CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS’S EVE AND SO ON Instead of freezing my poor sick body outside, in the winter, cold as hell, weather, ( Yes, I am still stuck at home, with a huge cold and tons of pills and various medicines, how fun… The best part of it is that I have to stay alone because my illness is contagious. Great.) I decided to make an indoor outfit. No actually not one, not two, not THREE. But four outfits ( just to show you how much I am bored…) perfect for any winter event coming up a in few weeks. I thought it would be a good idea since it is always so difficult to pick up the correct outfit when it comes about winter dinners out with friends or different christmas parties hanging around the fireplace. These few pictures are for sure a mix of my inspirations for my upcoming season looks. A lot of see through and lace materials, knitwear, burgundy and red shades, faux fur, golden necklaces and so on. Perhaps, these outfits aren’t extravagant enough for New Year’s  Eve, at least they aren’t for me ( Hello, New Year’s Eve, glitters, sparkles, sequins, colours, d-r-a-m-a!).. But I think there are definitely some ideas to pick up. And of course the Vogue, is simply perfect to get some ideas. It is for sure the fashion bible to read.

Also you must be wondering where I got the energy, if I were ( and is still now) sick to shoot four different looks. Well don’t get me wrong, it was a real sacrifice… But the blog always gives me a holly actif push, and I just couldn’t lay another day in my bed. I missed fashion, and got tired of my hello kitty pyjamas and thick puffy socks. But I can tell you that once I was finished with the pictures, I litterally ran to pick up some tissues and to take my cough syrup . So, I hope it was worth it, and that you will enjoy those few pictures, let me know what you think about these series. I think it is a nice idea, and I will perhaps continue making one post with various outfits. Enjoy!

Outfit 1 :
SHOES : Zara
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Vegas Volt M.A.C

Outfit 2 :

SHIRT : Zara
NECKLACE  : A gift from Tokyo

Outfit 3 :
BODY : Vintage
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Saint Germain”

Outfit 4 : 
BLOUSE : BCBG Maxazria


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Like them all! Great choise!

what a beautiful idea! great outfits :)


Such remarkable looks, especially love the dotted blouse with those bright trousers, and the contrast collared top. x

Great outfits!!!!!

3rd it’s my favorite, lovely!

Love no. 4! You look stunning!!

- Dani

welcome to my jungle

I really love the ribbon sleeves on the blouse in your last picture!

I love the first outfit. The polkadots are nice :D The 3rd is also beautiful! Love the pictures and your make-up of the 3rd one!

Seen my moodboard with polkadots already?
xo Madeleine

love first blouse!

All outfits are amazing! I love your style!
Have a nice day :)

Tha fourth outfit is my favorite! Weel, you look pretty good sick, usually I look like hell haha *

Love the 2nd one!

2nd one is my favourite. Great post!

Great Oufits honey…Did you loose some weight while you were ill? poor girl…hope you get better soon..anyway you look great even when you are the way i’m ill too :-)

Great ideas, you look lovely!

Really nice outfit girl ! You look amazing


they are such amazing look! but the first and the last look are my fave! You’re so dedicated to this blog hope you get well real soon. :)

the last one is my favorite!

the first is my favourtie!
wonderful blog, honey!
i’m def. a new follower.
hope you’ll have a look at my blog too and if you like it, you can follow me too- i’ll be waiting for you!
lovely greets and a wonderful wednesday!
maren anita

Beautiful outfits, my favourite is the first and the last one.

The third outfit is subtly sexy!

I like the blouse of 1st and the skirt of the last one :)

WOW very beautiful photos!Love the firtst and third!!
Style LimeLight

Number 4 and 2 are gorgeous! just great!

The fur outfit is my favourite!!!

I like the first outfit best! Beautiful <3

I have saint germain too love that look the best :)

I really love the h&m blouse!Is it of this year collection?

Number 3 is perfect ! :))

FIRST one! ;)

These are all awesome. This makes me want to spend all day in my closet, playing dress-up.

liked second and third one. But also make-up is amazing! Have you done it by yourself? i didnt watch your last make-up video yet, but I think i have to do that immediately!

my fave is the second one! wow you have suchhhh great style i love it, also you could be a model! so perfect, hope you get better VERY soon. ~ Gabriele xx

wow what a fantastic lip colour in the last outfit !

Love that lipcolour!! I want!


lalageorgia blogspot

Really great outfits ! Love 1 and 4.. even when you’re sick, you still look amazing

these are so so beautiful!!!
the dotted blouse in the first outfit is gorgeous, wouldn’t have ever thought that it’s h&m!! ^^ in the third outfit the faux-fur jacket and the lipstick are amazing!! and the last one – simply perfect, the blouse so unusual and pretty and there’s unlimited love for sequins!!! :)))

Really nice!!! The 3rd is my favorite too!!!

They’re all amazing, but the 1st and the 2nd are just GEORGEROUS! Love it!
I love your heair. I know… I love everything form you!haha:D But how anout making a post about hair? :>

Ahh, love your outfits and everything! You are beautyful! <3

I really like the first and last and the matching make- up is great aswell.

Crazy you can look like that when you are sick !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I really like the first and last and the matching make- up is great aswell.

Crazy you can look like that when you are sick !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I love the fourth one…but are you sure about the second one? It’s winter!!!


love the first one:) its soo nice!

