WIN You may have read my previous post announcing this awesome giveaway in collaboration with, I was last week in their showroom and saw the gorgeous collections of Isabel Lu and the more fresh and fun brand straight from New York : E-vil made of glittery shirts with skull prints and cool messages. Since the style between those two brands is very different, you have the opportunity to choose between those two great brands.

Therefore, you can pick either 1 : a beautiful Isabel Lu romantic dress, with a flower print that will look perfect for the end of summer, or 2 : a skull printed rock shirt from E-vil. All you have to do to join this giveaway is :

- Like the Omnitrade-Fashion Facebook fan page HERE
 ° Make a wall post with the choice of the item you would like, either 1 or 2
- Follow Kayture on Facebook HERE
- Follow Kayture on Bloglovin HERE
° Once it is all done make sure to leave a comment under this blogpost and enter your facebook name profile.
AND THE WINNER IS : Navreet Gill form the blog ”Trend Steps”

Good luck, the giveaway ends on the 22 of August!


Add yours

Gabriela Joanna Grębska

I pick dress :) (1)

Everythings done Петя Тодорова Георгиева

All done! I choose no. 2
Facebook profile: Chiara Lanero
Fingers crossed! :)

Books in my bags

Hi Kristina,

Here is my post! I love the way you dress! And I love that I can win something you also liked!

My favourite is number 1!

With love from Holland,

Esmée Batstra (also facebookname:))

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

All done :)
Lena Lillichou

Just love it…* I choose the dress <3
Aurora Licitra

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

Nicole Grimmová
Btw I love your blog!! You´re so inspiring:)

Both such cute pieces…that dress is divine…the perfect party dress!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

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done :p

Ana Antunes

hello :)
Vanne Tovar Rodriguez
Dress PLease ! :D

Anonymous 8 August 2011 / Reply

I like the skull top very very much! :)
milly pierini

Magdalena Kliś
the dress :)

Eva Vojtková
I pick shirt(2) :)
Jesus, I really want this shirt, I hope I’ll be lucky.

I would love the dress (1.)!!! Thanks for the chance :)

Emese Sik

i love number 1

FB name: Tal Moscovich

fb:Thu Huong Truong
I like this dress (1) :)

that dress is so nice I would chose it :)

Facebook name profile: Serena Balasi

Laura Bilea 8 August 2011 / Reply

Great giveaway!

Laura Bilea

Done everything :)
Facebook name: Marie Wayne
I love dress #1!

facebook name: Kassie Pae

I adore that dress! I really hope I win! (Oh, and you’re absolutely gorgeous!)

Done everything! I pick the dress(:

Everything is done!

Lauren Wallace

Milce Maneva(my profile pic is with a camera)

I choose number 1 :)


I’ve done everything that has been asked.
Fb name: Thao Nguyen

Wow! Love the dress :)

Name: Navreet Gill

Patrícia 8 August 2011 / Reply

Patrícia Rodríguez Arenas

thank you Kristina! I really love your style and I think you are very tanlented!!
Good luck for miss swiss, I wish you the best! :)

Anja Statebrigakako

Rock shirt for me please:)

done :)

I pick the dress.

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

Monica Di Ruocco

I would like the dress number 1 :)

super cute pieces loving this post did not know you had a facebook fanpage just liked it xxx ♥ A fox that meows

Everything is done, and I follow you on Bloglovin for a while :) Tea Romić

i pick number one!:)

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

Number one :)

Jessica Kwok ,

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

Ann Bunakova

i chose 1 :)
my name is Michelle K. Lee on facebook

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

Agnė Rudzinskaitė (

Done and done. Hope I win #2!
FB name: Cindy He

Style Soufflé

That dress looks absolutely gorgeous!
Liked, posted, liked and followed… my facebook name profile is Sarah Hall :)

