DIAGONAL It was such a huge honour to be able to organize a fashion show in the prestigious club in Zurich ”Diagonal”.When I was asked about this project I was trully excited and motivated to do something great, therefore I had to create 18 outfits for nine models to runway with. From the decision of the clothes to the make-up and the hair-style I checked some inspirations and wanted to make something very fresh with flashy lips, glitters and colours. And who could have have imagined how stressfull such an organization is. Luckily there was great team to help, and I thank a lot Etienne for setting everything up and giving me this opportunity, my parents and James for the support they gave me that night :).

The dress I decided to wear that night is an amazing turquoise one-sleeve Isabel Lu with some Chanel earrings that I love so much and wear so rarely. The other models also wore Isabel Lu garments since it is one of my favourite brands and also had some Silver Dagger gowns for a more party like look. After the runway, we enjoyed the party a bit but of course we were to tired to get crazy on the dancefloor. I think it was such a great experience and hope that I will be able to something similar soon, but with my own personal designs.





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You look absolutely amazing! Well done on all the outfits! They look absolutely fantastic. I’d kill for an opportunity like that. Congrats!

This is amazing!!! COngratulations and keep up the good work!

Wow stunning dress dear love the colour and the design u look Gorgeous and such a nice event you did it looks fabulous keep the good work going on babe kisses

Congrats! It looks amazing. Wish you more successes in the near future!
Monika from J’adore Fashion

Congratulations! You look stunning!

you look amazing :) great job!

Thats amazing !
Congrats for your great success :)

wow!!this is wonderful!!!! COngratulation!!


with thi make up your eyes sparkle! you’re lovely!!!


What a great opportunity! Congratulations! It’s amazing how far you have come in the short time you’ve had your blog – sometimes I forget that you’re just 17. I’m very sure that that’s just the beginning of your journey – I wish you the very best for your future!

xoxo, Melanie

You look stunning, great choice in that dress!

You look awesome !! Nice dress


So happy for you on such an incredible opportunity! You look spellbinding in that dress!

♥, Jamie

yay honey you look beautiful .. ;) so proud !

For bright blonde – a bright dress! Bravo!

wow, i’m really amazed ! and u looked so great!

Congratulations sweetie!! Waht shoes were you wearing??

beautiful pictures.. you’re amazing ;)

magnifique! J´adore ta robe!

nice dresses :)

You look absolutely amazing and beautiful! :)

Congratulations!!! I’m very happy for you!!! XOXO

Every hard work is rewarded.

WOW. d dress looks stunning!! gr8 pictures :)

Wow, your very own fashion show. What an amazing opportunity :)
Yeah, I’m a bit jealous but it seems like nobody could have done a better show than you :D
I love your dress. One-shoulder dresses are always kinda special :)

Oh wow congrats! You did great! The clothes look so sexy and glamorous, just exactly how every woman should look occasionally. You look gorgeous, too!
Mars of fashion insouciance

amazing photos, it looks like you did a great job! ♥

Great job….Looks fantastic!!!And the models looks beautiful in those dresses.

Sounds like an amazing project! The models and you looked gorgeous. Well done!

you are stunning among the rest!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Congratulations! You look fantastic! Nice job!

Oh my God!! Congratulations! You look absolutely gorgeous, especially in the first photo!!

Stunning outfit and photos! You look beautiful! And your dress is amazing! xxx

Wonderful dress, you look absolutely stunning. The best out of all of them

you are stunning!!!

Really cool you got to organize this ! you look great

I love the photo with all the mac make-up :)
my life and outfits in belgium

Really cool you got to organize this ! you look great

I love the photo with all the mac make-up :)
my life and outfits in belgium

How FUN! You look as always Beautiful!


I absolutely love your sense of style,I can’t help asking how do you manage to be the most stylish girl ever-it is truly amazing how you come up with ideas for your outfits!

was für ein wahnsinniges Projekt, echt hammer!

You look totally amazing, keep on rocking lil girl !

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You can be proud of yourself. Great job :) it is just a beginning.

You were absolutely gorgeous!!
You must be really proud of yourself!


hat is the brand and color of lipstick?

you are totally breathtaking…I love the way you dress…

Your curlss!!