JONES AND JONES ( Omnitrade Showroom visit)

YELLOW DRESS AND CLOTHING LINES Welcome Monday. Spending the week-end at a friend’s spa and watching Mary Poppins in bed is a real pleasure, and yet I feel energy to start the week. If you have been following my blog from it’s almost beginning then you should have heard about omnitrade fashion’s brand. As their showroom is in the region, we decided to start a great collaboration together. Therefore, last week I was in their showroom to choose some clothes for an upcoming giveaway that I will actually post not later than tonight. You will be able to win, either a gorgeous Isabel Lu dress or a rock and roll E-vil t-shirt, the choice will be up to you.

In the mean time, I am looking like a walking banana with my yellow dress. However I have always loved yellow, and yet I totally love this Jones & Jones dress which is prefect for summer.What I loke the most about it, is it’s cut, the back is all open and it looks fun and elegant at the same time. I wanted to pair it with a necklace, made of dark red stones. The necklace does it all, no need for more accessories.

SHOES : Zara


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GREAT outfit! LOVE your dress <3

Wonderful :)

Wonderful!!! Love the necklace! :)

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you are completely adorable!! stunning dress <33

You looked absolutely gorgeous! Your dress is amazing.

pretty dress, but I LOOOOVE those shoes :)

Love the skirt to that dress!

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

Waouh ! You are splendid ! Your dress is wonderful as you are !

this dress so reminds me of marilyn monroe’s white one. love it!

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

Hey, hab gestern erst deinen Blog entdeckt und kann dir nur ein riesen Kompliment aussprechen! Dein Blog kann locker mit den international bekannten Seiten mithalten, die Bilder sehen suprer professionell aus und sind – was ich noch wichtiger finde – mit Liebe und Erfindungsgeist gemacht und du bist natürlich ein super hübsches Mädchen!
Freu mich, dich gefunden zu haben ;)

So sweet dress! You look pretty

Wow I adore this dress! I seriously want it. It’s such a lovely colour and it looks amazing on you. You are really pretty!

Kisses from South Africa

that dress is looking lovely on you

You are so cute in this dress :)

this outfit is amazing

Wow beautiful pictures! Love them all. you look amazing in yellow :D

Beautiful you and your dress :)

i think that your dress would look better in turquoise color :)

amazing dress

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

Amazing dress!! But I don’t like the neklace .. :)

I love that dress, you look georgeous :)

You look fabulous ! Love yellow on you and your necklace is so beautiful !

that dress looks fab on you! i love yellow, its a very unexpected color when it comes to dresses!

Love your hair!!!
Love your outfit!!
amazing…. Kisses

Beautiful outfit! Your dress and your bag are gorgeous! xxx

haha you don’t look like a banana at all :)
Great dress, the cut is amazing !

and I am so in love with that necklace
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haha you don’t look like a banana at all :)
Great dress, the cut is amazing !

and I am so in love with that necklace
new post : transparant accesories

You look extraordinary in that lemon hue! Just watched Mary Poppins this weekend, too. Love that old film :)

♥, Jamie

schönes, schönes outfit. liebe deinen blog einfach :D <3

Wonderful dress!

ur necklace perfectly complements your cute yellow dress! really love the lower pleated part especailly x

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you look so cute todayLa Folie :)

Kristina you are so beautiful! the dress reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, but you look even more beautiful than she! how it runs in the elections Miss? I hope you win, I would love whom such a beautiful woman like you presents my country!

<3 anja

love ur dress! perfect outfit!

That dress fits you perfectly :D I wish I could pull off yellow that well. It’s such a pretty color. And I can’t wait for the giveaway :) Yay!


amazing necklace! looks very nice with the yellow dress.

I just found your blog by accident and I really like!I also found your page on facebook,I will follow you on facebook!You’re really cute.
this is my blog:
xoxo :)

yellow looks amazzzzing on you!

xo Julia

you have the best blog, i love everything you post! so pretty!!

x jen

your dress is just gorgeous and so vibrant. and yellow suits you.

Nice dress girl


This dress is really cute! I think the pleats in the skirt of the dress is my favorite part.
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You look lovely in yellow! Fierce necklace too!

This yellow dress looks so adorable on you.

Everything looks amazing on you and you look so beautiful :)


Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

i think the dress is too short for ur shape.
but the other posts are beautiful! :)


Your dress is amazing. The shoes and bag as well! ;)
xoxo from singapore,

Wow!!!!!your style always is so perfect!!!!i love your necklace so much!!

The color of your dress is perfect, in love with yellow for this season! :)

OMG that dress!!!! you look so amazing in it!


Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

your make up is always so perfect! please can you make a video tutorial where you explain how do you do it? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) lella

beautiful pics, you look stunnig as usual (:

The dress is not very my style, but I adore the necklace and the nude shoes!!

I love your romantic and yellow dress. xoxo

this dress is absolutely adorable, so sweet

This dress is sooo amazingly bautiful!