Pictures by JAMES VYN

TOKYO PART III I must admit that the first time that I saw Sofia Coppola’s movie ”Lost in Translation” starring Bill Murray and the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, I was quiet disappointed. Having heard so much about this movie and read so many critics I simply couldn’t understand how and why this movie gained so much success. The thing that made me say that at first was the fact that there is no special action, and the story line is very long and nothing happens. I guess that was putting a statement way to fast. Now that I have been in Tokyo, I can truly feel what Sofia tried to show us in her movie : the way you can feel entirely lost in such a big city whitout trully knowing where you are. It was funny for me to remember some scenes while walking in the Shibuya center. James and I are living in such a small country where we are used to pretty much everything. Discovering such a huge town was very impressiv and even though we had no clue where to go, it was fun getting lost a little bit. That’s the way true adventurer are living!

I really enjoyed the culture of Japanesse people, how respectfull they are and polite, things we don’t always are concerned about in Europe. We were staying at the gorgeous Cerulean tower hotel in the Shibuya quartier. In europe the athmosphere in such luxurious places is very high class and sometimes can almost get a bit ”snobish” but we were both highly impressed to discover their sympathy and kindness no matter what. So definetly a good impression of Japan, our stay was however a bit to short and we wished to stay a little longer just to visit. The pictures you can see here of my outfit were made during our free day where we decided to go after little presents and souvenirs to bring back to our family. I wore that day some Dolce&Gabbana sequined leggins and you can also see the new Louis Vuitton bag I received for my birthday a week ago, it has just like the shoes a chameleon colour : it is a dark aubergine that looks red wine under the sun or dark black. The shirt is from, a great online shop you guys should definetly check!

LEGGINS : Dolce&Gabbana
BAG : Louis Vuitton
SHOES : Zara
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”


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You look like a gorgeous Tokyo neon sign…all the flashing sequins…perfect daytime look in the city of lights!

Peace. Love. LOL!

You are beautiful really , but , I think you must put photos about the place , the things and some curiosities about the travels you do …

Your eye make up is so lovely, I’d love to recreate that look!

Loving the whole outfit :-)

Dayner x my blog –

great colour combo, i love your shoes too!

amazing outfit <3<3

You’ve done something to your hair? you look so different…

Love these fantastic pants and the red items on you!

What an amazing time you’ve had! Your definitely the blog with the most beautiful pictures.


your so goddamn pretty

New outfit post – Wine red it is

Dear Anonymous, I will tomorrow huge goodies post with tons of japannesse food, views and places we saw ;). Hope you will enjoy it!

the blazer, sequin legging, and shoes, really steals attention. you look gorgeous. I’m in love with that lipstick color you are wearing! <3

love the colours! :)
nice outfit!

how comfortable are those leggings…

stunning as always… love the orange pop.. especially for fall

-MsKissy :-*

wow! you are so nice! love you shoes and blazer!)

Love the colour of that bag! Japan looks so interesting, can’t wait to see more :)

wow!its perfect look!I love your heels and all!!perfect!!

i <3 your style!!!:)

best outfit ever. sequins bright red and a gorgeous louis bag! jealous :)

Very chic:)

So I can’t wait for the tomorrow’s post too!

monika from J’adore Fashion

Que linda…você soube usar divinamente uma calça de paetês…um luxo o seu look….parabéns!

I think your outfit is almost a little bit overstyled! I would have preferred if you had worn a simple white shirt instead of the golden one!

You look so gorgeous! Love this chic & glamorous look! I got so much inspiration for my next outfits from your blog.

xx Kaisa

Wow amazing out, that pants is gorgeous! You look beautiful;)

xx Laura

I am in love with sequins too :) I really like the zara blazer.. and how you have teamed it with orange heels.. loooks amazing :)

You rock that fiery blazer! Such a dazzling and chic outfit.

Perfect outfit what a creativity :) Stunning colour combination and yummy bag ;-)

Anneli xx

Love your legging! x

you’re sooo pretty!*-*

You look awesome honey! Nice outfit :)


love your leggins! amazing!

kisses from

loved the photos, gorgeous look too

Awesome look ! Love your lv :) and the pailette pants is amazing ! Xx nadine

Ahhh right ,so I will check it :) Thanks

I love your blog, but unfortunately i see you wearing more and more designer stuff, you are leaving to other spheres now… it was great, when you are wearing things which were affordable and looked good although. but, i have to admit, you’re blog’s amazing anyway.

I like the leggins they are great and look good and you but dont think it matches to the gold shirt :S you have already done better, pretty girlyy

I love the leggings! XOXO

gorgeous orange blazer! love sequin!


