MAKE-UP LESSONS Hello everybody, hope you had a great week-end. Today I am leaving for Switzerland after 10 days spent between Milano,Paros and Athene. The trip was perfect and I am so excited to show you all the gorgeous pictures James and I made. I bought so many amazing souvenirs, and saw so many unbelievable landscapes. Tomorrow or even this evening as soon as I am in geneva, you will be able to find some new posts.

Those pictures were made in Zurich while we were training for the miss suisse contest. All the candidates had some make-up lessons sponsorized by nivea and we also received a little gift with some cool make-up products. Enjoy the pictures :)


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Lovely photos! You look gorgeous, as usual! This seriously seems like so much fun.

fleeting moments

Cool…I would like to have some lessons, too!

- Dani

nice photos! It must be great!

You look so great! I love the makeup and the products from Nivea. You must’ve had a great time in your trip :D

Beautiful photos!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Great pictures.
You look stunning as always!


it looks so good! :)

Anonymous 18 July 2011 / Reply

Ohhh this like a dream….

Looks like you had a lot of fun and leraned a lot! :)

Anonymous 18 July 2011 / Reply

You’re very beautiful

wow, looked like a great event!
so pretty!
Krissy xoxo

omg,look at all that make-up porducts!
It’s like heaven in there <3
you look lovely honey :)

Anonymous 18 July 2011 / Reply

I love your blog and your make-up!

The makeup looks so refreshing and beautiful on you! Have fun in Switzerland!

♥, Jamie

Amazing photos!!! :)

You are by far the prettiest out of the bunch. Love the pictures, you look amazing.

great formation!! Nice pics
you’re beautiful ;D


You always look gorgeous!! I love your blog (:

oh, that big pill of cosmetics looks so great! :D

You are so pretty!

Great post. I love what you’ve done with your make-up. So romantic.


Great pictures!!

Already looking forward to your posts after seeing this one!!! Stay pretty!

It must have been so much fun?

Check out my swedish fashion & style blog.

It must have been so much fun?

Check out my swedish fashion & style blog.

AAAAH! can’t stop saying how beautiful you are! =)


Anonymous 18 July 2011 / Reply

you’re soo beautiful but can I ask something ? ;) which canon camera you use for your own pictures?not the pictures from james

Gorgeous, as ever :).


Quelle chance avez vous eu! Bon séjour en Suisse!

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Du bist echt so unglaublich hübsch! :-)

I just love the way you do your eyes.

I don’t think you need any make-up lessons, but it could be very funny anyway :) nice photos

my life and outfits in Belgium :

I don’t think you need any make-up lessons, but it could be very funny anyway :) nice photos

my life and outfits in Belgium :

you are so pretty…

I love how you do your makeup! It looks beautiful

xo Julia

ummmmmm you are gorgeous :)

Excellent article! :))

such a great opportunity! who wouldn’t want free makeup :) you look so pretty!

Do they still sell Nivea Make-Up in Switzerland? Because they stopped selling it in Germany :( You guys are lucky! :D

you’re gorgeous

You look so pretty!! x

gorgeous as always! looking forward to seeing your new pictures and goodies :)
i’d love if you check out my blog!


amazing look :)

You’re so beautiful, and how fun the make up classes!
Make up GALOOREE!! ♥
I love your eyes, and your eye liner is sooo perfect! ♥

How you can be so much beautiful!! Super make-up :)

Anonymous 19 July 2011 / Reply

Wow! You are very nice :)

Oh my gosh! That must have been so much fun, you must have loved it :)

wow you’re too lucky!
good luck for miss suisse from italy :)

Wish I had your skin. :) you look amazing

so pretttty!

you are so beautiful, i follow you now (follow me back ?) :)
xx from france

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