COLD DAYS APPROACH The weather is pretty comfortable in Switzerland, meaning that it is that kind of time of the year where you burn candles at home while watching movies with friends and family while rain is pouring outside the window. However, it isn’t as cold as I have imagined a bit of wind comes and go sometimes but I don’t even carry a jacket with or tights : simply a little scarf or like in this outfit a faux fur accessorie to keep hands warm when a fresh breeze shows up.

I received this bordeau dress from and paired it with a new beige hat from the fall H&M collection and my favourite mustard peach shoes from the Bordeau, reds and all those hot colours are my must wear shades when it comes to fall garde-robe. But I am still planning on some glitter shopping for winter and of course a lot of sparkely textured garment pieces.

Jewerly : H&M and forever 21


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beautiful dress.Loving the colours! :)

wow, amazing combination :)
wonderful look :)

Very pretty ! Love these warm fall colors
new post : my outfit in Lisboa

Very pretty ! Love these warm fall colors
new post : my outfit in Lisboa

God, you are soo beautiful! I loove what you are wearing! Love the colors scheme of your outfit, pretty. :D
Love your faux fur, dress, love the shoulders of it, the bracelet is very cool, and loove the color of your cute mustard peach heels ♥
I love the background too. :)

-Eliza :)

love ur outfit
ur faux feur is amazing ^^

So gorgeous, what a lovely dress!

Beatiful!!!!i like this pics!!

I love this colors! you look so chic, beautiful. I am totally impressed! :)

loving that fur collar, works beautifully with a burgundy dress

Kristina votre tenue est belle. J’aime votre maquillage chapeaux que vous avez appris que vous pouvez obtenir Visagistin schmnken si belle?

<3 Anja

I’m in love with your rings :)
p.s.: you look fabulous as always!

wow,that dress is pretty,and you look amazing BTW,did u win that MISS SCHWEIZ thing?

Beautiful, truly Miss Photogenic ! Love your style so much xo

amazing!!!! I’m your follower! I had a fashion/beauty blog too…hope that one day will be gorgeus like yours!

so elegants! gorgeous! :D

oh my good! :O
with Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz you are for me one of the prettyst persons!
i watched some videos of the miss swize competition, in which you have talken and i must say you are so symphatic and you are only seventeen iam so impressed!
than i looked at these photos andi only can say you are so damn amazing girl! you ve done it!
in love, moielle

The fur waistcoat over the dress is such a darling look!

♥, Jamie

Gorgeous oufit! I love your bracelets! :)

Love this outfit!♥♥ :)

xx Elle from

Love the dress and you are gorgeous in this outfit!

Kristina my jaw just dropped to the floor. Gorgeous :) and what a lovely dress, the color is so fab.

Hey!How you scored in the Miss competition?:D

J’étais trop déçue que tu n’ailles pas plus loin. Mais bon, j’ai souvent été déçu par les concours miss suisse, ils ne choisissent vraiment pas souvent les plus belles, les plus méritantes. A part Laurianne Gilliéron il n’y en a pas bcp qui m’ont marquée.
En tout cas félicitations pour ton titre!

Très classe cet ensemble!

Always so stylish. And this outfit is no different. Looking lovely :)

this entire outfit is absolutely stunning! love everything about it! great job!!

you look amazing!

you can only buy items on if you’re living in the uk or ireland. how can you buy it?? i really like the shop! X

it’s amazing outfit. i like your dress!

Girl you look fantastic! CONGRATS on the Miss Fotogenic!!! You are a TRUE beauty!!!

You look gorgeous!

adore the fur!
Krissy xoxo

Very beautiful,So good colors for fall!Loved it:)


Love the color of the dress! You look gorgeous!

are you miss of switzerland?

You look beautiful when you smile!! You should do it more often!!

u look super-cool!! love this hat ;D

you look great love the fur and the hat xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Cool Blog!

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You look amazing, I love the combination of the floppy hat and the fur scarf:)
Kisses from

Will you not talk about the contest?

gorgeous outfit! <3

i think you would look without so DAMN MUCH make up MUCH MUCH MUCH better :) you’re so pretty but so kind of fake :S

Again! Beautiful pictures and a wonderful style.

Tanja –

I love every little detail in this outfit! very well put together and I love the contrasting nail colour too.Like I said, EVERY LITTLE DETAIL from head to toe!!

<3 absolutely amazing!!
I love your blog!!


WAW,You look amazing!:)

beautiful dress love!

you are so stunning, the dress and the ur and your make-up … perfect color combination!

I love Ur style!

great outfit. btw. you did really well on saturday:)


So pretty !! I love your dress :)

That is a very cool dress, the color suits you great and that hat has such a great effect on the outfit! Love it! :D

YES babe ! i particularly love this shooting :) love you

Queen! You rock ! :)

You look amazing, like a modern Grace Kelly.

Love the hat! That bordeaux dress looks stunning on you.

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyle blogger

I watched a little bit the miss schweiz show on the internet on sunday (from your link on your ‘kristina baza for miss schweiz’ facebook page)
The girl who won is.. well, nothing special. Pretty, but nothing special. An average girl that is easy to forget.
And I must admit that I was surprised.. because you are not only photogenic and stylish, you are also such a nice, sweet and lovely person.
I wish you all the best :)

and congrats to your miss photogenic award (?) I hope that you’re not very much disappointed, because you didnt wrote anything about the show!
For me (and I think for your other readers) you are the fashion blog miss :D

viele grüsse :)


very nice

Love your dress and hat ! This outfit is perfect !

you look really stunning! ♥

It’s very nice. And congrats on Miss Suisse for winning Miss Photogenic. I wish you would have won !

You look fabulous!and the hat is just wonderful :)

I want to see the sleeves! You don’t show them :c

Wow! huge traffic on this post great pictures and totally loved your outfit. You’re so pretty!

Cheap tuxedos

Great outfit, I love the hat! :)

The Streets of Fashion

beautiful outfit!

Tes cheveux *.* J’aime trop !!! :D
J’aime beaucoup tes chaussures et la robe :)
Ton look est magnifique ma cousine et moi quand on regarde tes photos on est la : Waouuuu *.* comme elle est TROOP belle :D

beautiful outfit :)

you look chic and sexy!

just amazing!


Love it ! Fur looks beautiful on you :)

This is adorable. So cute… I think the combination is perfect for the autumn time… Congradulations with 2011 Miss Photogenique !!! You are the winner for me !

I just love all of your outfits :) xx

this is definately one of my favorite looks you’ve ever posted! it’s so glamourous

I rewied all looks of you, and i have to say, you really become a professional in this business, from start i could see your youth, it seems in our style on your first looks, but now you look like professional fashion blogger, your style changed and it so amazing, so lady, so chic. I wish you good luck, and have a lots of followers who adore your style and looks. Take care XXXX

Anonymous 11 March 2012 / Reply

One of my favorite outfits of yours! Love everything about it, especially the hat.

Your hairrr!!! and makeup!!! AND OUTFITT!!! THE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Very good blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

After all these years and still loving this look!