SUMMER SEA AND COCKTAILS During our trip in greece we had the chance to visit the best beach clubs in Paros, thanks to a greek friend of us who was our guide for the whole week. My favorite one must have been Punda Beach, it is such a fun place : people are dancing on the best clubbing music in swimwear while drinking some fruit beverages. The ambiance was all about party and we danced all day long.

I took with me two bikinis, I always like to change my bikini after swimming to feel a bit warmer. The first and my most favorite summer bikini is the one from Vitamin A, a great brand for swimwear. The other orange one is from h&m, I was so happy when I found it : my orange-obession still goes on. Maybe I have danced to much, because now that I look at my skin , I feel a bit disappointed : I really wished to get brown as chocolate, guess I’ll just stay white yoghurt.

BIKINIS : Vitamin A ( green one ), H&M ( orange one)


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Very nice photoes. :) Wow!!! You are very pretty!!

you look gorgeous in that green bathing suit!

Beautiful…. ENJOY ;)


Anonymous 26 July 2011 / Reply

wowow…so nice pictures!!

hot! beautiful photos!
makes me want to go on holiday
Krissy xoxo

Beautiful photos!

love both green & orange bikinis!!! i told you that in greece we PARTY day& night!!!!

I can see that! it was great ! :D

Very nice pictures :)

love that vitamin a suit! wish i was going somewhere to lay on the beach this summer.

You look super hot and so happy too! xoxo

ohhhh, looks sooo nice! i want to be there, too…

Love your HM’s bikini!

i love your blog!!!! beautiful pics:)

Very nice Bikinis but the stripes you get from the turquise one aren’t very advantageous ;D

@Maria : haha that is entirely true..

You look like a gorgeous beach babe in all your swimsuits!

♥, Jamie

Cute photos ! the bikinis are both lovely, but the turquise one do leave a strange tan line. You better wear them in the afternoon, when the sun is less strong.

Anonymous 26 July 2011 / Reply

Wow you seem so confident with yourself and you totally should too! Don’t you have any issues with yourself or anything? I know how stupid that just sounded but I don’t know how else to put it. Cause I really don’t mean that you should have any problems cause i think you’re absolutely gorgeous! I guess what I wanted to ask was are you really as confident with yourself as you seem to be? And how do you achieve that? I guess it helps to be as pretty as you are though. :D Have you had like a perfectly happy life or something? Just trying to figure out how someone can be so beutiful in every way. ps.Sorry for the random awkwardness that is this message haha

Very cool!!! Stunning!!!

delicious photos *-*

Ohhhh nice pictures!!!i love your bikinis!!!

love ur coral bikini! gorgeous :)

i like your peach swimsuit really nice color , but the green one is also gorgeous

Anonymous 27 July 2011 / Reply

i don’t want to disrespect you, but you look gorgeous! what your weight? i want you body! hahaha
really nice photos and bikinis :)

Having fun is more important than tanning :)
Very cool you can party on the beach ! Very pretty photos !

my life and outfits in Belgium

Having fun is more important than tanning :)
Very cool you can party on the beach ! Very pretty photos !

my life and outfits in Belgium

Great pictures Kristina! It looks amazing:) I’m from a small island in the Caribbean and our town is called Punda as well! lovely

Great photos! Love the orange bikini!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

pretty colored bikini!
twitter @divalicious_m

Anonymous 27 July 2011 / Reply

I love your style, I think it’s really fresh, delicate and feminine and my body shape is really similar to yours so I can take a lot of inspiration from the clothes you wear and the way you wear them!
You’re one of the best bloggers I know♥

Anonymous 27 July 2011 / Reply

Belles photos! J’aime beaucoup les maillots de bain
j’ai une question, il y a des articles que tu as fait et qui apparaissent sous “vous aimerez peut-être” mais que je ne peux pas voir.. Est-ce un problème qui vient de moi ou ils ne sont plus disponibles? Merci :)

Very pretty pictures.

