SECRET PLANS I haven’t told anybody about my trip to Paris, however I have spend there a few days with James. Our trip was full of interesting projects and we have spend so many time in taxis rushing from one place to another than resting : relaxing wasn’t our main goal. I was actually invited to take part in an exciting project for bloggers in collaboration with Armand Ventilo. I will talk to you about it in my next post and I think it is going to be something highly intersting to follow. The second plan of this trip was a small preparation for the ”Miss Suisse” contest with a very talented photographer originally swiss but who moved to Paris a few months ago. Therefore we planned with her a high fashion shooting session in the center of Paris.

We arrived in Paris early morning, there was a bit of rain. However it is always a pleasure to come there, no matter the weather. I decided to pick out a really elegant outfit for the first day made of a black pencil skirt combined to a green lime silk tank top and my miu miu glitter cavallis. The necklace is one of my personal designs and fits quiet well the old black and gold Vuitton. Keep updated, I will try to post a few pictures from the shooting and also from the new blogger’s project.

SKIRT : Zara
SHIRT : Zara
SHOES : Miu Miu
BAG : Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : personal design


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oh such a cute picture :)

love this french chic attitude and you totally got it.
Anyway, you’re a dictator of taste!

Already follow you, might wanna have a look,too. It’ll be inspire you, promise:

you are so gorgeous! great look!

Girl you look incredible ! Love your shoes and top !


oh, absolutely fabulous! No, really! You are so gorgeous Kate:)

Wow I love the outfit you chose!
Kisses from

your hair looks so pretty here, so sophisticated!
love these photos! so beautiful!
Krissy xoxo

This is such a stunning outfit! I absolutely adore the colour of the shirt! Your style is perfection.

It is so wonderful ! I’d love to go there one time. And it looks almost like Autumn… Have fun… good night :)

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Love your top ! Fantastic color with your blond hair ! The shoes are gorgeous too !

you are so beautiful!
i love your shoes and bag!

<3 anja

Amazing pictures :) have fun in Paris!

nice one!!! :)

Stunning photos! Your skirt and your top are amazing! xxx

You look beautiful. I hope everything is going great for you.x

Hi Dear, I love this zara shirt! so chic anc classy with this skirt! kisses, Alinne


I love those Miu Miu’s! Amazing, you look so gorgeous in these pics

xo Julia

i love the outfit!

You look really gorgeous and your outfit is perfect! You look like a Parisienne!

I fall in love with your shoes!
You’re beautiful.

love your look dear,the miu mius are awesome:)
La Folie 

Paris always means happyness in the pictures :)

You look gorgeous and really happy to be there.
See you!

Incredible Kay! Makes me miss being there during Fall…the leaves, the light rain…love Paris this time of year! You look great in brights against that gray sky!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

omg so beautiful photos and outfit <3

Such a classy and lady-like look! You are so incredibly gorgeous.

♥, Jamie

Totally adore that blouse!!!
Perfect look for Paris at this time of the year ;)

simply STUNNING! I’m going to Paris in 2 weeks and can not wait! I’m in love w/your Miu Miu’s…I’ll be wearing mine on my blog soon! xx

Beautiful outfit! Necklace and shoes are awesome! Enjoy Paris!


So chic and elegant, the colour of the top suits you very well! :)

This is SUCH a gorgeous combination!! I love it! You look beautiful!

Gorgeous outfit and bag! I love the glitter pumps!

You look gorgeous!!! Magical Paris pis :)

I have that top in pink. This colour looks awesome too

Gorgeous outfit, images and loving your Miu Miu shoes!!

i love this outfit,,, very elegant!

It’s a GIRL Thing

you are so gorgeous and have such amazing style! really love the shoes and that necklace is amazing! i also love the way you do your makeup :)

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perfect proportions for your body type, great taste for matching each piece from the outfit and make it look beautiful, i loved the make-up!

Great photos! You are looking beautiful in a beautiful city!

