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 GOLD AND METAL I definetly have a sparkle obcession, everything that is gold, silver or has some glitters on it trully attract me, therefore this outfit perfect as a proov. I feel this fall being all about elegance mixed with original details, and glitter have always been good  to add a special touch in an outfit. Of course, I do not dress that way while going in school. Many of you ask me if I wear a school uniform or more directly to the subject how do I dress for school. Well first, we don’t have uniforms and are technically free to dress how we want. I do sometimes wear heels during the day, but usually I have a big bag with where I have a pair of flat shoes or heels to change.

For this outfit it was all about playing with this amazing dress I got from, it was so lovely from Evelyn to send it to me, I thank her a lot for that. At first I picked the dress for the ”Miss Swiss” contest, but finally got another long white one. I decided to pair this silver blue dress to some golden accessories, such as a golden peace sign necklace from and the feather bracelet a creation of an english jewerly designer Zara Taylor.

SHOES : Zara


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Das Kleid ist sehr schön und steht dir ausgezeichnet! :)

LOVE metallics for winter!

I am so mesmerized by the dazzling beauty of that dress!

gorgeous! awesome dress! so great the sandals.


beautiful dress!!!

id love to have alike one:))



this dress looks really awesome, so ideal for parties! :)

you’re amazing !

great skirt! totally love it!

kisses from

I love this dress, sparkles and glitter is awesome. Love your lipstick. BTW looking gorgeous as always. xx

Sehr hübsch! Ich liebe das Kleid! Manchmal fühle ich mich wie eine Elster, ich möchte auch alles haben was glitzert und glänzt. Sind die Schuhe aus der aktuellen Kollektion?

love your dress!

Sublime Robe! J’adore le bracelet aussi!
Par contre, je n’aurais p-e pas mis ces chaussures.

thats the perfect dress for you!!!!
(first time im commenting btw, so it means something ;) )

You are so freaking beautiful i can’t stand it!! :D


adorable dress, so chic!
it looks perfect with gold and blue details =)
and your hairstyle is amazing

Gorgeous dress! :)

Love the dress and the lipstick! Which is?

the dress is really really beautiful, and i love your bracelet too ♥

love this dress!:)

Great look! Love the dress and the bracelet!

Very cool. I love it with those shoes!

This dress is just so beautiful Kristina! I love how it looks against your skin tone, and the blue shoes look amazing with it :)


the pop of blue is the perfect accent to the dress (which is sooo gorgeous!)

love your blog!

xox danni

wow you look fab!

love that dress you look stunning


Super cute dress!! Love the blue heels!

absolutely amazing, a new follower! you have gorgeous style <3 xx
Golden White Décor

Gorgeous dress! This is a fun daytime look :)

Your dress is gorgeous! Love the sequins, and the color of your shoes is so pretty.

You look stunning in this dress!!! I love it!!!!!! I want one like yours, and you pair it perfect with that amazing shoes, totally in love with this.


It’s such a beautiful dress! So glamorous and elegant. I love sparkly things, too.
Mars of fashion insouciance

Glitter everywhere :D
I can never resist sparkly things especially if the look as good as your dress :)
Usually not a fan of gold/silver but it really works for you :)

Love this glitter dresses! So cool! Come back soon to visit my blog, I’ll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

the dress is beautiful! You look amazing in it!

Love that dress, so perfect to go out with and shine on the dancefloor
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Love that dress, so perfect to go out with and shine on the dancefloor
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

glitters look great on you and you have beautiful shoes as well :)

love your dress and your necklace!! peace! ;)

That dress is stunning!!Love how you styled it with blue sandals!Amazing!

Tu es trooop belle ! Ton visage est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!! :D

Tu es trooop belle ! Ton visage est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!! :D

i love your face. You always look fresh and beautiful. And of course your outfit is stunning! :))

I’m also obsessed with sparkle!! Love your dress!!!

Cute and awesome dress! You always look gorgeous! x


xx Elle from

I love the outfit! I’m also obsessed with glitters right now. :D

I generally hate sequins, glitter or sparkly material.. but this outfit is strikingly beautiful!

you’re most beautiful when you laugh <3

your dress is SO gorgeous! I’ve got a new post featuring a sequined top. I’d love to hear your opinion about it? :) I really love your blog x

WOW , You look amazing!!!:-*

we all have sparkle obsession,you look great in this dress…beautiful outfit
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I love your necklace!!!!

Wow, I love that lipstick. What’s it called

love this dress! but u look so happy and beautiful… its amazing!

i love your sequin dress! i must say, i love sparkles in any season!!!


I like the dress bc is not to sequined!


Another beautiful dress! So chic 

Ich muss ehrlich gestehen,dass ich Glitzerkleider nicht schön fand,aber du hast mir das Gegenteil gezeigt :D wirklich schöne Kombination!

Gorgeous dress!!
Lovely with the shoes :)


Love the outfit and the accessories!

This dress was so gorgeous! If its still possible to buy from the webshop could you please give me a link, as I cannot find it. It would be perfect for newyears eve!


perfect dress, I love it!

Love the dress!
And you know, I love your eyebrows, they were so beautiful! They’re still beautiful but I liked them most before, like here.
Your hair is also awesome. I like it in this posts