Good choices! xx K

even sick you look stunningly beautiful <3

outfit 1 is my favorite :D

XO Sahra

The first and the last outfit are totally in my taste! I really adore them, and they suit you perfectly, all of them! ::D:X

So pretty! Very good idea. You look fabulous! Especially love the simple star neckless and the lipstick in the third outfit. Hope you get better every minute!

outfits 2 and 4 are my favorite! wish i could wear any of these this holiday season! i love all the lipsticks too



Amazing outfits and photos!
My favourite ones are numbers 1 and 4. Congratulations for making such an effort to take beautiful pics for your blog while being sick at your home. It was worth it. The result is amazing.

All the photos are so so gorgeous! x

I really like them all

These are all such pretty outfits! I love all the touches of red/orange/burgundy you incorporated into them. Feel better soon!

2nd and 4th are the best ones, in my opinion and i really love the faux-fur jacket of your 3rd look! You look georgeous, although you are sick! Hope you get better :)

I am IN LOVE with the first and last outfits!!! and your makeup in both sets of pics are FABULOUS! great ideas!

Hey ! If I have a question, I post here or I send to you an email ?

Xx V

You’re beautiful in the 4 outfits. (: My favourite are the 2 and the 3. :D
The 2: Look Preppy Girl, I like very much this look ! ;)

Xx V

Greath post, love all of your 4 looks <3

You did not tell how much time it took in total? :D
Anyways.. You look enchanting in all the 4 outfits..
1. Love ur blouse. I can’t wear like that.. maybe wid a speg :D n the Orange pants.. Ur the first person who made me fall in love with orange after dat post in wic u were wearing an orange skirt :)

2. Love the sweater’s color
3. Brown always thrills me…
4. That blouse is to die for. Have seen such a design fr the first time..

Hope u get well soon :)

Maybe u have time to visit my blog
Hey it would be so nice if you checked out my 2 new posts. One is about Polka nails and other is a surprise :D

good post, love the outfits but i think the eye make up is a little bit too much. but its only my opinion ;)

xx, d. :)

J’espère que tu iras mieux ! <3 Xx V

if you look that good whan you are sick and you can do your own make up like a pro? well, i guess you are a natural, you are born to do this!

You look absolutely stunning on every pictures and your outfit looks really cute Kristina.
Get better !!!

Love Andie ;)

amazing photo u look so pretty i love it

Wonderful outfit ! ♥

Love the 2nd outfit!

Love love love this post! Wonderful change from outdoor pictures which seem to dominate most of the bigger fashion blogs.
Definitely want more of this!!! Fab outfits.

Anneli xx

How do you look so amazing when you are ill, I hope you get well soon I love the third outfit the most x

great ideia! i really loved all this outfits, difficult to pick one favorite!

This was a great idea! The more outfits you share, the better :) I am always inspired by your style, thank you for sharing. I would love to wear outfit 4 to one of my holiday parties!

i absolutely love this post! so christmas-related:) loved number 2 & 4!


What kind of camera do you use?? Love your pics!

Welldone for your effort!!!!
hope you get better soon!!
Miss Starshiny

Love all of these! The second is my favorite.
You look stunning even when you’re sick.

all of these outfits are very nice. they are all different.

Everything is so gorgeous, love the last outfit!

U look perfect for being sick! haha love your post! I liked the 3rd and 4th outfit! maybe 1 to celebrate with friends and the other for the family reunion!♥

please post about the foundation you use! i don’t think it was mentioned in your amazing makeup video! <3

Such amazing outfits as always :) I hope you get better soon :) I think its a great idea so many amazing outfits all in one post!!! :) My favourite would have to number 4 I absolutely love sparkly skirts well I love anything sparkly i love it with the burgundy blouse its such a pretty colour I love the ribbon :) I also love the matching nails :) I love the shoes in the first outfit i love polka dots :) I love the shorts in the second outfit I love the scalp edges I really think I need a pair for summer :) I also love the fur coat I love the pale colour of the outfit :)

I wish I could put make up like you…it’s always so perfect!!

looooooooove all the outfist! the most the first one!! love the sheer blouse!!!

i love all of them but outfit number 2 is my favorite definetly!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

3 is my favourit but I like them all :)

First and last my favourite!

I LOVE the third outfit, you look great in it <3

Maja From Norway 1 December 2011 / Reply

Ohhh!! I just clicked myself into you blog for the first time, and i L-O-V-E it!!!!! Its so inspiring!!
I think im going to read your blog everyday from now on!! :) Btw, I really loved the first outfit… and the paris vogue :)

Beautiful outfits – you look amazing – I personally prefer #1,3,4 :-)

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

The blouse of the first one is beautiful!
Please tell me: Can I still buy it? Haven’t seen it at h&m.

Очень красивые фотографии=)

perfect as usual. love your blog.

Oh my god, you look too perfect for being sick, I’m sick too and I look like s… haha Great pics xoxo

<33333 i love all your looks!

I love the blouse from the first one and the skirt from the last one best!! BTW your make up always looks stunning!

i loove the second outfit <3

“…written by the 18-year old Kristina Bazan from Switzerland.” From

All of these outfit and photos are gorgeous! I really love the first one! You definitely can’t tell you were sick! xxx

I love the first H&M blouse!!! *sigh

Loving the last look! You look stunning in all of them! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I’ve got a new post on how to save on fashion items.. It’s a lot of fun!) Love to hear what you think. Xo


This is amazing! i LOVE it! thanks so much for sharing. I’m a fashion design student completing my fashion graduate collection next year so i was wondering if you could take a quick look at my blog! your stylish opinion would mean so much!! thanks


Anonymous 10 March 2012 / Reply

Gah, how do you look so good sick?

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