GREECE AT NIGHT It was almost 10pm when we decided to go for dinner, in Switzerland it would have been almost impossible since the schedule for dinner is way earlier. It was strange to walk through crowded streets and opened shops so late, strange but really exciting : the day wasn’t over. I enjoyed discovering little local shops with hand-made jewerly and even found a gorgeous butterfly ring with little pearl stones, also found some really cool flashy beach sandals.

After walking for a few hours, James and I were really hungry and we wanted to find a little restaurant with good traditional food to taste how greek food was. We discovered a very popular place in Paros, very small but because of the excellent food that were made there we had to wait for almost 20 minutes to get a table, and there were only five of them. There were two cooks, an old man with his wife, they knew how to cook better than anyone,we ate Moussakas and Zuchinis and so on, we really enjoyed our meals.

CLUTCH : / DRESS : Zara ( last summer) / BLAZER : Zara


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love your outfit! such a cute dress & the sandals are amazing! i would love to go to greece someday!

The array of colors in your outfit is so beautiful! And such delectable food!

♥, Jamie

It’s so beautiful!

I love your neon shoes – miss Greece so much!

you’re so beautiful and have great style ;)

Beautiful outfit!

Another amazing outfit! :)

Греция, а Кафе по русски написано))
Фото замечательные, мне очень понравились макияж и пиджак)))

love your sandals! And really nice pics :)

Great dress :)

you’re always beautiful as ever…

You’re beautiful… love this look!!!
The sandals are so crazy ;D love them!!!

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your dress is adorable!

Lovely dress! And man those are some bright sandals! So cute! p.s. what camera do you use? Such great quality. I want to invest in a camera so I am researching atm. Any recommendations?

Keep up the great work!

loved everything!!
so beautiful!


amazing outfit… and colors :)

You look stunning, like always! You and your bf make one of the most adorable couples ever :) I know what you mean about Greece! I mean, I’m Greek, and last year I traveled to Austria and omgosh, everything was closed at 9!!! Can you believe it? We are used to go out really late, so we went out to have dinner at around 10 and we ended up not eating anything :S Greece may be horrible when it comes to politics and economy, but at least we have the most awesome nightlife haha! :D

great travel photos! I love how bright your night time outfit is :) that orange dress is adorable!

Great photos ! love the dress

my outfits and life in Belgium

Great photos ! love the dress

my outfits and life in Belgium

amazing outfit! love this dress =)

These photos are amazing and your outfit just seems like the perfect uniform for summer!


you are so beautiful and you have a amazing style , love it

Anonymous 22 July 2011 / Reply

Where are your sandals from? :-)

I like your dress
Sandals looks like great :):)!

loving the dress and the blazer! so pretty! beautiful colors!

I’m in love with all the colours and your ring is beautiful! :)

you are so sweet!
and cool sandals!

all these pictures are stunning! such a gorgeous outfit too X X X

Yummy food and yummy dress! I really love it, the print is so great and it matches perfectly with that blazer:D

omggg, where is your dress from?

the sandals are awesome :) i also looove the ring. its so cute and tiny :) xoxo, saskia

AWW you look so pretty and happy babe! xoxo

Nice photos! Love your shoes


you look so pretty (:

Cute sandals! They look great with your nail polish. I also love your dress!

lovely sandalllls :) love them!

I love all of these bright colors together!

xo Julia

Fantastic outfit :)

Anonymous 23 July 2011 / Reply

Love the outfit and ur whole style!
could you please specify from where are the cloths???

att: a fan from Colombia

Love the dress and the neon details!!!

awesome orange <3

The ring is so beautiful! and the dress too!

xx Elle from

woaa, just discovered yoru blog, I like it :) How nice of you to come to Greece and contribute (due to the crisis haha), sending you lots of fashion hugs from a Greek fashion blog,


love the dress!

Mildly obsessed with your dress. Lovely looks!

In love with your lipstick! what is it?
Kisses, Alinne


this makes me miss greece so much! love your outfit too! :)

I love the way you look wearing orange! Plus, these sandals are fab!

beautiful dress

LOve your dress! ANd the food looks so delicious!

Das erste Bild mit den Ballons ist richtig schön.

I have the same dress!Good taste :)

Here is my post w this dress :)

Your outfit suits you well. Gorgeous!


GEORGEOUS PICTURES!! love your outfit and the “feel” of the streets!!