ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS MAGAZINE FEATURE To those who haven’t seen the article from Absolutly Fabulous magazine in the press section, I simply wanted to show you this colorfull outfit just because I enjoy it so much. Even though these pictures were made a while ago exclusively for the feature, I still love those flashy orange shades combines with black and whites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. People tend to wear so much basic colours such as beige, blacks and browns : I am the first concerned actually. But I think some poping colour can bring so much to an outfit, and it is important to try out sometimes.

Anyway : I am back in school, completely and entirely dedicated to work now. It is a bit sad to sit in a melting class room when sun is burning outside. And always keep thinking about the pool and the beach but still, I am fully loaded of energy and motivation to start the year with good mood. 

SHIRT : Zara
SKIRT : Zara
TIGHTS : Falke
SHOES : Zara 
BAG : Louis Vuitton


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You look stunning!

Have a good start of school year!

cool that you were featured ! great outfit !
new outfit post : my boots for fall

cool that you were featured ! great outfit !
new outfit post : my boots for fall

Such a remarkable combination of colors! That skirt is stunning. So happy for you as you are motivated for school!

♥, Jamie

your look is amazing but i prefer it without the black tights..

Love these colours!!! :)

i love your shoes. you look amazing,i absolutely love your blog, style and the way you look, you are really pretty and i can’t believe you are only 17.
have a nice day!!:)

It’s absolutely amazing!
I love your blog, your style,
You are beautiful!

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You look incredible! Love how fresh this color blocking seems even after seeing loads of this look everywhere! Your color story is quite impressive…the sunset hues punctured with bold b/w…so sophisticated..another hit!

Congrats on the feature babe!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

amazing outfit, I have the same skirt, it’s so pretty! :)

i was so happy to see that this article is written in my native language: romanian :D love it:D

absolutely amazing! love your style !
kisses from Greece

Great look! The bag is wonderful! XOXO

love your make up here!
Krissy xoxo

love your style Kristina!
always amazing looks

red + orange <3 your style is amazig and I love your face ;P ;)

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i loved your outfit… and you are wight colour do a up in whatever you are wearing i try to use it always… and for the Absolutly Fabulous magazine feature comgratulations!!


oeh babe.
you look amazing
SO pretty and i like the outfit

New outfit post – We are golden

heeey, the article is in Romanian, i’m a native speaker ^ ^

anyway, i’m a big fan of your style and i think that you are so incredibly pretty!

greetings from Romania! :)

Cool shoes! XOXO

I have that skirt in white, so i ll defo get inspired by this outfit…no chance of looking as gorgeous as you do though :-)

Oh my gooood, I’m just in love with the skirt !

You look great girl I love this outfit


Just amazing :) I have this same skirt <3

great colors!

Very interesting blog,
I love your pictures! they are amazing!
You’ve got very good style.


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Amazing outfit. Love the bright colours!

Really love your look! The top and shoes very pretty!

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i love your blog! it’s amazing!

Yet another amazing outfit! And your shoes are to die for! xxx

Love this colours! :)


Zakochałam się! Wyglądasz przepięknie!!!!!!!!!!

You looks really really pretty! Great outfit!

Love the lipstick!

absolutely in love with this outfit!

You’re my inspiration! I love this look so much, I can’t take my eyes off of it! :D
Great! Starting to follow (and regreting I haven’t done it before :S)!

Like your small orange bag <3Please visit my blog and if you like it become a member ;) it would be a great honour for me <3 i already follow you ! And i really love your blog ! Xo nadine from

Love the outfit! aboslutely fab :)

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This is one of my favorite looks of all time! I love it!
I’m following you from now on :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

So lovely and stylish! The combination of colors is great ! Your orange shoes are wonderfull !!!

You look adorable ! I love the skirt ! And the colours are amazing !
Congrats on the feature !





wow really nice blog, and I love this outfit :)

wow, a blog from romania :D that s great, greetings from romania !

Your combination is really a boom for fashion enthusiasts out there! I seldom see nice color combination of orange, black and white!

Yes! I totally agree with you on the popping colors should be worn occasionally! It brings out the happy-mood in you. You look really good with colorblock apparels. Also, congrats to you being featured in the magazine =)

I’d like to see you more in yellow colours! when you are hanging your little bag next to your face it looks great! I think that it is your colour. xoxo

love this feature :)

When I’m watching your blog, I’m just speckless… Really, It’s just so amazing to me! Like I sas on facebook- I can’t find the wright words to say how much I LOVE YOU!

Your hair, makeup and outfit = 10 Love almost white hair.