  cake. I decided to wear my new H&M peach shade dress with a H&M light pink cluth, I will post some more pictures, simply can’t wait to show you all! 


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Du hast ein unglaublich tolles Lachen, wunderschöne Bilder.

you are so gorgeous, it’s not even pretty :D

You all looking beautiful, great photos!

you are so beautiful!!! nice pics ;-)

Oh God, you are so sweet and beautiful. If you won’t win I won’t understand the world. Adorable photos.

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Really beautiful pictures. And you look so natural!

I love your dress and you look gorgeous as always! :)

Meanz (Koi Story)

gorgeous girl. you look like you had a blast :)


You really stand out in that peach dress !

would love to taste that strawberry cake.

my outfits on holiday in sevilla :

You really stand out in that peach dress !

would love to taste that strawberry cake.

my outfits on holiday in sevilla :

Very nice. You have got a very pretty dress!! ♥

very nice look ;)

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

You’re the prettiest! You and this girl that is behind you in the second picture. All the others…

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

So pretty!!! Your dress made by H&M is really nice. I also like your shoes. Was it cold in Zermatt?

you’re so beautiful I hope you win the Miss Switzerland choice! and your blog is great! I love your posts and your style!
Many love greetings Anja von Winterthur ZH

Great photos! Your dress, shoes and clutch are so amazing! xxx

GIRLS!!!! You are all so beautiful!!! It is going to be a difficult vote, but for me YOU are a winner already!

You look heavenly in that peach dress! Like a delectable summer sorbet!

♥, Jamie

very beautiful :) <3

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

Omg, you have to be Miss! SO BEAUTIFUL! :)

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

tu es la plus belle :)

avec quelle des filles tu t’entends le meilleur?

giada et jessica et alina sont aussi très jolie, mais tu les bats ;)

Anonymous 26 June 2011 / Reply

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You look gorgeous!!! :)

you loook soooooo stunning! i love it all, you are so beautiful.


Wow, everybody looks great! :) I especially like your heels, and the dress, of course, looks great ;)

What are all beautiful! You look stunning!!!!

How wonderful:)!! Looks like you had a good time there:)!!!! Hope to get there one day!

i just gave you an award, come check it out on my blog :) love your blog! xoxo, saskia

You look gorgeous!!!

You and all of your friends are absolutely GORGEOUS! Seriously, each one of you is so stunning!

You look gorgeous! It seems you had a really good time there.

Anonymous 27 June 2011 / Reply

wow, du siehst einfach wunderbar aus! :)
ich hoffe du gewinnst :)

& jetzt erst hab ich gemerkt wie interessant du deine augen schminkst, du hast immer lidschatten auch unter den augen, muss das mal kopieren, den bir dir funkeln die augen geradezu :)

grüsse :)


Gorgeous outfit, love the dress on you!
How come so many of you have the same pairs of shoes? :o)

you all look beautiful!! :) love that peach dress you looked the best! :)

Anonymous 27 June 2011 / Reply

You look gorgeous! I hope you win the contest!

It looks like so much fun! You were the prettiest out there. You looked stunning! I love your dress.

Magnifique! Ta robe te vas superbe!

Stop being so gorgeous! ;). Looks like so much fun!


beautiful post!

Anonymous 27 June 2011 / Reply

You are great! :)

but… I’m so-so sorry, all girls have the same shoes, why? is it an advertising of sponsor’s shoes?

Iryna from Ukraine

You look so beautiful! It looks like you lead such an interesting and fun life. Best wishes :)

you all look so amazing!!!

XO Sahra

Angelika 27 June 2011 / Reply

Wie unglaublich fotogen und unglaublich hübsch du einfach bist!
Von deiner Kleidung will ich erst gar nicht anfangen! :)

Oh you look soo sweet and cute and beautiful!!
I wish I looked like you!!!;) + awesome dress and hair :)

Anonymous 27 June 2011 / Reply

hello(: I absolutely love love love your blog and I adore your photos! could you please tell me what camera do you use? the model, lense etc.thaks(: xxx

Amazing dress!!

You have the prettiest dimples!

wow your friend look all beautiful but you’re the most beautiful I think :D
very pretty dress!

Dump James! Marry me! ;)

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You are so beautiful!!

you are so gorgeous!

you look so so amazing! :) kiss <3

AMAZING pictures! x

mit deiner bezaubernden ausstrahlung gewinnst du die miss schweiz wahl mit links! =)

Очень красивые фотографии=)
Такие солнечные!=)

1. i love your blog
2. i love your peach colored dress
3. you should win the miss switzerland- competition!


lovely greatings from bern.

why havent you won?????????????? u r the prettiest. tu es la plus jolie!!