BUSY BUSY Well now that school has started, my schedule is rythmed by homework, books and of course all those important classes I have missed during my participation as a miss switzerland candidate in the show, many things to work on. Which has unfortunatly left me not enough time this week to make many pictures as I usually do. But I think I just have to go back in that type of rythm and of course organize myself a bit more to have time to do everything that needs to be done.

Therefore I hope that next week there will be plenty of new posts since I received many gorgeous outfits by the post, and I am so excited to show it all to you. In this goodies post you will see this week’s favourite, even if they aren’t may they are still sweet as hell. Also here are some tanning lotions I tried especially for the contest, a good idea to always have a goo dskin colour during winter and fall when sun is hiding.

I have tested ”La Prairie” tanning lotion, perfect for the face and the body. It leaves no mark and has a really natural effect.

Sisley for it’s part, has a much more intense effect and leaves sometimes marks if you don’t hydratate skin good enough before applying the bronzer. But the spray is really usefull for the back and the legs.

My favourite dessert on earth, lemon tart. So sweet and a bit acid, simply delicious.

Rasberries, perfect and healthy snack for any time of the day.

The view from our hotel in Lugano after the show.


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The lake looks so nice. I love raspberries… xx

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The lake looks so nice,
I love raspberries and lemon tart.

I love lemon tarts and I know that people love them, I was working in the restaurant and people used to order lots of them ;)

Beautiful pictures, looks like you got some really fantastic new beauty products

raspberries :) yum

great photos.. <3

I love raspberries, could eat them everyday :)
Looking forward to seeing all the new outfits
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I love raspberries, could eat them everyday :)
Looking forward to seeing all the new outfits
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

We love your posts!


i’ve never tried self-tanning lotion, might be a good idea for the fall and winter!

It´s looks so good. i have to do lots of to my school too.

looks great

Love all the lotions. Perfect choice. The view on the lake is amazing…

It all looks bliss!

Oh, great. I dream of you to write what you think of my photos:)

Oh my God, I can hardly believe it yet that you are coming to Portugal! I am 17, I’m portuguesa and from Lisbon.
This might sound a little odd,but I wouldn’t want to not take the chance to say that I would love to have the huge pleasure of meeting you. You are a role model to me, one of my big inspirations in fashion and make-up! You really do have an influence on a significant part of my life, and I think it would be gratifying to tell you this. I really am a fan of all of your work and you have got my greatest admiration.Knowing that we are going to be so near each other is almost an “honour”.
Aside from this, I hope you make the most of your trip! I am sure you’re going to love it. Thank you for all the change you brought to my life!
With all my love,

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