SPARKLES AND PORCELAIN SKIN These pictures were made a few weeks ago, when the weather was not as cold as it is today. That is why wearing a skirt whithout two layers of tights was alright: Oh I miss those times… The skirt was my october crush and was bought during my trip in Lisbon. As soon as I saw it, my heart melted ( It did for real. I had these butterflies in my stomach. Well actually I don’t know if it was because of the skirt or because of the huge sushi plate lunch I had earlier that day, big question). Now tell me, how is it possible to fall in love with a skirt? Well it has to be really, sprarkly with tons of glitters and sequins. Therefore it has to pop in your face like an atomic bomb when you see it. So the love story between my skirt and I began. ”She” is hanging out with me in these few pictures paired to one of my favourite Forever 21 black blouse which is really nice because of her half see-through material and structure with puffy sleeves. The shoes are from a brand called MAX, and I must say that even if I think they look gorgeous, the really aren’t comfortable. Believe me, I know it. I was wearing them for the Miss Switzerland show and was so afraid to fall.

For the jewerly I picked up some silver elements, such as this necklace from that I love for it’s polished and very minimalistic shape. All the three braclets were bought in Lisbon aswell in a great jewerly shop called parfois. To finish the whole outfit I decied that red lips would be perfect to contrast with the skirt, to create a sort of a vamp look. Actually a lot of you ask me to show you my make-up routine, and I thought it could be a really nice idea : therefore I will work on a video post saturday to show you my make-up tricks. You can expect the video for monday ( If I find a good movie maker program for windows, any suggestions?).

SKIRT : Zara
SHIRT : Forever 21
JEWERLY : & Parfois
CLUTCH : B-low the Belt


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Gorgeous look once again! I really love all your looks :) Thanks for blogging and I’ll be looking forward to your make-up video!

That electric blue shirt is a dazzling beauty. You look remarkable and classy. x

your perfect!
love blue on you!

New outfit post; Fake fur it is!

You look gorgeous! Love the skirt!!

Books in my bags

It’s beautiful!! Love the outfit.
xo Madeleine

Lovely crush, and boy do I miss the tightless weather here


You look amazing! Love your electric blue skirt. xx


I like the clutch and the Parfois we also have in Latvia :) it’s nice

Hello there!!! You are so beautiful and you have such an inspiring blog do you want to follow each other? If you follow me please let me know so I can follow you back :) kisses :)

omg, you are totaly amazing!




you are absolutely amazing!!!

That really is a fantastic skirt! Also love your necklace

not skirt…you are electric!

ohhhh.. Lovely skirt..Pairing bright blue with black..really nice :)

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You can also follow me on facebook.. I would love to follow you back there too :)

You do have perfect skin, makes the skirt sparkles even more. Lovely pairings.

AMazinG!Love the skirT!
Style LimeLight

I absolutely love that skirt and bag! The outfit is beautiful.

You look gorgeous! The skirt is perfect.

I was waiting for a post with this skirt. You are inspiring!
Please publish a post with a few school outfits and a post with some pictures of your room.. I really want to have some inspiration for my own outfits and room. Thank you

you look simply amazing!!!
the skirt is instant love and the jewellery goes really well with the whole outfit!!
looking forward to the make-up video!!! :)))

I like that blue, and shoes, and bag…OMG everything is just perfect!

Amazing like always…love the skirt with the blouse looks so elegant on you…Yuppiiii looking forward to your make up video, so cool :-) Take Care XOXO

Love the clutch! Where can I buy it? Thank you! ;-)

Wooowww…good look dear! I like your skirt!!! It is fantastic!!! :-)

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Fabulous skirt!
You look stunning.

This is so amazing! I adore this color, and I`d like to try something like this. :) Posting a beauty routine video would be totally awesome, good idea.
Don’t you worry, I get the butterflies twenty times in each store I get it.


love this! that blue is stunning on you! xx

I am in love with that skirt. I got the light brown in a Medium thinking it would fit but of course not. And nothing else left :(
Loved the combination. I would have done something similar too :)


Amazing skirt!

you have the most beautiful, flawless skin! literally like a porelian doll! love the electric blue sequins skirt

stunning as always! xoxo danni

You look fantastic as always! I adore that skirt, the color is beyond amazing and I love how it shines! :X

This really is a great outfit, would be perfect for celebrating Christmas
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

This really is a great outfit, would be perfect for celebrating Christmas
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

carson kenedy 24 November 2011 / Reply

– i would love to see a post about some of your favourite blog posts that you’ve done.

