SUNTAN Can you notice it guys? It looks like my white-like-a-paper-sheet skin got a little bit of golden color, yay. This makes me so happy, no more bronzer blush all over the face to wear, just a bit of mascara and brown eye shadow and natural skin. We took those pictures with Olivia a few days ago, it was so sunny and for months it has never been as hot in swiss so I have spent my day tanning at the beach with some friends, drinking lemon ice tea and taking pictures.

I have received those new garments from, such a great online fashion web-store. The service is high quality and also if you are a blogger you get a real benefit since they collaborate with many of them. Anyway take a look at their shop, the prices are totally affordable. I picked this beige dress and this orange bag that really catched my eye. Also today I have received a peach clutch and some trousers from romwe, can’t wait to show you. The shoes I am wearing are from, an italian brand I have already talken to you about in one of my previous post.



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you look great
love dress

I love the heels and your bag!!

I love those colors on you!

that dress is so lovely, gorgeous details

Wonderful look !!!!!!!!!!!!
You have a very nice blog, I will follow;)

Yes I noticed your bit golden skin! You look amazing. Love your dress and shoes. :)

perfect outfit :D i like your bag so much!

I love this look, amazing shoes, amazing you!!!

amazing dress.
You’re incredibly beautiful!

BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥


you look faboulous! love the dress and its color combined with orange!!!

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I love all that stuff you got – I might order a few things from their store!

Many thanks for the info! I will definitely look into these online stores. Beautiful tan! Great bag!

Lovely dress :)

I love u orange accessories! btw,WHOLE LOOK IS AMAZING! <3

My site:)

I love the combination of beige and orange :) I am pale skined as you and I just got some golden tone aswell so no more blush for me too :)
Enjoy teh summer

This outfit is beautifull! And yes,you can notice a bit of a tan, looks nice :)

love the dress! it’s a perfect combination with the orange/tan bag and shoes

the mix of all these things together looks soooo good! :)

lovely look!

lovely look <33
perfect dress!

you look so pretty! thats a beautiful dress and orange accessories! nice tan as well :)


I ♥ your style!!! :-)

Ach. Lovely style! YOu are my fashion icon. :)

Anonymous 4 July 2011 / Reply

beautifuuuuuuul :))))

you look always so amzing!!
love the mix of these colors!!
great job

Syriously in Fashion
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such gorgeous outfit! I adore your styl :)

As always, amazing …

Hi Kristina,
I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m each time more and more inspired when you post one of your fresh looks! I live in France but I spend a lot of time in my flat in Switzerland so I understand why you love this country so much!
You’re on a good way with this blog, I’m sure it will lead you the success so good luck and continue this way! Maybe I’ll see you in Geneva once ;)

you have such an eye for details and color combinations :)! Love your pics! You are very beautiful!

Absolutely stunning…great details!!!

I just LOVE your outfit, the shoes and the bag matches perfectly with each other !

i love these colors on you, u are so pretty as always! <3

have a nice day


loooove it!~x

great look ;)

beautiful look :)

Anonymous 4 July 2011 / Reply

Your shoes look extremely uncomfortable :D

Gorgeous outfit! I love your dress, your shoes and your bag! xxx

You look great with all these things!

Love, love, LOVE that dress! So simple and cute! Amazing :)
What do you think of my latest post: fashion // EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, I had a photoshoot. Hope you like it :)

Love from,

love the dress, you look so sophisticated!
Krissy xoxo

The beige and the ORANGE!!! What a perfect combination, for a perfect girl like you!

girl, you’re gorgeous! I love this outfit :)

Anonymous 4 July 2011 / Reply

Please write something about your lipstic… It’s beautiful!

absolutely in love with your style! i can’t help myself Kristina!!

WooooooooW so chic & beautiful ;))

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GORGEOUS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E! *

Great outfit, love the bag and the nail polish x


The orange and tan combination is beautiful on you! The dress looks identical to ones I got from Zara. Very pretty.

♥, Jamie

Anonymous 4 July 2011 / Reply

oh no! scratch on your leg – what happened?!

gorgeous look!

yayx! what happened to your leg?!!!?

come and visit: !

Anonymous 4 July 2011 / Reply

OMG ! You’re amazing. I love your hair and make up ! You are so beautiful girl. Can I ask you something ? Why you have wound on your leg ?

gorgeous as usual! your tan looks so great and that orange bag and beige dress are too great :)

So beautiful and your make up is stunning!!
:) XX

You are so beautiful and your style is amazing !

Diane O. 4 July 2011 / Reply

Such a cute & simple outfit, love it!

That dress has this very nice, clean cut, which always reminds me of ZARA. I just love how you wear the chain bracelet in such a loose way around your arm.

You look FAB!! Even the cut in your leg looks cool,lol.

amazing toned outfit!

So beautiful !!

Love your style, and those shoes are beautiful<3

Love your style, and those shoes are beautiful<3

I loove your bag and your dress..

Anonymous 10 July 2011 / Reply

ZARA is also selling a dress like this !

Very nice outfit. I need that orange dress in my life.

you look great:)beautiful dress.

Lovin’ the outfit and the bag. I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog. You have such great fashion sense. :)

i love this look because i see more blogger with this dress but you are the best elecction

kisses and i follow this blog
see you soon