Great giveaway :))
Dáša Žeravíková

like shirt)))Анастасия Рылова-Козловская

Xueer Chong
Stay awesome! ;) Thanks for having this giveaway!
xoxo from singapore,

Thank you for the giveaway!
FB name: Zsuzsa Hegedüs

I like the dress 1 so much
Nina Lüdi

Sally Wong

I pick singlet :D

i like dress.
follow you, kiss, B

Done. My facebook name is Petra Nováková ;)

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

I would love the scull printed rock shirt

Annekathrin Filusch

thx so much :)

Jennifer Khalife
i choose the 2nd one :)

Amanda Michel
Great blog! ;)

Katerina Lelegianni

I want the 1st one! :-)

I would like to number 1
Radka Valušková

I love the number 2: SKULL PRINTED ROCK SHIRT FROM E-VIL. I want it, need it!!

I can´t believe it. The last week I discovered E-Vil t-shirts and fell in love with them and even I was thinking to make a post in my blog ( speaking about of them, but it did not know where it could find them! Now I know it: in OMNITRADE FASHION! It´s great! Now I can make my post!!! I´m happy :)

My Facebook profile:

My blog:

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

i choose dress;)
facebook profile: Basia Michalska

Kristy Bell 9 August 2011 / Reply

done :)
FB name: Kristy Bell

Fifi Yau (

wish to win the dress <3

ok :) everything I´m done :D
so, choose the first one :) but the second is very pretty, too
Facebook: Alica Hanzelyová

I would definitely go for t-shirt, it’s awesome :D

Ksenija Aksic

i choose the 1st dress… =D

thank you so much

I choose the second one the skull t-shirt!
My facebook name is: Babi Lezzi

Ula Zalewska

I choose the 1st one ;)

Everything done. My FB name: Kath Ellens. I’d love to win dress.

Hi! Lulu Wang and I choose dress one! :)


Ula Zalewska


Now is good :)

My facebook name is Angela Suma :) Good luck at all!

Karolina Jankowska
nr 2 :)

Amazing giveaway!
My favourite is number 1!

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply
facebook: Kaczor Donald

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

Daria Radzicka

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

done! :)

facebook: corinne borgia

wowwwww!!love the 2nd shirt!!!

giulia mangano

Monika Latýnová
I love this giveaway ;)

Followed all the directions. I would like the first one (the dress). :)

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


Klaudija Samulevičiūtė
I choose the 1st. :)

I fell in love with the top so i choose the 2nd one :)

my name is: Orsolya Tóth
I followed you with this e-mail adress:

finger crossed :)

Arianna Bellettati

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

cloé bascou

I choose the n°1!

Rozalia Ars 9 August 2011 / Reply

I prefer the 2nd one, is all time classic!!!

the dress is gr8 =)# 2 for sure =)
Ira Fedorchak
thnx =)

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

ana teresa :) i love the dress

#2 loved it!
Angela Lannino :D

Murielle Lor 9 August 2011 / Reply

My name on facebook is Murielle Lor.

I choose the 2nd one. …Long time I wanted an e-vil shirt!

Thank you for the giveaway, that’s so nice of you.


everything is done :)
i would like the 1st one

Greta Kruta

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

I love the dress (1) <3
Irini Manousaki:))

Done, i choose that great dress :)
fb profile: Em Fačkovcová

done! :)

FB: Yuqian Yang

Piia Õunpuu

pounpuu at gmail dot com

Ana Gonzalez
facebook name: ana gonzalez sanchez

Facebook name : Rose Russo
I choose the floral dress ( nr.1 ).

done! :)
Federica Menzi

Natalia Baraldi
I choose the 2nd one

fingerns crossed!

