WEEK IN LUGANO And so here we go, the serious part of everything concerning my participation in the ”Miss Switzerland” contest starts here where I am right now at this moment : meaning the centre of Lugano preparing the show for the 24th. September. Support wanted guys :), so if you want to watch the contest no matter the contry where you live you can follow it  live on the 24st september at 20:00 MEZ on or if you live in Switzerland check it on RSI,TSR1 or SF1. Also check out my updates regarding the contest on my facebook Miss Swiss fan page HERE.

We made those shots with James just before my departure for the italian part of Switzerland, a good way to practice a bit my languages. Many of you in fact ask which ones I speak and I speak fluently english because I grew up a few years in the USA, russian because it is my both parents mothertongue, french because I live in the french part of Swiss and a bit of germain. I picked out a really classic combination for this look : black and white. The dress is a fabulous piece form the online shop called where you can find very attractiv products. The little accent in this outfit are the lips of course, and this necklace which I love so much from

HEELS : Bally
CLUTCH : Vintage


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Ich liebe liebe liiieeebe es!

wonderful look and you look beautiful!

good luck!!!

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Omg you are so beautiful, like a dream, make up, clothes everything !! I love your style ♥

xoxo Chocolate Muse

i love your dress so much… goodluck!

It’s a GIRL Thing



Oh wow! This outfit is just amazing!
Love every bit of it <3

Cotton Candy

I love your shoes and dress!:)
Kiss from poland!

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Love this look, esp the pop of the red lips!

You look lovely as always, I love the shoes :)

i love your make-up, shoes and necklace!!:) and wish you good luck in competition, i think you should win it!;)

You look apsolutely gorgeus!! I mean like..Siriusly? are you real :D? :)

Gorgeous styling! That necklace totally makes this ensemble! Edgy and chic, you look fabulous!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Wonderful pictures – looks really great – thank you for sharing! Lugano looks fantastic!

Tanja –

красота! ;)


Such a gorgeous, sultry look! Your eye make up is wondrous, and adore the statement necklace.

♥, Jamie

you look always so glamorous <3 good luck in the contest!

Amazing photos. Love the necklace

XO Charlotte

ich liebe es , du bist einfach nur unglaublich hübsch und dein style ist sehr sehr schön .

Good luck !

Love this outfit, very sophisticated ! Black and white is always a good choice, especially when you brighten it up with nice jewelry and red lips
new post : my trip to portugal

Good luck !

Love this outfit, very sophisticated ! Black and white is always a good choice, especially when you brighten it up with nice jewelry and red lips
new post : my trip to portugal

Wow thats so many languages I’m jelous! You look great you always look so flawless x

beautiful like usual! can’t get over the fact how glam you always look! lovely!
Krissy xoxo

Love this outfit! It’s so simple but the combination of B&W and the blazer makes it so elegant! And wow you speak many languages! Congrats! Wish I did too!

beautiful as always darling! love this colors combo :)
or be FAN on Facebook :D

Nice clutch and dress. Though you speak fluently English, I can’t help but notice that the part of writing is a little more difficult for you. But btw, nice score. I speak fluently English as well, Dutch ofcourse, little bit of French and German. And I speak quite good Spanish and a little bit of Italian :-) I love being multilingual, don’t you?

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyle blogger –

you’re in one of my last inspirational post!

oh yeah butter cube ! :D

Absolutely amazing!! Your clutch is so beautiful, your make up is perfect. Great look!

Beautiful dress and love the make-up!

Omg u are so gorgeous! Good luck!

Wonderful outfit! Keep up the good work. :)

looking fabulous as always, great makeup!

These are gorgeous pics indeed… Wonderful quality and wonderful you! ;)

gorgeous!!! :)

flawless!!! You look spectacular!

Beautiful pictures!
You are absolutely stunning and I love to see those red lips on you :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

Petit Fromage 19 September 2011 / Reply

Beautiful as always.

Good Luck!!!

you look stunning!

Black and white is always a good choice! You look fantastic!

Kisses from HK,

Pretty & classic! You look like you’ve just stepped out of a Hepburn movie :)
And i’ve always adored those who can speak multiple languages :3

You’re so stunning!

Amazing photos! You are so beautiful :) Enjoy your preparations in Lugano !!!

I love the black and white combination with a touch of red on the lips. It is elegant, classy and extremely chic.
BTW I love your Bally shoes!!!

Awesome like every your look :)
A little bit of fashion

you look great;)

You are queen of make up..

Wow, wow, wow!

you always put on amazing makeup looks :)
beautiful outfit!
best of luck to you on the contest!

Alla from Moscow 20 September 2011 / Reply

Такой сюрприз, что вы говорите по-русски, Кристина!:)
Your style always gives me such an inspiration! I often save your most gorgeous outfits to my lookbook!
Wish you good luck on the ”Miss Switzerland” contest, I’m totally sure you’ll be the Winner! :-)

Hi Kristina!
Great pictures and can’t wait to watch you win Miss Suisse!

(I was a bit confused at “mother’s tongue” never heard that before… I usually hear native or first language)

I love your hairdo!! THe necklace is so uniquee :)
N d heels are gr8

Beautiful photos:)
Good luck!

i love you with pink lips but this make up is exquisite to

Tu es incroyable, comme toujours! :-) J’ai une question, sur le site glanzundgloria nous pouvons voter pour notre candidate préférée, mais est-ce juste un “sondage” ou est-ce que ces votes sont ceux qui vont compter pour élire la miss Suisse? Je te demande ca car je vote plusieurs fois par jour pour toi et je vais arrêter si ca ne compte pas hehe. Merci d’avance

you look gorgeous, I like te pictures:) I’m so surprised you know Russian, it’s my mothertongue too:)

really gorgeous as usual ♥

♡What a wonderful dress!
kisses from your follower! ♡
With love Little Sable

I totally love this outfit and your hair too! Sooo fabolous! <3


You look so stunning! And that necklace is absolutely gorgeous!



The nail polish is such a pretty colour.

I love learning foreign languages its so intersting. For my part I only speak french, english and i’m trying to improve my spanish. I also did 3 years of italian but I kind of forgot everything :(
Good luck for the contest and as always I love your outfit !!!

Andie ;)

you look amazing!

Your accessories are stunning! I love the necklace.

love the wallet ! you look so pretty ! xx nadine from
please visit my blog ! become a member if you like it <3

Love your first picture so pretty and of course your outfit rocks! thanks for sharing

men suits collection at just wanna share it from by brother.

T’es toute belle ! Photos prises à Lausanne :) Au plaisir de te croiser peut-être en ville …
Bonne chance pour Miss Suisse, enfin une jolie romande qui gagnera

You’re soo beautiful :)

Wow love the outfit!

Make sure to check out my blog too x

simply perfect!!!! i love everything about this outfit! your hair in a bun like that looks so effortless and chic :)

WOOOOOOW the dress! Give it to me! haha just kidding, it’s so beauty! As is your makeup