I love love love your lips+skirt combo !!!
— sony vegas is a good movie making program but it takes some time to get used to it…

I could tell under every single outfit-post that you are one of the most beautiful women I ever saw. awesome outfit!

OMG Before I discovered your blog I just was following the Style Scrapbook and The Blonde Salad. But now I love yours too. You are so elegant, glamorous and femenine. I love your blog. And yes please, I would love to see the make up post <3! I love how do you make up and the lipstick and lipgloss color that you use are like your signature. Like the smokey eyes on Kim Kardashian. haha. xoxo.

lovely scales… <3 hey, what is this scar on your calf from?


The blue skirt is unbelievable – looks perfect with your styling…

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

amazing outfit! xx

This look is enchanting! Great skirt, Kris. You should start thinking about your own fashion line. :P

this outfit is amazing!

your style is utter perfection… and what can I say, I think i just fell in love with the skirt aswell…

Great look. I would love you to check out the Forever21 give away on my blog. XOXO

As I told you before, when I first saw this skirt at Zara I thought of you, and then, the next day you saw it on your blog to show us what you bought. I think you look amazing in it, it’s totally your style. And if there’s someone who can rock it, it’s you. Love the blouse you paired it with, too.

please make sure to include what you do for you skin with foundation etc, it always looks lovely! and how you get your lipstick to stay on all day :) i would love to wear it all the time like you but haven’t quite got the hang of it staying put yet!
love rose xxx

Love love love this outfit! Your skirt is gorgeous, I’d like to wear it but I think I would look horrible because I’m really short :( However, great clutch!

you look amazing :)

Hello, elektric blue with your blond hair is the best combination! I very happy that i follow you!

Beautiful outfit and photos! Your skirt and your shoes are amazing! xxx

such beautiful photos. i loove your face & make up:)


amazing skirt, and i love your clutch! xx

I always knew that you are beautiful, but here you look like a godess, the skirt is really electric!

I love your mix of jewelry! And blue looks amazing on you!

Your outfit is just perfect I love each pieces. Beautiful blog you have an amazing style!


love the drama, the clutch is amazing!
ps i think you look so good on camera, so photogenic!

Windows has a great free movie program, Windows Live Movie Maker:

You look amazing ! I love your pailette skirt ! In this cool electric blue ! Xx nadine

Очень красивые фотографии=)

I love it! The color is great and the combination perfect!!

I love your shoes and you are very nice!!

Go here if you like :)

Beautiful look

Wauw, blue looks fantastic on you!

With love,

I love it! Electric blue looks really good on you! :D

Hi! you have a great sense of style .Love the electic blue skirt .I will come soon in Lausanne. How is the weather there ? Kisses!!

Some of the photos like they where from a magazine! You look gorgeous!
xx so

I like your Skirt ! :D <3


What a classy outfit! That skirt is definitely doing the trick! Beautiful blog, beautiful girl!

lovely. you really pull the blue color off!

Pinnacle studio, it’s a movie editor, and it’s really easy to use.

Lovely blog, so just followed you!
great outfit as well.
luckily,either cold or hot all fashionistas know how to make it:)
would be glad to join me on:

you look stunning, I’d love to see the make up video I really liked how your make up was done with this look, awesome skirt by te way :)

i love the whole outfit <3

This skirt is perfect honey! I love all these photos


u always look beautiful

Lovely look, loved all the details ❤


Love it all, so chic and glamourous

suchhhh a beautiful skirt <33

XO Sahra

beautiful blonde lady!! your photo are amazing and your look is always trendy! love your blue skirt and your shoes!
super cute blog!! I really enjoyed this post!
I like your stile !
Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow ,
have a wonderful day

I love your blog, its very cool, very lovely pictures! defenetly a blog im following!

That is a great skirt. I’ve had clothes speak to me too. That’s how I know it’s a keeper.

So beautiful. Love your eyes

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