I love the first few photos of you smiling. You look so happy and beautiful when you smile.

wow :) perfect :)

Futuristic decoration perfect underlines the futuristic sleeves! Correct silhouette! Bravo!

oh, Paris looks so amazing right now! lovely pictures xxx

absolutely gorgeous pictures. the one of your shoes is terrific

You look beautiful.

hey, i want ur breakfast!! :D amazing shots! Paris is incredible <33 :)*

Beautiful pictures!!!
The glitter heels are amazing! Love them so much!!!
Enjoy Paris, the most cute city in the world!!


how gorgeous! Have fun in Paris!



I love your shiny shoes…. fabulous… like Cinderella


Love your outfit!(::


You look great!!! Amazing photos, You’re so beautiful! :-) I follow Your blog.

I like your outfit and how you did your hair….it’s already autumn there as I see ;))..
I wish i will see Paris one day…

You look fantastic!!! <3

This pictures reminded me my Paris trip, it also was rainy, and the leafs.. Green is IT color of autumn!

so pretty
i love your LV bag :)

you are cute! and I love this shoes!
I love mornings in Paris, I Love Paris everytime.

You look so pretty, such a lovely smile. Love the outfit and of course the shoes are the best!

Ahh nothing’s better than Paris <3
Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Black and yellow… that’s beautiful!!
I really like your hair!!

I can’t believe all those fallen leaves! I want there so badly, here is so hot! :( I bet you had a great time, and I can’t wait to see the finished project :D

Amazing outfit, i love the top the most.

OMG ! I love Paris. I was there this summer and i fall in love with the city.
I love your pics and outfit! I hope you’re having a great time there :)

You look Wonderful.
Probably one of the best posts ever.
Def a good job!

so beautiful pics!! I love Paris!! great look!
follow you

xx from Spain


Cute pictures, you look great and oh I would love to be in paris right now!

love, selina

Очень красивые фотографии!

The pictures are a pleasure to look at. You look so beautiful :)


Oh Paris!! And u look greeeaaat!

Its not long now Kristina before you become the face of Louis Vuitton, you look so elegant, you fit right into the criteria. xx

Cool outfit, love that Miu Miu heels :)

Love you look!

The outfit’s awesome and you look pretty! Lovely photographs!

you look awesome! and you look so much older than you are

Stunning outfit…lovely shots!

soo beautiful pictures!


I like ur outfit !!!!
the shoes are just awesome <3

oh god, so nice!! :)

Amazing outfit!
I love the combo of the colors :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

adorable look ! xx nadine from

You look absolutely gorgeous. I hope you had wonedrfull time in Paris. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done their for MISS SUISSE (you are already MISS !!!) preparation process. I’ll vote for you !!!!

Wooow!! Such a gorgeous outfit!! You look awesome!! ^^

See ya! ;)


FASHION IMPERATIVE look amazing!!!

OMG those heels!!

you look absolutely stunning! love the LV bag so much! from which collection is it?

you look sooo stunning:)


Love it how you managed to pull a simple yet different colored top with a high-waist skirt :)
The necklace is also v unique and beautiful..
I see you have an eye for fashion! i mean.. a great one! :D

I love this outfit – Paris suits you!

You look amazing! Love the photos and the outfit! The leaves on the ground give a very special note to the photos…

you look great
love this
and i’m following your blog now


Tu es resplendissante! La tenue parfaite pour une journée à Paris hehe :-) ton verni à ongles est “peridot” de Chanel? En tout cas cette couleur est indescriptible! J’adore

my goshh.. why you look so awesome every time? i’m jealousy, you know? ;)))
keep going, love you :*
p.s. outfit is like everytime stunning!

This is my favorite look ever. <3
And maybe one day you can create a youtube account with a few tutorials of your basic hairdos and make up tips.

beautiful pictures- is it a professional photographer?

I’m loving your style gal…The shoe is to die for

I love your style! Any interest in selling your necklace or recreating one to sell?

Your heels are awesome,, as well as ur makeuppp