GREY DOWNTOWN The grey swiss athmosphere hasn’t ruined my sunny mood I still enjoy after Greece. I was actually pretty excited to go shopping in town and see all those well know places and all those bar and restaurants where I am used to go. Unfortunatly, yet I have to think about taking a jacket with me, can’t just go out with some shorts and short dresses : I even had to buy a hot tea to keep me warm.. What a strange twist.

Just received this new t-shirt from and I love it so much. I have always enjoyed the cross symbol, and this loose tank top has this awesome rock and roll vibe. I decided to pair it with black and dark bordeau accessories to make it look elegant and rock chic. Also just got this amazing necklace from a friend of james, Tiffany Rowe who makes amazing jewerly, the one I wear in this look is actually made of quartz and is a unique piece, however you should really check out her work :, as you can see, james and I made a few pictures with her jewerly.

Also I am a part of covergirl contest, you are now able to choose one of your favorite blogger to be the face of romwe. If you are a reader it is now time to vote, if kayture is one of the top three blog you can win 80$ freebies to spend on All you have to do is vote for kayture and lave under this post your name and e-mail address.

PANTS : Forever 21
SHOES : Zara


Add yours


You look lovely and I love the color of your pants!


love lipstick’s color :)

I’m in love with your whole outfit! :)
You look great! :)

You are so cool! I really love the pants, they have a fantastic color and the shoes are gorgeous! :D

That necklace is absolutely insane, and I love your colours!

LOVE those pants! I love maroon so much, haha :)

your make-up is best I’ve ever seen, go on! :)

love this! your glasses are so cute! i absolutely adore your style! keep it up!


i love your ooutfit so much!
your blog is great!!!!
<3 anja

Great outfit!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

You are one smoldering hot kitten! You look like a beautiful rockstar.

♥, Jamie

Really cool pants! I love your style. Great!

I adore your photos, so pretty!

with love,

your necklace is so unusual and really beautiful loving the muscle top with the cross i am a big fan of them too!!

♥ A fox that meows

Anonymous 2 August 2011 / Reply

I just vote for you!
Good luck ,dear!

FB:Cristina Moraru

фотографии классные

TRES BELLE!!!!!!!!!!TRES SEXY!!!!!!!!
Love it all!!!

Love your style! ;) So pretty!!

Anonymous 2 August 2011 / Reply

Voted for you :)

Serena S.

This is look so different from another outfits, but you still look stunning!

Great colour of your lipstick…and your outfit is beautiful – like every your outfit

love your top! ♥

Beautiful shirt :) and don’t worry for the grey weather, you always know how to shine in your pictures.

I’ll vote you now.
See you!

voted for you :)

I love this punk outfit! that cross tank is awesome :)


i love your outfit!
i follow you kisses dear ;D


love love love this outfit! especially the color of pants and lipstick <3

Amazing outfit and photos! Love your jacket, your pants and your sunglasses! xxx

I voted for you (: you’re amazing!! I really like your shoes and necklace!!
Giada Bellatti

I just voted for you cause I think you have an unique sense of style and a personality in the mix that makes you a very likeable fashion blogger.

Therefore, you should win! Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyleblogger.

I voted for you yesterday! :))

Voted for you! :)

xo Eline

This look is in totally different style than ur others looks but I like it so much :)

Love the shirt!

Gisella Genovese

this is really good style! I love it! :) You look so beautiful!

Anonymous 2 August 2011 / Reply

I love the outfit although i have to admit its weird seeing you transition from beachy setting in turqouise and corals to dark colors like gray&black. Either way you look flawless. I also voted for you as covergirl! My names Jenny and my email is I hope you win,,good luck! ;)

You are definitely one of my favorite blogs! And I voted for you :)


Beautiful look! :)
I voted for you! Good luck! :)

Love the fact your lipstick matches your pants perfectly :)

Great necklace :)

new posts !

Love the fact your lipstick matches your pants perfectly :)

Great necklace :)

new posts !

I love this look on you! xoxo

I have the exact same heels that I plan on selling. haha You look hot : )

i love this outfit and you deserve winning

My blog ipekinprogress

Mal wieder ein atemberaubender Look von dir. Du bist echt so hübsch, ich kann es nur wiederholen.

loved your look!!

it’s just like me! =D


love the pants and the necklace!

i voted for you :)

yuqian y.

This “vampire”(pla skin + dark lips + dark clothes)look is nice, I love it!!

Anna Assunção 2 August 2011 / Reply

I just love your style and your lipsticks are amazing. :D

Voted for you! Hope you win (:

– Anna Assunção

You really suit the whole ‘grunge’ style! I love it!

Gorgeous! Don’t think I’ve seen this edgy side of you while I’ve been reading ur blog. I like! -C.C.
ReFashion Statement

You are so gorgeous! Love your blog

you have a very interesting blog =)
love how to wear the lipstick to match
ur pants. beautiful.

I love your style so much!

You’ve a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
Rougeberry Fashion

I love your style.
This look is again so perfect.

Anonymous 3 August 2011 / Reply

I love your outfit, its different from the others, but I think the rock-glam look suits you realy great, solltes öfters so was tragen :)

Ich hab für dich gevotet, hoffe du gewinnst :)

Dragana Gagulić

Just voted for you! Love your blog:)

You are so gorgeous!

Look! ;)

You look amazing…great photos!!!

I LOVE your blog :)
Jessica McDaniel

Anonymous 3 August 2011 / Reply

WOW. I REALLY love this outfit. <3 The rock style suits you perfectly and I’d like to see it on you more often.

Anonymous 3 August 2011 / Reply ;)) good luck! you’re the best.

Anonymous 3 August 2011 / Reply

Wish you luck!


everything about you is stunning, and I love the mirror effect! it’s great how your lipstick matches your pants, and there are gray tones throughout.

x. jill

amazing makeup and look
best of luck to you :)

new post: color-block dress

You look great! I always love your style. Hopefully you’ll win the contest.


Very nice lipstick!

I’ve voted for you :)

Cécile de Gee

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This has to be my favorite outfit of yours, quite different from the usual neutrals and pastels! Love the make up esp the matte lipstick!

You are an amazing fashion blogger!

Anonymous 5 August 2011 / Reply

Floriane Lucas


Oh I love the colour of these pants! It would work so well all throughout the cold season too.

Anonymous 9 August 2011 / Reply

voted for you, hope you’ll win!

Arianna Bellettati


I voted, now hoping for both of us you win!

Nura Jaafar

I value the post.Thanks Again. Will read on…