ON THE OTHER SIDE OF GLITTER ALLEY Yes coming back to school is turning from champagne to coffee, but of course it is life and school is necessary also highly important for me. Modelling universe is so quick and unsecure, comes and goes all the time : but a good certificate, you keep it in your pocket. Therefore school is now my priority, getting my grades to finish this last year of high school is my next goal on the list and after being one week under pressure I feel ready to acomplish anything.

So here is my outfit, very casual and perfect for a day in school however highlighted with some black stilettos and an unbelivable pair of silver metal jeans bought at Zara, I am must say that I am trully crazy about them. The cross shirt was so kindly offered to me by ” IN TEES WE TRUST” ( check their facebook page right here CLICK) and I thank them a lot, we never have enough shirts. And the last but not least detail of this outfit that is worth noticing : the metal nails that play with the whole silver theme. Definitly a must try nail concept.

JEANS : Zara
SHOES : Vogele shoes


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Did you get a spray tan whilst on the pageant? looks great!

Perfect outfit! As usually :)

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love love love this outfit!! :)

Your nails are great!Where do you have the nailpolish from?xx

I usually don´t go for this style, but I absolutely love these jeans and the cross in lace!


Elle ღ




Perfect outfit! I love the lace detail on the top and love the pants too!

oh i like your posts so, and you are so pretty!
lovely, ❤ Ann (lick at me)

Thank you so much for wearing my tee! You look amazing!!!

love the pants!! amazing :D

where did you get the nailpolish? :)
you look amazing btw!

So amazing!!!! WOW!!! Now i want a silver pants too!!!!
xoxo JoID

very cool look, this silver pants are amazing!


Your nails are seriously perfect with this look! A little bling and a lotta sass can’t hurt! Gorgeous K!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

i really like it :) love ur style!

Cool pants and amazing outfit :) I like it a lot :)

i’m your big fan, i love all about you and you’re so beautiful! btw, may i know what camera and lens do you use for this photos, pls? you always had so many amazing photos…

It’s a GIRL Thing

the shoes look increadibly uncomfortable :( and I also have a pair of silver leggins but am afraid my legs will look “sturdy” :(((

what is your nail polish?????
kisses :)

I love this look! especially the cross :)

wow, your skin colour is great!

OMG! perfect style! I love your nails and all outfit!

those pants are so hot! you look great in silver!

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so beautiful i like your style

Glamour! Beautiful :)

I love your outfit…and the nails too :)

I love it, it’s rock and sophisticated :)

Lots of kisses from


You look so amazing ! I really love your tee, nails and necklace :)


You’re right, trousers are gorgeous. I like your poses!:)

I love your nail polish!Which one is it?

Love the look and your posing!

XO Charlotte

Love everything in this outfit

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Love the silver jeans and the nails!

silver jeans are super popular among blogger lately, love how you paired yours with an oversized tee. nicely done

So nice outfit…I love those pants and your top!

Stunning outfit! Your pants, your top and your shoes are amazing! xxx

love the outfit!

I love everything about this pics. Outfit: those silver pants fit you perfectly; nails and makeup I love your lipstick).

Love Andie

I prefer you in elegant clothes :) fabulous jeans

You look so pretty, love your t-shirt. xx

gorgeous!! absolutely love this look! xx

very chic outfit! i absolutely love your shoes! i actually have a pair just like them :)

You are so pretty! <3

I love your shirt by the way :)

I like the pants a lot! PS, did you just change out of tight sandals for these photos?

I loveeeee it!! your so so pretyy! and how did you do on the miss swiss competition? :) i hope you did good!! :)

A bit different than what you usually wear, but it looks great aswell ! Really like the pants and nails
new post : my summer outfits overview

A bit different than what you usually wear, but it looks great aswell ! Really like the pants and nails
new post : my summer outfits overview

OMG.I LOOOOVE this outfit and your nails are amazing! I’ve been looking for a good chrome nail polish for ages…

perfect outfit! I love it when you wear more rock-chic pieces :)

Lovely poses and those pants are so perfectly paired in this outfit

Great outfit, i love it!


What a wonderful outfit! love it <3

amazing nails! :) great outfit

wow, this is what I love the most! your jeans and nails are fantastic!

Lovely! Love the outfit!

<3 I love it!!
You’ve got great style!



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I have the same pants and adore them!Love how you styled them with tee and black pumps!

you look beautiful, love your shirt and clutch ♥

how tall are you? sometimes you look tall , sometimes not so.. :D

those metal jeans rocks !!!!! love your outfit dear ! you look pretty as always :)

The Endless Wishlist

I love this look so much! it’s crisp, but glam rock at it’s finest :)

XO Sahra

one of your best outfit posts yet love the setting the outfit the makeup everything xx A Fox That Meows ♥

very nice, you look good :D

I like your look !!! Love the silver..and your pants are so beautiful!

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You’re SO beautiful and this outfit looks so good on you!

Your nails are pretty amazing, looking lovely x

love love love the pants!!!^^
i want it but in gold ;)


I like this kind of comb!

xx Elle from

oooh wow i love your style. amazing look <3

You look great. I hope you’re doing a make up tutorial some day cause it’s the coolest make up I’ve ever seen!

Can’t get enough of Silver… You look stunning as usual :)

Love the lip color- MAC?

I love your style, great look,
I love Heavy Metal too!

xoxo ;)

I love everything what’s silver, so I love this look! Great pants :)

Great post, excellent combination! LOVE everything. It is so fresh. It’s amazing that you are able to wear a long dress one day and then in two days jeans and short! AND you look perfect in both!

Amazing ! It’s so cool !!!!

Amazing loook!!!! I’m totally in love with the metallic trend!

Raque from

You look absolutely stunning in this outfit! I love the silver jeans!
Your definitely one of my favorite blogs to follow!

<3 Jamie

you look gorgeous…the outfits is so young and chic, suits you well.
about the shoes…are those transparent tapes??

Gorgeous outfit, you just took metal to a whole new level and made it chic!
So very few people can pull off silver pants but you did it so well.
Gaga would be proud.

what’s the name of ur lipstick? I absolutely love it!

Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is

my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

Amazing look !