ONE MONTH LEFT We are the 24 August, in exactly one month I will be in Lugano on stage for the Miss Switzerland contest. This is for sure an experiment am trully looking forward to and the most important thing to me is of course to enjoy the show and have a blast of this amazing and for sure unforgetable night. As the date is slowly approaching I try to stay calm, and not think about it too much. What must happen will happen, and  I think it is a good way to see things : I am not scared to be dissapointed because I won’t be. I am already so happy to have such a great opportunity.

If you guys have international chanels, you can watch the show on the 24 September on the swiss chanel RSI, it would mean a lot to me.This being said, I let you have a look at the pictures that were made by Thomas Buchwalder during the Miss Camp in Zermatt. These photos are actually some snapshots of the video that were made, where you can see each candidate playing with the camera while the song ”Hypnotize you” by N.E.R.D dances in the backround. CLICK HERE to see the video.


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wow those photos are so beautiful!

Amazing pics! You look gorgeous!

Books in my bags

thank you so much :)!

I really like that first photo :) ( hypnotize u is such a cool song )
I think you’ll do great, no reason to get nervous already
new outfit post

I really like that first photo :) ( hypnotize u is such a cool song )
I think you’ll do great, no reason to get nervous already
new outfit post

Good luck, girl!! you deserve it!

You’re totally gonna take the crown babe! Who can say no to that gorgeous face!?

Peace. Love. LOL!

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Wow You’re so pretty! Amazing pictures!


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you’re so pretty!

gorgeous, good luck!

amazing!!!dear you are so beautiful!!!wow!

Love! You will do really well babe. XOXO

you look beautiful!I wish you good luck!

You’re really beautiful, good luck (;

You are so great!
I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Tu est vraiment photogénique et les photos en noir et blanc sont superbes!
J’essayerais de regarder l’émission !


Wow those pictures are gorgeous!

good luck with the contest!!!!

GOOD LUCK , Kristina ! I hope u’ll be winner ;) u deserve it :)

you are so beautiful!!! I´m sure you´ll be Miss Suise ;-)

You look gorgeous ;)) xx

Krissy xoxo

wonderful pics :))

Comment peut-on faire pour voter pour l’élection? (J’habite en Suisse)
Je suis pour toi, j’espère vraiment que tu vas gagner, tu le mérites!

you’ll be miss switzerland!! :) you’re amazing!

You look STUNNING, I sadly don’t have that channel, as I am Norwegian. But I will be following what happens anyway. And I really hope you win. Your style and your personality is out of this world, you are totally cute and outgoing. I love your blog!

Oh dear, I totally sound like a crazy stalker! But I wanted to boost your confidence a little, as it is only one month left, I keep my fingers crossed for you Kristina. Good Luck <3

Such stunning pictures, you will do so well!

Grace x
i’d rather buy shoes…

Your so pretty beautiful picture …wish you the best of luck :)


Lovely photos! You look beautiful! Good luck! xxx

the pics are fantastic, you look great and good luck!!!


you are so beautiful! love your blog. :)

loving the mood in these photos good luck dear you have the right attitude xx A Fox That Meows ♥

The pictures are so beautiful!And I love the song,

Good luck, you’re beautiful you’ll do so well.

очень красивые фото

OMG! You are so beautiful! Are you a professional model?

these pictures are great, wishing you luck darling

amazing photos good luck!

wonderful pictures!

you don’t have to be nervous, coz you have a very big chance to win, i think. good luck to you anyways !

I like the pics so much:) wish you the victory:)

you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen :-) Wish you good luck ..

Oh you look amazing! Really love the shots and I wish the best of luck for you!

oh myy…your so pretty!!!!

you look stunning i wish you the best in competition :)

I adore your blog, you have such amazing style! All the Miss Suisse girls are very pretty, but you clearly are the most beautiful Kristina! I wish you the best of luck for the contest!
Greetings from Austria! xx Tea

Parfaite, tu es parfaite! Bonne chance Kristina :)

Do You have formspring?
and You look gorgeous like always.
Do you wear highhills to school?

You’re so beautiful!! I’d really like to come and see you at the show.. Lugano isn’t so far from where I live in Italy.. maybe I’ll come.. (: what time does the show start??

u are awesome ! i hope you will winn !
can i ask you what camera do you use in your other pictures ? kisses !
Marie from france

amazing pictures, dear!<3

Fantastic photos;) You look great;) I follow your blog;)

i wish u the very best luck! i will be watching the show for sure:)

xx from zurich


thank you so so much girls. All you support make me feel really motivated for this contest!

Also for those who would like to vote, you can do it on the 24 September when you watch the show : there will be a phone number where you can send a sms.

Kisses to all of you!

Je regarderai le show à la télé et je voterai pour toi!! Pourra-t-on regarder sur la tsr (donc en francais!!) ou seulement sur la rsi ?

At first foto yo’re look like a child :P

All the best to you in your contest I’m sure you’ll do just great =) Stay pretty and healthy!


we are with you !!! ready to support and vote! the photos are super !!!

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you are so beautiful!! nice photos!

<3 anja

Tons of luck from Spain darling!!!
I wish you´ll beat the other contestants!!


you are the most beautiful! you gonna take the crown for sure! be confident… good luck

Elena Mion 7 October 2011 / Reply

Congrats for this oportunity you are so pretty!!!!!!! ***V***


Das Video gibt es leider nicht mehr :(