Pictures by JAMES VYN

CAPELINE As you can see I keep on going with my protest against winter jackets, I truly hate the cold and hate the need of hiding clothes with warm vests during fall which is actually usually much warmer in Switzerland at this time of year than it is now. I guess I will have to keep on suffering a few months, but it is worth it. Sometimes fashion is worth sacrifices. However I won’t lie to you, I did have that day a warm coat with me, I simply don’t show it. Sneaky isn’t it?

This outfit has been a lot inspired by the eighties, with the big trend from those times of wide pants and a little boho chic attitude. I always loved taking some inspirations from the past for my outfits and making them new, therefore I paired these amazing Isabel Lu camel wide pants to a classic knitwear sweatshirt from The accessories are the key of the outfit, a capeline, same bangles from and an Ipad case I received from You are perhaps wondering what shoes I am wearing underneath that pants? I let you guess, it was a bit sad to hide them.

PANTS : Isabel Lu


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miu miu glitter shoes :)
i love your pants!!



Exactly! Those are some Miu Miu glitter pumps ;)well done

I would have said the Miu Miu’s aswell :) Are they comfortable ?

eventhough I prefer warmer and brighter colors for your skintone ( and mine, I’m quite pale aswell) this outfit looks great ! Cool accesories
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I would have said the Miu Miu’s aswell :) Are they comfortable ?

eventhough I prefer warmer and brighter colors for your skintone ( and mine, I’m quite pale aswell) this outfit looks great ! Cool accesories
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I love camel color!!! Your look is great!!
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Kisses from Greece

Very warm colors for fall! Refined and very sophisticated look! Brava!

Perfect hat!! And You are beautiful :)

I love your outfits and you look gorgeous with this pants!

you are wonderful and the i-pad case is too cool!


You look gorgeous! I am totally loving this outfit!! :)

glam glam glam !!!

love ur outfit & camel hat


photos are so glam! Very god combinacion for Y ! have a nice day

wow, I love your pants! :X

OMG I love this outfit. You look gorgeous ;)

Love Andie ;)

Everything you’re wearing is so beautiful! :)

This is so stunning I love these pants so much!

Grace x
i’d rather buy shoes…

I’m in loveeee with this outfit! Very classy & chic!

One question, are you left-handed?

This is such a gorgeous outfit! You look so classy, a real Madame :-) hihi.

With love,

@ Sa : I am left handed, how did you know :)

Love your outfits! You are beautiful :)! Can you please tell me what is the lipstick you are wearing on these photos? It’s an amazing shade!

You are one beautiful lady! The camel hues are so lovely in your look.

I love your hat and pants.. very very different and elegant!! Classic strt frm the 80′s.
I must say, maybe this is the first post in which I can’t see your heels/shoes.. hehe.. But your outfit is lovely…

Your eyes are really pretty.. contacts or real? :D jst wondering

I love your pants! I’m a big fan of pants which looks like skirt! <3

kisses from

Are u from Zurich or Geneve?
Do u have a far faux vest? I want to purchase one but im not sure because maybe it is just fashion and ill loose my money :(
Love ur web kisses!

where is you lipstick from and what is it called or the number? Love the shade.
Love Lois xxx

Love this outfit! Although I found it more inspired by the 70s, than the 80s. I have the same capeline and it is gorgeous! Have yet to rock it on my blog though.

me gusta un monton este outfit! los tonos arenas me encantan!

You look great I love your trousers.x

Love this look! is beautiful! a new follower!:)

you look gorgeous ! :)


wonderful outfit. i love your sweater and your hat, fantastic. nice to see your blog. you have a new follower :-)
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Grüße aus Würzburg :)
Maren Anita

wow!!! this is your the best outfit!

everything about this is so perfect!

New favorite, I love camel, knitwaer, animal prints and this is a combination of all!

love the had & pants:)


Love the warm colours! XOXO

your outfit is so sophisticated!!! amazing blog! <3


this look is really great !!! I love the combination of colors and styles !!! Keep going ! You are amazing :)

very very nice, love your outfit …

beautiful pictures <3 love the ipad case <3 visit my blog I have new giveaway :)

the clutch is gorgeous! love it!!!
Miss Starshiny

I really love your outfit ! You look gorgeous.
Amazing Ipad case, you’re a lucky girl :)

stunning! love your sweater ♥

Incredible photos, one of my favourite outfits by you!
Love the whole look from head to toe, x


You’re absolutely beautiful, along with this outfit and these pictures! Love, love, love everything about this post!


Loving your miu miu shoes! A really great look!

You are so beautiful it almost hurts :) I dont understand how did you not win the Miss, because they couldn´t find anyone more gorgeous, elegant or glamorous than you.
Oh and I´ve been wondering, have you ever made here/are planning to make a tutorial on your eye make-up? I love it so much, would love to try it out but have no idea how to go about the lovely shades etc. It would be hugely appreciated! :)

i love your makeup! i completely agree that you should do a tutorial!!!!!

Beautiful pics +1 follower

Love that look! Especially like the hat!

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyleblogger

You are such a beauty!!
Where is that nailpolish from?
Love from Belgium

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

Came across your blog, and completely love your style! Gorgeous. xx

Wow – love your outfit – especially makeup and hat are amazing… really nice

Tanja –

Gorgeous look!
Love your flare pants and the hat!! So cool! :-)


Love it. Camel become my favorite this season.

love this so much

OMG so beautiful :o

Wow, tu n’as jamais aucune cerne :O
C’est fascinant même avec un bon fond de teint, je n’arrive pas à les camoufler totalement, tu es sublime *__*


So elegant! I love itt and your hairrrrr

Major thankies for the article.Really thank you!