LOOK-A-LIKE Some garments simply have it all right. You might think that I am wearing some black shorts with a light nude blouse, well I am not : this is actually an Isabel Lu jumpsuit I have recently picked out. I really liked the idea of trompe-l’oeil and it is incredibly comfortable to wear especially during a long day in town. Because of the neutral shades of the garment, I paired some golden accessories to go with it : another necklace I have made myself and some leopard ballerinas I have just received from a brand called Wanted. The ring I am wearing, is a beautiful piece from the Zara Taylor jewerly collection ( ), all of her items are vintage inspired and there are some amazing pieces to find out.

Yet I am attaching more importance to the details of my outfits, the bordeau lipstick is the match point to the whole combination because it adds the chic touch to it, also I have found this old vintage Louis Vuitton shale in my mother’s drawr and I thought that it looked great on my bag. The gray weather is unfortunatly still with us, but I cross fingers too see a bit more sun in a couple of days, can’t believe that the holidays are almost over.

JUMPSUIT : Isabel Lu
BAG : Cosmo
SHALE : Louis Vuitton


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love the jewelleries and the bag so much!

Jenny xx

this outfit is absolutely fabulous! you’re so pretty!

Wunderschönes Outfti! Der dunkle Lippenstift passt perfekt dazu!

So chic! I love this outfit!! :)


Beautiful outfit!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

You’re so beautiful woman

you look amazing! I love this PURE ELEGANCE! <33


Love the leopard flats! They are so cute!♥

xx Elle from

Love that ring!

very chic! neutrals are very classy :)

you’re so pretty, dear :)

wow I really didn’t notice it was a jumpsuit.
Love the necklace you made ! you seem to be quite talented at it !!
new outfit post !

wow I really didn’t notice it was a jumpsuit.
Love the necklace you made ! you seem to be quite talented at it !!
new outfit post !

You look amazing!!! I love your style and Welcome to visit my site:

this colour of lipstick looks very good on you :) and I like your shirt very much! :)

the best!!!!
I love that outfit!
It’s perfect:)

Totally fall in love with this look. It’s so clean and sophisticated and underlines your feminity. Really great look, jsut followed you, maybe wanna follow,too:

I like your blog so so much :) and your style of course!!!!

Kisses from russia moscow


beautiful outfit, so simple yet so classic! and the lipstick is beautiful! its such a nice colour :)


Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

You look amazing great:DD
P.S i voted for in a Romwe Fashion Contest:DD
Udachy tebe:D

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

haha i thought they were seperate shorts :)
beautiful as always! x


You are amazing!

What a remarkable jumpsuit! Such a sophisticated and polished look. Adore the gold accents as well.

♥, Jamie

you always look so chic! beautiful ring <3

Miss Kwong 9 August 2011 / Reply

love your lip colour and beige top with your shorts!

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The entire outfit si lovely but that nail polish color is great. Where can I find it?


you`re beautiful)

gorgeous look! love the shirt, perfect one!

You look absolutely stunning in these photos! I love the jumpsuit, it’s so simple & elegant, and the bordeau lips are gorgeous on you! I am also loving those leopard flats!! They are perfect with this outfit!

you’re simply wonderful!

I love your lipstick. I’m looking for a color like that! Where did you get yours from? And true, I would have guessed you are wearing shorts and Suit :)
Love Lois xxx

super cute oufit post lady loving its a jumpsuit so super cool and the nails and ring really pull it all together xxx ♥ A fox that meows

you look so beautiful! I love your bag! :)

Wow you look amazing here!! Great photos and that outfit is so soft, yet edgy :)

I love the nail polish color :X So pretty. And I want to be where ever you live! It’s been so hot here; I prefer gloomy weather, honestly :P

Castle Fashion

I love this outfit! It’s so simple, but you took care of so many details! the beautiful accessoiries make it very special, I especially love the slim belt. Congrats to this city-look!

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

you are stunning! you’re like a little doll! i love this style, is simple and impressive. :) lella please please can you make a video tutorial with your make up? it’s so perfect!

