MEETING THE STAFF After the fashion shooting for Miss suisse, James and I rushed into a taxi to go to Armand Ventilo’s showroom where we were about to meet all the people involved in a whole new project in collaboration with bloggers, Armand Ventilo Paris and Marie Perron : a very talented illustrator. She has chosen a few bloggers to be the face of the brand, those were made on an ipad and you can see the final result at the end of the post.

After a lovely talk all together, where we spoke about all and everything I had the chance to choose one piece form the current Armand Ventilo collection. There was so many incerdible clothing piece, very classic but yet made of amazing materials. After seing the pictures James and I made, have you got a guess on what I choose? In the mean time : a big thank you to Armand and his friend for such a warm welcome, and of course to Pauline for organizing this great trip.


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what a stunning dress you are wearing there!

Jenny xx

You look stunning! Your boyfriend is a real treasure, so devoted to you..!
P.S. & he is a very talented photographer :)

You’re beautiful :3

Adore the photos of you trying on those fabulous clothes!

♥, Jamie

Pretty clutch…

The clothes! :o <3

so beautiful… love your dress…

It’s a GIRL Thing

you look stunning! love the dress you’re wearing. and the bag is cute!

@ Giedre : he is a treasure :)!

so pretty! amazing pics :)

so pretty! that dress is stunning!

Love that brown bag and trenchcoat! :)

just stunning:)and Giedre is right!!

This is just lovely! Amazing photography too.

Lovely photo’s! Looks like you are having so much fun!
xoxo Jess

I adore that dress! Love the stripes!

Loove the dress you are wearing with those shoes! The clothes look fabulous!

the ilustration is amazing! loved it <3


Kiss from italy

Perfection. :)

The dress is amazing..but I love your mustard shoes! You look gorgeous!


you look so beautiful! and your dress is perfect, I agree..

with love,
I have I have new note with photos and a giveaway!!

The dress is amazing, but with the red jacket… oh my god- it’s a miracle :).

Bee Bee Kicks 8 September 2011 / Reply

Amazing dress!

wow great dress, so elegant and sexy LBD! :)
the showroom is crazy, many great clothes there!

The bag is amazing ANd I also love James´s whistle! He shoudl take more pics of himself :-D

I really love your dress Kristina!
amazing photos!(L)
Hope you have a nice day!:D

I absolutely love your style!

beautiful pics! <3

Your dress is so unique and amazing!

Tu es foule jolie!

That rust colored blazer is AMAZING! Seriously gorgeous!!

amazing :)

great blog & photos :)

Such an amazing outfit! The Illustrator is very talented. Must be such an honor to be part of that!

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyle blogger,

ha love that video! although it doesn’t make much sense! ;)

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i love those dresses! and honestly you look gorgeous in every dresses. :)

Loving all the pieces!
& you look gorgeous!

love these shots!


you are so beautiful… ;)
i love your pics :D

@ Ines : I am not miss Suisse, I am one of 2011-2012 candidates.
Kerstin is miss Suisse 2010-2011.

wow amazing things ! love the red blazer ! xx nadine from

Ich kann daran gar nicht glauben, dass du 17 bist! ;O
Du siehst geil aus. ;)

You look gorgeous in that dress!

XO Charlotte

Beautiful photos and amazing dress!x

so lovely. it seems to be a perfect project.

All of the pieces are absolutely beautiful, but the red velvet blazer looks stunning on you, especially when paired with your black dress! :)

You hair looks awesome, and your makeup too