SUMMER AFTERNOON After taking a long tan at the beach with some friends, nothing is better than taking a little walk to cool down. I love summer, ice creams and vanilla body lotions, aah feels so good. Also I am so excited to leave for Greece, in a few days James and I are taking the plain and flying to Paros where we are going to spend some high quality relaxing time. I am however a bit afraid of the crisis problems there in greece, hope everything will be fine.

Some comfortable new shorts wich are a gift from, perfect high waist shorts in one of my favourite summer color, a sort of cinnamon/orange. Also a loose black shirt and some cool Zara wedges.



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you look cute :)

those shorts are adorable! your look amazing in both of these colours, hope your enjoy your trip to Greece :)

so beautiful!

Beautiful outfit :D

I love your outfit! :D <33

I invite to me.

Anonymous 1 July 2011 / Reply

your parents are sooo amazing on letting you go on holidays with your boyfriend,even if you are just do you convinced them?lucky you,i really wish the same.

Perfect shorts <333

Ivânia Diamond
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Super shorts! You are cat! :)

It’s so pretty!!

ich liebe diesen Look! :) Sieht so schön nach Sommer aus!

Amazing combination of orange and black. This top is perfect, love it.

Those shorts a so lovely!

xo Julia

Such a gorgeous color against black! A perfect fit, you look fabulous!

Peace. Love. LOL!

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Gorgeous…. So beautiful…
Glamorous short, love it ;D

Fashion People: PIPPA MIDDLETON- pretty chic

I love this look (actually I love all of your looks).

Hope you have fun in Greece.


You look stunning! Like always :)
Don’t worry about the crisis problem here in Greece. I mean, the situation is really fucked up, but as long as you stay far from downtown Athens, you’re safe! Paros is such a gorgeous island, I hope you have an awesome time! To my mind, Greece is one of the most beautiful places to visit in summer, but apparently I can’t be adjective lol! :D
Is your leg ok????? It looks so bad. I hope it isn’t painful :S

Lovely shorts, and great nailpolish!

love the red pants :D stunning look!

this color is amazing! these shorts are really nice and look so comfortable. And the ring <3

Love the look ! especially the shorts !
looks like you really hurt your leg :S

my oufits :

Love the look ! especially the shorts !
looks like you really hurt your leg :S

my oufits :

Today is Canada day and this outfit would have been perfect for me!

Keep up the great work :)


Anonymous 1 July 2011 / Reply

Hey Kristina I am from Greece! Paros is an excellent choice as it is an island full of people in about our age;). Don’t worry about the crisis!


Love this outfit! You are stunning!


Es gibt Mädchen, die sehen einfach ZU gut aus. Du gehörst dazu! :-)

Oh beautiful shorts! Also very pretty for autumn :)

Awesome! :) I want to have figure like you! ^^

Amazing outfit! You are so nice.

Anonymous 1 July 2011 / Reply

ooh, what happened to your leg, darling? ;<

I really like your shorts. You look so cute!

beautifullllllll !!!

I love it!..have it too!.perfect!

Nice! Did you hurt your leg?

Gorgeous look, love your shorts! Greece is a lovely country, the conflits are mostly in Athems, and there’s no better way to help a struggling country than to travel there and enjoy yourself.

amazing shorts! :)

Diane O. 1 July 2011 / Reply

This outfit is so simple & chic. Love it!

Oh dear! this is perfect outfit! the shorts and top are amazing!

you leg is cut! are you ok? please be more careful!

omg, what happened to your leg?? :O xo

Anonymous 2 July 2011 / Reply

Love your outfit! Aina up there is right, this would’ve been great for Canada day (today).

As for your trip to Greece, I really hope you enjoy it! It’s a beautiful country! And don’t worry, I bet you won’t even notice the existence of a crisis. I didn’t! ;)


I love the “cinnamon orange” shorts. Such a great color description for them, too. And the yellow nail polish adds a nice pop.

Love this outfit, you look great x


love your shorts :) gorgeous!!

You have become so tanned! Very jealous!

love your look!

I have to admit that you have the original style and you are very pretty.

Beautiful! x

you’re so beautiful. are you a model ? :) love your style. xoxo

Great outfit! You’re such a pretty girl :)

Good shorts! You – wonderful! Be careful in Greece! Enjoy your stay!

love this look! gorgeous! :)

I went to Paros last summer, what a beautiful island! I’m going to Greece too, but this year I’ve chosen Evia… I hope your holiday will be great :D
love your outfit

I love you blog!!! But when i read your post i don’t find the DATE!!! :(
It’s possible you write or take the date? :D thanks xxxxx

I looove your blog, your very inspiring

I’m in love for your blog! Congratulations!!!!
Can i use your pictures someday, in a new post “it girls”?

Gorgeous color;)

@ jana : of course you can, the only thing I ask for is to link the pictures back to

Yes I did hurt my leg, I am true clumsy person. But it’s okay no worries, just a little bruise.
I do hope that everything will be fine in greece, as I understood the crisis touches highly Athene, so I hope In Paros we will be okay.

I’m gonna support you at the Miss Suisse competition. Hope you’ll win!

the another girls aren’t so special like you ;)
& you’ve got a great taste in relation to fashion!

sunny greets from zurich to geneva ;)

thanks you so so much Amy , kisses from geneva xxx

Anonymous 6 July 2011 / Reply

Ton short est magnifique! Je ne trouve pas le lien sur leur site…. pourrais-tu le publier stp? Merci! Tu est très belle, comme toujours!!

I went to Greece last summer, too.
At that time there where also some protest.
But we really couldn’t see nor feel that.

Our tourist guide told us that they are protesting for every little thing :)

Love your shorts.

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