Pictures by JAMES VYN

DEPARTURE So here we are, James and I are both leaving tomorrow early morning. Our destiantion? Japan, for the Vogue’s fashion night out. I am truly looking forward to this experience and James and I will try to do as much pictures as we can to show you loads of souvenirs. Having never travelled to Asia, I fell like I am going to another planet, but I am however so excited about it. 

What do you think about this outfit? I have always loved faux-fur for fall and winter, scarfs jackets and even bags and boots. Of course the rule for me is to wear one piece at a time ( don’t want to look like a walking yeti, you know what I mean…) but if you want to come up with a crazy fashion look go ahead and play with it! I thought this jacket looked great with metal jeans and my new beloved chanel bag.

BAG : Chanel
BOOTS : Zara
JEANS : Zara
SHIRT : Isabel Lu
NECKLACE : A lovely birthday gift from James


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amazing coat :)! you look great!

Wow, fur coat + silver pants= AMAZING! I always keep up with your blog and never comment, but I had to do it this time. You look beautiful and your style is very original. :)

Polka dot.

you look amazing! love your futuristic pants! xoxo

Can’t tell which I love more…that fur or your gorgeous Chanel! They pair perfectly together…those crisp cream tones are a dream during Winter!

Have a fun and safe trip K!

Peace. Love. LOL!

wow! Love your blog! I started following you everywhere after reading even the second post! hahahaha! Your style is amazing! :)


This outfit is just perfect!!

Have fun in Japan! Can’t wait for your pictures :)

I love this look, and I especially appreciate the fact that fur is faux :) Pants are amazing

You rock those metallic pants, and the perfectly paired it with the decadent faux fur coat. x

This outfit is fantastic! I like it! And I love your pants! :-)
Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog :)

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you look great !! love the pants and the colour of your lips :)

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I would be so scared to go to Tokyo at the moment, because of all the radiations that were released from the nuclear plants early this year. However I am sure it is a great city, and the Fashion night out is bound to be amazing.
Have a great trip, and good luck =)

Lovely outfit ! <3 <3 <3
Always perfect !


amazing. you are so nice! a wanna be like u.

bist ein wunder wunder wunderschönes Mädchen!!!!

I hope you’ll collect a lot of beautiful memories in Japan. You look fabulous!

you look amazing!

i adore this look. The fur jacket is a great background for your chanel bag:) It’s also great istelf.

Monika from J’adore Fashion

amazing outfit! xx

love the pants!

OMg you’re superb…and with these colours you look like an angel! you’re always perfect, these colours fit you so perfectly! I love your bag!
xoxo have a nice day

i really love this look!! have a nice days in Japan!!



you look so stunnig love your makeup!
and your bag and coat are so beautiful, want them ♥


Beautiful outfit! Those pants are perfect.
You’ll love Japan. Everyone has the most amazing street style!

I love,love this outfit!! You’re so fabulous!!! :)

woow amazing faux fur jacket. really love it. & your chanel flapbag is amazing. how much was it/is it? :) xx Cathy

Mazing outfit :)
Snow princess.

beautiful! what’s the brand and name of the lipstick you are wearing in this post?

where do you get your lipstick? :) sry forgot to ask ^-^

Have a pleasant flight! :)

Wow, you look amazing…


Amazing look! Love the bag and the jeans!

great opportunity you have! it’s a dream of mine once travelling to japan! have fun there!


the way you pose in photos looks so natural and effortless! i love the outfit too!

Amazing coat, amazing pants, amazing bag… AMAZING OUTFIT!

Xoxo Whitney

Amazing bag! So lovely!
love the blog

seriously looking so beautiful! love that shaggy coat!!


your lipstick is wonderful. Is chanel? What color is it?

that coat is looking pretty awesome, loving it, nicely paired with the silver pants

the jacket does look amazing with the jeans! and i love your shade of nail polish x

Yet another stunning outfit! Love your shoes, your coat and your pants! xxx

great look but i have a little question those jeans are comfortable ?

Love the pants.. Faux fur is so In baby!! love it..
The chanel bag and the necklace add Glam! Love the outfit :)
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Absolutely not dull gray look! Well done! Brava!