This jumpsuit is incredible! It really does look like 2 pieces, and I love the long-sleeved top part with billowy sleeves. The green nail polish (and ring for that matter) is just the right pop of colour to this outfit – I have to say, I really like this particular shade of green.
All in all, I think the attention to detail that you put in this outfit really shows through, the pictures came out beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous outfit!
So chic.

You look great, I love the ring <3

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that’s so awesome that it’s a jumpsuit!
love the color of your nails; i did mine like that at the beginning of the summer. it’s such a fun color!

Love the nude shades + the gold! They look awesome together. Besides, the Cosmo bag looks pretty as well!
xoxo from singapore,

So pretty! I love that it’s a jumpsuit. It makes simplicity even easier!

beautiful outfit.

Photos… AWSOME I still cannot believe that You are 17! You have a perfect hairstyle. This color match You and makes You look more beautiful:)



Love the outfit! It looks great on you :)

Oh my god ! Amazing, I really like it !
Please check my blog if you have time :)

Beautiful photos! Love your top, your shoes and your necklace! Your lipstick and nail varnish are lovely too! xxx

Murielle Lor 9 August 2011 / Reply

Très bel ensemble, chic et sobre à la fois.
Resplendissante, comme d’habitude! Je vois que tu affectionnes particulièrement la vieille-ville, et tu as bien raison.
Tu veux pas nous faire un petit shooting aux “Schtroumps” une fois ^^?

Love all of your accessories ! You are so beautiful !

great photos!
love the top so much, you look so pretty!
xoxo, Ninda

Love this…expertly styled

Visit sometime.

Style Anthem.

gorgeous photos! I love how you accessorized with those green pieces :)



Ton blog est excellent ! Je suis une fan totale ! Je faisais des photos avec James le jour où tu as appris pour Miss Suisse ^^ ! Vous formez un couple juste adorable ! je parle de toi à mes amis, on est tous derrière notre vaudoise ! Tu vas gagner c’est sûr ! en tout cas, tu as tout pour !

Magnifique look, comme d’hab ;-)

Viens faire un tit tour sur mon blog si t’as 5 minutes, ça me ferait plaisir d’avoir ton avis !

Bonne soirée !


Schöne Bilder! Schönes Outfit! Schöner Blog!

Such a gorgeous outfit! I love the pops of color paired with nude and black. I found your blog page on You’re continually an inspiration!

Kristen L.

amazing pics!

lovely outfit

I love your outfit! It really does look like shorts and a blouse. I definetely WANT it! And the lipstick is adorable, which brand is it?
XX LillyLia

That’s beautiful! Love the golden details with your necklace and belt! Great post!

Love, Petra

Haaaarmonyy! Looks amazing:)
(and your make-up is the best!)

die kombination ist fabelhaft! sehr schöne bilder.


Hi Cristina!!

I’m from Brasil and I just love your looks! You’re so inspired for us who lives in a tropical country, because yours summer looks are original and fresh.

Keep in touch!

Can you please tell what is the lipstick? It has such a wonderful color! It was a good idea to use the shale on the bag I think, it gives that last touch for the outfit which makes it not just amazing, but superamazing and absolutely complete:)

god, you’re beautiful! this outfit is too :)

love this look so much :) elegant


Nude,black,leopard print!And amazing lip colour!So cute combination..<3 <3 <3


you look amazing, your photos are stunning! I love your vuitton scarf.

with love,
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The jumpsuit is really amazing!
Lovely look..

Beautiful pictures ! I like the color of your lips and your shorts is awesome ! Please visit my blog and become a member if you like it :) i already follow you <3 xo and lovely greetings from gemany,berlin ! Nadine from

amazing look! <3

love this look, and the LBS (little black shorts) – darling with the gold belt!

wow love the romper! this look is awesome!

whole outfit is wonderful, but I love love love your nailpolish ♥♥

EVERYTHING! make up, outfit!, hair, shorts!! idsnflsenfwjerg!!!!