PIRATE’S ADVENTURES To fully enjoy our stay in Paros we decided to rent a boat for one day, it took us through some beautiful small islands in the area while we relaxed and watched the beautiful landscapes in front of us. I have already been a few times on a boat, but I must admit that this time was really special to me. I standed on the border of the boat while it was running at it’s highest speed and saw the sea dancing, it was such an amazing emotion and feeling. So I decided to make a wish and drop a coin in the ocean, just for luck.

That day, I decided to wear my new greek sandals I have bought the day before, with my mimosa chanel polish they looked even better. The weather was really hot, and sometimes when the boat stoppped, we jumped in the ocean to take a refreshing swim. I even got the chance to take control of the boat for a couple of minutes!

SANDALS : greek souvenir shop / SHIRT : H&M / SHORTS : Zara


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I have this poncho :))
Beautiful photos!

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Your outfit is so incredibly perfect for summer! This looks like so much fun.

fleeting moments

You are always so gorgeous in color! And the white tunic is refreshingly chic. Such adorable pictures!

♥, Jamie

Anonymous 23 July 2011 / Reply

did you wear a make up while swimming in the sea?

wow im so jealous, looks like you had so much fun! your shorts are so cute as well and jelly shoes!


beautiful pics…. nice shirt… Looove your crazy sandals!! i want them ;)
Wonderful landscape… ;D

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Great photos!

what a wonderful place! You both look so cute :)

amazing photos :)
so romantic !


pretty look love the sandals!

Love your outfit! It’s very fashionable but also very simple and elegant at the same time. Sometimes less is more, right?.


I love yor sandals! and perfect pics!

great photos. i see you have a nice vacation.

Great look!! I love the photos!!

Love your pictures.
Those sandals are so cute.


Look so nice! Have a nice stay there. A week a go I spend a few weeks on crete. I love it!!!

Seems so much fun! You and James looks so cute in those pictures! Love your sandal so much so colorful :)

So cute, as always!

oohh i love ur blog so much, nice photos kristin! :)

you are beautiful!!! please visit my blog as well

Wow. Just amazing. I was in Greece 2 times, first was in Thassos and the other was Polichrono, it was lovely. :)


Great photos! Love the colours and your outfit, x


Those bright colors are perfect for these shoots :)
It seems that you really enjoyed your pirate trip!

See you!

Anonymous 23 July 2011 / Reply

you and James are cute together :)


the scenery is incredible!! You look amazing too! Looks like a lot of fun :)


Anonymous 23 July 2011 / Reply

Your boyfriend is as gorgeous and stunning as you are!

Beautiful photos and i love your shoes!

Oh darling, you look stunning! and I love your flashy sandals so much :D hope you had fun stop by

these photos are so happy and natural :)

the greek coast looks beautiful !

new outfit posts :

these photos are so happy and natural :)

the greek coast looks beautiful !

new outfit posts :

amazing pictures (:

you look amazing! :)


pretty sandals:)

I’ve discovered your blog thanks to “best of fashion blog” on facebook, and I love it! you’re so beautiful and I love your style! You’re in my favourite group on bloglovin…
Kisses, Alinne


i loveeee your sandals! you’re so gorgeous, SO gorgeous!

angie of pandaphilia fashion

Kristina vous êtes grand, j’adore votre blog et votre style! C’est génial d’avoir un tel blogueur bien dans mon pays:) Je vous souhaite bonne chance à l’élection de Miss Suisse, je vais les poursuivre, bien sûr, à la télévision ou même de vivre d’être là:) Tu es mon préféré!
Meilleurs voeux et bonne chance à la sélection Miss Suisse de Winterthur
♥ Anja

Lovely! You are so pretty!

great sandals ! amazing pictures ! ♥


Your life looks so perfect!

AWW, You and your Mr look so happy. xoxo

i love this post! great great great, and i love your sandals

hey gorgeous ! love this post, and well, your blog is amazing ! definitely following you !

I’m going in Greece too in 4 days, we’re going to Rhodhos island.

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you look soooo perfect together!!!

And the place is amazing!!!!!


you look beautiful as always :)
i featured you on my blog if you are interested you can check it out


Ooooh,you’re beeautiful ! :)

Такие красивые солнечные фотографии=)=-*

You have nice shoes! :)

So cute photos! You too are beautiful !
Great outfit for the occasion.

Hi Kristina,

I’ve just discovered your blog a few days ago and I’m so hooked. You’re style is amazing and you make it look so wearable and at the same time approache-able cause you don’t just wear expensive designer clothes all the time. Btw, you are gorgeous too, you’re a model right?

And also I’d like to compliment James. You have a great eye for image and a very appealing style. Keep up the good work!

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyle blogger!

I have those shoes too! Bought them in Mykonos for 10 euro! Except in neon pink and watermelon green! Warning though, they’re so flat and have no grip that after walking in them for a couple of hours your feet will start to strain! I recommend wearing them for short spans of time :)

the boast trip looks amazing! I love your simple white top with those bright shorts!

Wow, amazing sandals, so bright colous! I like it!
Photos from the boat are wonderful, they are like
shots from a movie)

I am going to Greece too in a week.. I hope, I enjoy my holiday as you did))

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I really love your sandals and they look lovely combined with Chanel Mimosa!

greaaaat shoes! ;)

The boat look really huge and beautiful. Thank you for sharing these shots.

Those pictures really look great and there seems to be no shortage of sea breeze in there and I just love the effect.