Awesome giveaway Kristina!
I pick the dress, item 1! :)
My facebook: Anne Vanherck

done everything! I chose the second garment! FAcebook name: Sahra Schukraft

XO Sahra

Facebook name- Kate Goins

I love the dress! So perfect :) Martyna Babinskaite

marila castiglione
i love the 2nd one..=)

Letícia Akashi
i pick the dress (1)

i choose the shirt with skull print, n°2. :)
Caroline Manso

all finished! :) My facebook name is
Kristen Jerauld

fb: yuki kuran
i like the 1 one
irinasas at yahoo dot com\

Skull rocks :)

Suvi-Pilvi Inkeroinen @ Facebook

FB: Ioana Andriescu
i like number 1 :D

all done!the dress is absolutely amazing<3

Fb:Cristina Moraru
great giveaway;)

FB Name: Aitana Reimóndez Álvarez

i love the number one ;)


I pick number 1!
I like on fabebook as Kasia Pil**

[on facebook I use mail but I forgot my password so now I use

number one :)

Laura Weissberg

done :)
Lylia Daoud

Thanks !

Amazing t-shirt!

Elena Leder (Facebook) (e-mail)

Facebook profile:

Callie H.

Have a great day!

Dandy Lion
following and liking!
You’re very sweet and inspiring, Kris!

Chen Huiyu

Thanks for organizing this lovely giveaway!

Jay P.

I am entering this giveaway for my girlfriend. She loves to dress up pretty but has no money to buy nice clothes like you have. She loves your fashion and I want to win the dress #1 for her. She will be so happy and I will be very grateful. Thank you so much.

amazing ones! :)

my name is Lilla Székely on facebook!

Joanna Adamowicz

Joanna Adamowicz

mi nombre es jimena tamayo también en facebook ;)

y eligo el 1! saludos!

Hi, Kristina. I love your blog and giveaways too. I like nr.2

Facebook name: Eva Macijauskaitė


Hi, Kristina. I love your blog and giveaways too. I like nr.2

Facebook name: Eva Macijauskaitė


i simply love the dress!definitely the first item!!
Facebook name:Ciobanu Iuliana

fb name: E-Dinka Pákozdi
owowowww :)

Silvia Fongaro

I pick n°2

thanks for this fantastic giveaway! :D

thanks for this fantastic giveaway! :D

Silvia Fongaro
I like n°2


I love Giveaway #1!

FB: Sarah Federli

amazing giveaway, following Kayture on FB!!

Nikola Nováková
Dress please (1) :)

when i started read this giveaway post, i realized that the only thing i had to do was to Like the Omnitrade-Fashion Facebook fan page :)))))) i am your follower :)

i want this shirt <3
nino purtskhvanidze

FB: Karina Zygmont
I love this dress!

I’m in love with the second t-shrit : ))

Brigitte Stef : )

Great Giveaway!
I pick the dress, no.1 :)
FB: Flora Wegemann


I love the dress! :)
Facebook name: Laia Sansabrià Pac

Everything’s done :)
Really love n° 1 !!

Camille Patiez

FB: chiara talignani landi

love number 1!

Bridget Nyland 14 August 2011 / Reply

Love it and your style!
All done!
Facebook profile: Bridget Nyland

Love your style! Like the dress 1

Facebook profile: Nina Lüdi

Giveaway nº 1
Facebook: Francielly F Souza

Paulina Pyta
facebook profile:

I forgot to write the number, i pick number 2:)

FB: Hana Kuriplachová


Facebook name: Elizabeth Hopesfor AGreatyear

Thank you for the chance! =]

fb name: Grace Wong

Thanks for the giveaway!

FB:Paola Schiaffini
giveaway nº 1

I choose number 1 :)

fb ana gabriela muñoz barrientos

choose 1
facebook:Irini Manousaki:)

ooi , adoro seu blog , acho incrível a forma com que você se veste , parabéns!
Quero concorrer ao Modelo número 2
e o nome da seguidora no facebook é : Franciane Carolina

Love the dress!
Facebook: Jayla Johnson

I really liked your post.Thanks Again. Want more.

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really thank you! Great.

wow, awesome article.Much thanks again. Awesome.