ONE DAY IN THE CITY I was last week on a study trip in Portugal, the weather was incredible. It felt so good to stay a bit on the sun, Switzerland got trully cold those past weeks. Our days were rythmed by visits and excursions, it was so interesting to discover this amazingly beautiful city. I must admit however that food for me wasn’t the best part, too oily, but perhaps I didn’t knew the right places. But after having a few stomach aches, I did some researches and found a treasure of restaurant called Largo, there I had the best ”Almond Parfait” ever tasted.

Shopping in Lisbon is very amusing too, as I told you I have discovered a new shop called ”Parfois” where I bought stocks of bracelets and necklaces for such a reasonable price. Also one exciting part of the trip was the Lisbon’s fashion week. Unfortunatly we couldn’t assist to one of the shows, but however were in the FW center and saw all the stands, Vogue, Elle and other magazines that were a part.

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love your white jacket <3 you look amazing!

kisses from

omg..u r sooo beautifuuul!:)

Wish I could spend some time in the sun right now aswell.

I was in Lisboa about a month ago, really liked it.

+Great white outfit
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Wish I could spend some time in the sun right now aswell.

I was in Lisboa about a month ago, really liked it.

+Great white outfit
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Such gorgeous scenery! Love your all white ensemble…so chic against a sea of color! Beautiful!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Lisbon is my city, is so beautiful like you (but you are more ofcourse) kiss

Love the outfit!

Such playful and cute pictures of your adventures in Lisbon! Adore your electric blue heels.

That white jacket is gorgeous, beautiful outfit!

Beautiful pictures! Never been to Lisbon, but I would love to!

Your life sounds amazing, traveling around doing what you love! AH gimme ;) xxAnisa

love this outfit! great pics :)

I love your white dress! Looks like so much fun

xo Julia

Beautiful pics!! Great outfit too!! I love your coat!!

you look soo stunning!


Hi dear
Hope you enjoy Portugal

Kiss kiss.*Jo

You always look gorgeous, you always look gorgeous, In my holiday pictures I always look awful, my makeup does not last in heat and my face goes shiny, so jelous of you haha.x

You’re white beautiful ! Nice pics !

Hi:) I’m portuguese and i live in Lisbon. I’m glad you like the city so much, i think it’s beautiful but i well i think we always think that about our home town.
Kisses *

you look amazing!!! and it looks funny! =D


looks like a lot of fun!

so good to see photos of my city in here, it seem like you had a great time. great :)
you look beautiful ♥

i love your jacket!!!^^
you look amazing ;)


Loving the white on white! That graffiti art wall is awesome!!

Snow-white image! You – brilliant! Brava!

Snow-white image! You – brilliant! Brava!

it looks so beautiful. The photos are really gorgeous!

Waouuu ! t’a trop de la chance j’aimerai trop etre a ta place !!! :))

could you do a post about your make up?

you’re so beautiful in this pics
Fashion review

beautiful pics ;)

this post reminded me summer holidays…

amazing photos!

have a nice day!

Such an amazing jacket. <3
You have amazing legs btw.

Gorgeous pictures.
Lisbon looks so nice.

Thank you guys, so many of you keep asking for a beauty tutorial. Well it is so easy actually that I guess I can make a picture post showing you how I do it. I will be thinking about it :)

Lisbon is really an amazing and surprising city!!
Hope you enjoyed your stay there!

Truly it’s such a beautiful city :)

Kisses from


Love the funky wall behind you ! By the way you look fantastic in this white blazer! Xx nadine from

It always makes me smile when I hear someone talking about my city. Lisbon is passionate. And btw, I found a photo of yours you might want to take a look (:
The Lisbon Diary blog is amazing, is exclusively dedicated to the city of Lisbon and it features great photographs from people & places.

Schönheit :)

I love Your style and everything!



These photos are fabulous. you look amazing!

i’m glad you like my country :D

I love your jackt!

Too bad you didn’t like the Portuguese food, in fact Portuguese cuisine uses a lot of olive oil but Perhaps you didn’t go the right places.
You need came again!

kiss from Lisbon:)

Your photos are amazing! I love your style
I’m portuguese and I’m glad that you enjoyed to be in Portugal! Lisbon is indeed an awesome city.
kisses :)

You look so good in these pics!

I didn’t saw this until now. I’m from Portugal and the food is amaaazing :) Maybe you didn’t try the best part.
Hope you coming again and sorry for my English :D