@ THE NEW NESPRESSO LOUNGE Today was a very busy day, full of work for school, things to think about and my preparation for the contest. I took up a few sport classes and worked a bit at the gym to feel fit and ready on the big day. However, I won’t become a sport-a-holic anyway that is for sure. I bit of running and a healthy way of living is the best thing looking forward to the end of september. After spending the day in town, my mother and I went at the new Nespresso lounge where they serve delicious frozen coffees, and amazing capuccinos. Their desserts are also lovely, very fresh. I had a great time there after my lessons and enjoyed a hot latte.

I received this green skirt a while ago, and I had so many ideas of combinations : green inspires me so much those past weeks. I feel like it is going to be my colour for fall, that is for sure. Since I was a bit in a hurry that day, I took this white Isabel Lu shirt with this banded green skirt and some heels and litterally run out from home. I think the result is good for such a rush. What do you think?

I am also happy to let you know that from today on you will be able to take part in a giveaway, you can win these gorgeous pair of scalloped blue shorts CLICK.
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I love it :)

amazing skirt!!! <33 I think it is the best outfit you have ever had!

The color of this skirt is simply superlative! *_*
I partecipate to the giveaway, gorgeous!


you’re beautiful :))

I love your style!

Great outfit! Love the bright green of the skirt!

Oh thanks for this giveaway !
I follow Kayture on bloglovin and facebook and stylesofia on facebook ! (Lylia Daoud)
I would wear these amazing shorts with a white cropped tee and pink flats :)

YOU ARE SO SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!


you look beautiful. that skirt is such a gorgeous colour, it’s prefect for adding some colour to your Fall wardrobe :)
ps. that tart with berries looks sooo good.

Love the color of the skirt!
And your shoes are incredible !

that skirt is amazing! what a great color :)

I love the skirt.
facebook: ana gonzalez sanchez

Gorgeous skirt!! Such a fun, bright colour :) The berries look yuumm!!

the colour of your skirt is gorgeous, such a beautiful satin green!
Krissy xoxo

Amazing outfit, I love it!
Your shoes are to die for and so is your shirt :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

Love this skirt and love your shoes !

Very nice blog..I’m following *;*

Green emerald is definetely a great colour for you!!

Loving kelly green for fall, love this skirt!

you look really great!! love your style!

I do everything! Hope to win!!


Love that skirt, the color is just too amazing for words!! Great outfit! You look gorgeous as always!


Love the green! XOXO

Great Look and fantastic skirt!!! Green looks good on you…I’m from Switzerland and wish you good luck for the Miss Schweiz competition…I think you will win at least the miss photoqenique thing from the competition…do you know what i mean? Anyway VIU GLÜCK ;)

you look amazing babe!
love the look of yours!

New outfitpost – Lace dress

very great outfit. thanks for this giveaway.

God that skirt is amazing!! I love that shade of green and it looks amazing on you ;)
I am following you and here is my email:

Now I am going to post on their wall.:D

Love the skirt and the Nespresso Lounge!!!So chic!

love the color of your skirt! it’s beautiful!

i love it!
this green skirt is amazing :)

Amazing look and the color of the skirt is so pretty. I’m jealous of the Miu Miu’s I just saw in your last posting too!

so beautiful, love the skirt!

Love your skirt and your shoes! xxx

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thanks for this giveaway…

It’s a GIRL Thing

lovely look :) & awesome giveaway
followed all directions
(Michelle K. Lee is fb name)

I like the feminine and classy side this outfit puts, especially under time pressure :) Great work!

красивая юбка

Wonderful pictures ! I want such a nespresso bar in berlin too ! The latte macchiato looks amazing !

xx nadine

That skirt is awesome! I love green as well.
Also love the little bows on the shoes.

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyleblogger.

Entered! I loooove those scalloped shorts! That green skirt looks great on you!


wow i heart your blog! i know you prob get tones of comments and you may not read this but i just thought i would say that your blog is amazing! its truely inspiring. im so glad i stumbled across it. every post i have looked at has fabulous fashion in it. i especially love this post. everythign is perfect from your hair to the way the shade of lipstick compliments the colour of your skirt. the photos are gorgeous as well :)

im also a fashion blogger so i would love it if you could drop by and maybe follow my blog and give me some advice on how to make it even better :)




shop style conquer

Amazing skirt!
FB:Olesia Flegka

Mmm the coffee and “cake” looks delicious !

The skirt is great, it looks very fancy and the color makes it more original :)
new post : wedges vs. heels

Mmm the coffee and “cake” looks delicious !

The skirt is great, it looks very fancy and the color makes it more original :)
new post : wedges vs. heels

great photos <3

Lovely skirt!!!!♥♥

xx Elle from

you look stunning!

i’m in & you look great !

i love the green of your skirt!

you always look so amazing

wow loving this skirt dear and your sweet tooth is the same as me :) xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Wow love you look the top is amazing!
you have such a great taste in style!!!


Ypur photos are always amazing. I’m in love with that skirt, I’ve realy gotten into green lately. It’s my current favourite colour. Also what make is your nail varnish? Amazing colour!x

Awesome skirt!! xoxo

Hi!!I like your blog so much, and you look really great in this outfit!
Follow each other??

You are extremely talented young girl !!! I really love this look. the green skirt looks great on you and the combinasion with the short is excellent. PERFECT :)

i Follow kayture on bloglovin as michelle2119
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i Follow STYLE SOFIA on facebook as yuki kuran
and i commented on their fb
irinasas at yahoo dot com

I love this skirt! :D You are so pretty!


I think this green is intoxicating!

Nicely put :)

nice look, liked the hair