UNFORGETTABLE The ” Miss Switzerland ” contest has finaly come to it’s end, and even though I didn’t win I must say that I feel so honoured and happy to have been a part of such an important and rich opportunity : in any case I am leaving winner because I grew a lot during these intensive weeks of preparations and gained a lot of proffessional experience. Also one of the best part is all the amazing people I have met during those many months that organized such a big and intersting show. I would like to thank all my family, friends, and followers for this amazing support throughout these last weeks and of course James for always being by my side. An let’s not forget all the sponsors for their wonderfull gifts : Nivea, Remington, Cervo, Vogele Shoes, H&M, Lancia, Piper Heidsieck, Beldona, Rollerblade, Jelmoli-shop and so on…

The verdict : I won the ” Switzerland’s Miss Photogenic 2011” title, but unfortunatly didn’t pass the first round. However, this title is a huge price for me and it is a real motivation to go on with what I do, I have plenty of projects and plans to go on with. Also a big congradulation to this year’s winner Aline Buchschacher for her ” Miss Switzerland” title, I am sure she will do great with the crown. After the show my family and I all went to the Gala dinner, I of course decided to wear a long dress for this occasion wich is from We had a blast while drinking Wine and eating Tagliatelles with spinach and afterwards a incredible chocolate mousse with biscuits. Enjoy the pictures! Also for those who missed the show here it is online : CLICK!


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I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. You look amazing.x

You look a lot like your parents :)
Beautiful photos of you

The good thing about not winning is that you’ll have more time to spend on your cool blog and fashion.
new post : my outfits in Lisboa

You look a lot like your parents :)
Beautiful photos of you

The good thing about not winning is that you’ll have more time to spend on your cool blog and fashion.
new post : my outfits in Lisboa

You look absolutely gorgeous!!

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Awww it’s ok…You look so beautiful in those photos!!!Experience has importance and the fact that you had a great time!!!Kisses:):)

I have seen these photos, but i enjoyed it again! Gratz to you for title! As i said before, all of your photos are fantastic and good luck to you in future , i know your works and projects will be well-turned, i am sure! :)) BTW, why not to check my blog about tutorials? :)
hope , you enjoy it :)


You look so gorgeous! Even if you didn’t win, you’re awesome. x

you look so so beautiful! It really looks like you had an amazing time:)

Such a great opportunity to have experienced! You are a winner in our hearts as well. Looking incredible as always, girl!

♥, Jamie

You look stunning on photos so blog makes sence! :) Im so happy for you!! :)

you look adorable in these white dress and your body is toally amazing how is it possible you didn’t win? GRR!! i really hoped you win :(

you look so beautiful!

lots of love,

I don’t understand that you didn’t win…you are the most beutiful a and you have a style…beuatiful photos…
A little bit of fashion

you are so beautiful!



You really look fantastic in these pics ! What a nice experience !

you’re great! you look amazing!

You are the winner ! Miss Photogénique is normally awarded by the profesional photographers of a country ! This is a huge recognition… I wish you ALL the BEST :)

You are very beautiful

You look gorgeous, and congrats for the miss photogenic title! :)

You look beautiful. I love that white dress ♥

congrats for your title!
you look wonderful ♥

wow!!!!you are so beautiful!!!!!

AMAZING!! xoxo

you look absolutely stunning! congrats! xx

Well, congratulations on your title of ‘Miss Photogenic’ you really deserve it. You really look gorgeous on the pictures :)

congrats for going this far and for your price of miss photogenic, you are so pretty and young!
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You look incredible! Every outfit a total showstopper! My fave photo is the one with the little dance number…so amazing, what an incredible opportunity K! You’re such a star!

Well deserved Miss Photogenic! They totally got that one right!

Peace. Love. LOL!

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Congratulations for winning the Miss Photogenic 2011 title. You deserve it. Love your swimsuits. You look adorable in the pics.

wow, I couldn’t believe it was you on the first photo! You look so stunning, fantastic photos! Congratulation!

Kristina you are so beautiful :)
Wonderful pic :)

you look stunning <3

you look pretty. your smile is pretty.

Miss Photogenic is always the most beautiful! And that statement includes you:)

Tu as un sourire hyper communicatif. Trooooop mignon!
Magnifique ces photos!!! Très jolie maman d’ailleurs! C’est dans les gènes je vois ^^

you sould wear baby blue more often!!!!!!!!! :)


You looked lovely =). I really liked the white dress

i can’t believe you didn’t win… you’re the most beautiful and stunning who standout among other contestant! :)

It’s a GIRL Thing

congratulations love! your a winner in my book!


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Looking really pretty! :)

wow! you should’ve won Miss Switzerland! you look awesome!

Who cares what place you came in. Of course it’s always nice to win but I think the experience itself was enough to make a lot of girls jealous :)
I have to admit that this whole show looks quite exciting and cool. Your swimwear (or underwear?) looks really pretty. Especially the fabric and the cuts ;)
But the gowns look terrible. I have no idea how they even came up with the idea to use them …

I’m sure it was a great experience for you :) you simply look amazing :)

looks like a lot of fun – and you looked incredibly beautiful that evening!
♥ romi

Great pictures and it really looks like ur having an amazing time :) Next year the crown is yours ;)

wow you rocked the show! saw you on TV

you look amazing and so happy :)

you look so amazing and happy :)

Wauw you look so gorgeous!


I am really loving that white gown on you! Sooooo gorgeous!

Congratulations for the prize dear! I know this whole experience means a lot and it is huge! I bet you had a lot of fun there :D You were incredibly beautiful!! :X

The most beautiful picture of you is the one in the backstage, only you can look so stunning without tons of glitter. :)
I am a huge fan of yours btw, but I could not comment earlier. So now I can finally tell you how much I adore your style. You`re the one fashion blogger for me, keep going!

je suis complètement convaincu que tu devienne une seconde xenia tchoumitcheva – tu n’a pas gagné et c’est pourquoi tu ne sera jamais timbre pour etre si stupide et naive comme toutes cettes filles qui a gagné déjà! you have too much class to be a miss suisse honey! ;)

Your dress is just perfect :)

Lots of kisses from


WOW!You looked absolutely fabulous!:)

WOW!You looked absolutely fabulous!:)

You look gorgeous, especially in that white dress !!! I hope you had fun ;)

Love Andie

You’re sooooo prettyyy! It is ridiculous :O! Loveee your make up really pretty!

Congratulations on the Miss Photogenic title! I thought you looked incredible throughout the show – and for the after show too! The white dress is just beautiful!

You’re so beautiful and winning the Miss Photogenic title is a big honor already. You have a nice family.Congratulations and more success!

congrads babe you are glowing from the inside xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Tu es trop belle ! J’ai dû mal à croire que tu as 17 ans on dirait que tu as 19 ans ;) <3

You look incredibly beautiful. Can’t choose one photo but with number 2 you are just so pretty :) No doubts – MISS PHOTOGENIQUE 2011

You deserve to be Miss Switzerland! You Best.

from Russia with love.:))

yes you do!
also love from berlin

La dolce fashion vita

Good looking!

Very neat blog post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

Check my blog out!

So amazing to see how far you have come and how you are always so positive!! ~feeling inspired <3