OMG! I love your outfit!!
please,please come to see my blog:

Really looking forward to read your post about Vogue’s fashion night out and what you experienced in the land of the rising sun. Will also be in Tokyo for the next two weeks but unfortunately time won’t let me be part of it. So enjoy!

love your fur coat



That necklace is really sweet! I’m actually in love with it! :D

Nice coat! (:

i love your lipstick and of course your coat!!!


Your makeup is always immaculate!

Love your coat, it looks so warm :)

Tasha at So On Trend x

i love this look fur coat with silver pants, what’s the lipstick colour? love it on ur skin.

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I like your white Chanel bag though. Japan is great! Clean and nice..hope you’ll enjoy Japan and the fashion show =)

Love your outfit – beautiful coat and brilliant pants…

Tanja –

I love the fururistic looking silver pants!!!!!! and the fur coats!

I’m following!!! xoxo

perfect with your bag and jeans yes :)
Korea is really close from Japan (especially the city I live in Busan) hope you can visit sometimes! have fun!

Jealous! I absolutely love Japan. Tokyo is amazing! Have fun!

The faux fur jacket is cool! I like it!

xx Elle from

Moi aussi je veux un sac CHANEL !!!! *.*
T’as TROOOP de chance !!!!!!!! ^^

I don’t like this look because of the shoes ..
They don’t follow with your pants

You look amazing girl ! I love your jacket :)


i love this look from head to toe!! have fun in japan hun, can´t wait for the pics :))

love the fur! and I’m a huge fan of your eyes makeup! it always look great!

kisses from

You look gorgeous. Love the faux fur and Chanel bag !

YoU look really beautiful!

What color is that lipstick? It’s amazing! I want it!!!

Beautiful and I love the metallic colours

wow! i love this outfit.
your stunning!

Fab fab fab! The outfit cannot get any better on a cool Autumn day.. Just incredible..
I cannot wait to get my leopard fauxie out of the closet. It’s been unusually warm in the UK this Autumn, so my furry friend is probably already feeling neglected there :)

Anneli xx

You are really beautiful!

Your coat is beautiful! It looks terrific with your silver pants :)

I don’t like the pants, nice bag and coat though.
Miss Starshiny

regarding to most of ur outfit, which is zara.. Don’t u think u can ask zara to endorse you ? cos u make their product look sooo good, and i believe whatever u wear make we-readers want to buy it :) i love u christina.. have a good trip :)

Hi ! I’m so in love with this bag for so long, but I can’t find a price, are you ok to tell me how many you paid it please ?
And, by the way, I’m so in love with your blog, I follow him since the beginning of the last summer I think and it’s really amazing ! xo

Pretty outfit :D

Wow, love the coat and the whole combination. You have such a great blog and a very unique style :)

Kisses from Germany,

gorgeoussss ladyy..<3

Absolutely stunning. I love the way you dare to wear silver pants AND the fur jackets, both remarkable pieces

wow i am in love with your style!!! :) hope you have a lovely time in japan!! xxx

simply beautiful! love the close-ups of your face :)
xoxo franzi
it’s not just a bag

Looks warm as anything. I love the color scheme you have going on here; all muted tones so your make up and nails really pop.

Castle Fashion

You look awesome dear!I love your blog too :)

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and on-line store !! :)

This look is wonderful ! It’s my dream to have this Chanel bag !


I love this coat so much & your trousers are actually to die for. Im a follower of you on lookbook too and think you are so inspiring & you have such an amazing figure :)

You look beautiful! Love your fur coat. xx

i love the silver jeans mixed with the glam of the faux fur coat and chanel. i can’t believe we are the same age, you are so pretty :)

love that look! you look great :)

that’s a real fake fur beauty, so are you :)


Your outfits are very cool! I follow your blog and I would be very happy if you want check my blog!

You look amazing, per usual :). I love that picture with your pink lips and blue/green nails. Very pretty!

Faux is always better!

Ta-taa for now,

great pants, awesome coat! It’s cool as you combine the bag, more elegant with this futuristic pants!
Big kiss

Perfectly bitten pink lips. In combination with the fur = the sex.

te amo,


Love the bag !

Oh you’ll meet so many great bloggers on the FNO and JAPAN, wow ! enjoy !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Love the bag !

Oh you’ll meet so many great bloggers on the FNO and JAPAN, wow ! enjoy !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Love every item of the look!!! WOW! And the pink lipstick fits you very much! Lovely!

I love the hair, the makeup and the outfit, totally 10… EVERYTHING!

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