You look gorgeous in both bikini’s.

You’re perfect and your body is so beautiful, I’m a little bit jealous! for me you’re a role model, living perfection and the most pretty blogger in the whole world. I’m telling you the truth, I dont want you to think that I write it just because I want to be nice. No, I dont I just.. everytime I read your new post I think something like ” She’s so gorgeous! how can she be real? she’s too beautiful”

You look like you have alot of self-confidence and you smile alot, you look so adorable and friendly.
I’m so happy that I find your blog, you’re my daily inspiration and you’re the reason why I love fashion so much – because of you I see that in this world there are some people who are natural and so beautiful, because of you I want to be a better person.
I think you’re so different from all too stylish fashion bloggers – you look so glamour but I know you dont pretend anyone who you’re not.
You’re shining like a star.

And your photos, they show the real you and they’re so pure and in hight quality – could I ask you with what camera were they taken?

I love you so much.
I’m so that you keep this blog.
You’re incredible and breath-taking.
I wish I could be so beautiful as you.

your huge fan,
Pralinka from

Very nice pictures ! You look beautiful;


You look great!
Accidentally going to Spain soon?! Because I found one hell of a HOT SPOT at Tarifa! You can check it here if you’re interested: lifestyle // HOT SPOT. Hope you like it Kristina :)

Love from,

you guys look so freakin cute together
and you are gorgeous! i saw the pictures on james page and they’re amazing!
well done you two!

ah a big thank you guys :), this trip was really great! I am happy that you enjoy the pictures

Cool! That place seems wonderful! I have just discovered your blog by looking at Hypeed! So, I follow you now! Kisses,

great photos, you look so happy:)

I’m soooo happy that I found your blog!you have amaizng style ;)*

Lovely pictures. Now I want to go on holiday too.


Anonymous 28 July 2011 / Reply

You have a perfect body !

OMG you look so adorable in the bikinis!
I love all the bikinis and beautiful photos, looks like you have so much fun! :D

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Anonymous 29 July 2011 / Reply

Very nice :) You’ve got great style! And you are BEAUTIFUL! *-*
But… full make-up on the beach? Is this necessary?


you are stunnig! but maybe you need to lose weight….

Dear Frida, I don’t think so. I feel well in my body and being skinny isn’t my goal.
For me being stunning isn’t about weight.

Anonymous 29 July 2011 / Reply

your body is perfectly fine…some people are crazy…! we love paros…!!!!

I like your answer.
You are pretty and very confident.
apoligize for may comment.

you have a nice body and you look great:)
love your blog:)

what paint are you painting hair with? very cool colour ivette

I love the pics of you in the sea :) Really beautiful. Looks like a great place to party!

love your tanning lines on the first picture with the orange bikini. don’t know why, but it looks stunning haha :D

luv all bikinis

That resort is indeed a perfect place for photo shoot. By the way, you look stunning on all your photos.

stay white, it fits to you….you are beautiful


You are great, you are a strong woman, confident with her body without looking like a twig. You look absolutely gorgeous!

i saw you in Punda Beach that day ! omg, you are stunning !

I loved your post.Much thanks again. Want more.

I loved your article. Really Cool.

Hi Kristina,

You used to be so gorgeous back then. What happend to “Dear Frida, I don’t think so. I feel well in my body and being skinny isn’t my goal.
For me being stunning isn’t about weight.” ? Why have you suddenly began to starve yourself and deprive your body of all carbs and fats with your new diet? You have become scarily skinny. I worry about you >_< Please stop loosing weight and think about your own words. It's not about being skinny. I always admired you for withstanding the fashion blogger pressure to be model skinny but sadly now also my favorite blogger has given in and started to slim down like crazy. :(

Kristina, I agree with Jenny. I used to admire you for being gorgeous and HEALTHY. Now it seems you’re equally obsessed over the societal pressure to be stick thin like the fashion world dictates. It is a shame to see a beautiful young person overtaken by such pressure. Surely you were happier here, in these photos!