I love that bag, especially in that colour…so jealous!! But it will one of my next purchases for sure ^^


the sequin leggings are great!


once again nice look!
when I saw this movie I didn’t get it too, maybe I have to visit Japan…
Miss Starshiny

All photos have same face expressions.. I don’t like it.. But your outfit looks great, without the leggings, because they show your legs so thick (I know they aren’t) :) Kissessss…

cute outfit! i love those pants and your so beautiful!

I love the leggings styled with the orange coat&shoes..

i love the blazer and shoes matched !
you look stunning!
Dolly, xo

OMG ! You look so beautiful !
I love your outfit and your LV bag :)

You look gorgeous!
Killer leggings!

Hi Kristin,

I read your blog, because I enjoyed your fashion sense.
And, I enjoyed this post in particular, because you shed a bit of light into your personal feelings of the Japanese culture (being polite) and how some high end places in europe can be a bit snobbery. I found it entertaining :)


Definately was a short stay for such a far destination, but Im guessing it was worth it.

What an amazing birthdaygift ! Love the leggings aswlel
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Definately was a short stay for such a far destination, but Im guessing it was worth it.

What an amazing birthdaygift ! Love the leggings aswlel
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

you’re stunning! this pics look amazing, want to go there :) want your bag too ♥

don’t get me wrong, I think you have a great healthy body but those leggins are a bit unflattering for your body type :/ also I have to agree with a previous commenter that the outfit seems a bit “overstyled”. yet those are great pieces on their own but together it’s just a bit too much. other than that you are as always a stunning beauty with good taste in clothes, still we as your followers don’t have to LOVE everything you wear, right ;) hope to see you soon again in more affordable clothes, but I could understand if you would wear the alma bag every day until the rest of your life haha it’s the most perfect bag ever!

xo Ally

You look amazing :) ! I like this outfit, it’s a bit unusual, great !


I really liked your blazer and your bag! It’s such a great color!

those sequin leggings are stunning. love the way you styled it with such a beautiful bold colour

Wonderful pictures – and I really like your style change…

Tanja –

these leggins are stunning!


This is perfect , you are gorgeous girls , love your blazer and shoes and everything !

love that blazer! absolutely gorgeous! xx

that’s such a beautiful bag! x

amazing color match with blazer nd shoes :)
love your leggings and bag of course!

omg love the outfit!

I looooove your styling! Keep on good job! Nina

I’ll check the web page of the shirt! It’s really nice! The look is awesome! Very colorful for the autumn!

Love your pants!

You look gorgeous! I want those leggings too!!!

With love,

I like so much the jacket and the shoes!!!

Muito linda… que calça bonita e bolsa linda. Beijos.

you look stunning!!! love your bag and your leggings!!!

You look amazing Kristina, as usual!!! Love your new Vouitton bag and specially the colour…

I’m absolutely in love with your outfit! The blazer and shoes are amazing!
Fashion Bible

Wow this look is soo amazing!Love every peaci in it!And specialy the blaser!!:))


gaaa those D&G leggings are absolutely everything! I love the two pops of red, totally daring outfit but perfect for the holiday season. you have the most incredible doe-eyes, lucky you!

Loveeeee the colour, the sequin, the outfit! You’re very beautiful and I love your blog. XX

lov it!!! u rock girl…. hope u take a look of my blog too…i’m new from this “blogging” world!!! xoxo

look at you!!! loving all the tokyo posts from everyone you pants are to die for!! xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Red looks amazing on you!

I realy enjoyed this post, because you gave us a little insight in your thoughts (‘lost in translation’, the atmosphere in such a big city).
It would be great that you write more things like that :) movies/music you like, places you like to visit, the life in Switzerland..
you seem like a very nice and smart person, so it would be great to read sometimes ‘lifestyle’ subjects :)

and I must agree with the other anonymus readers. I dont like the outfit either. I think its too much: the leggins, the golden shirt… if the clothes were worn by someone else and not you, it would look terrible, but you are so feminine and you have the most prettiest face (and hair) on the blogger scene, so its not looking that bad!

Greatings from Croatia :)


Loving those leggings paired with the tan top & vibrant red blazer – just wonderful! Sounds like you had an amazing trip, albeit a short one :)

<3 Shawna

Those leggings are amazing..

Great look, love the sequins pants with the red jacket ^^

wow love the sequined leggings! and you are so gorgeous! :)

Ton sac est … Ouaw super :) Et au moins ca change du speedy que toutes les filles ont! Et je dis pas de commentaire sur le reste.
Genial comme d’hab et meme si c’est en anglais j’essaie de comprendre mais c’est dur haha bref chouette :)

I loved these legging before I saw them on you, but now I love them even more. You look amazing! and the lipstick..omg, you rock it.


Hello! I’m French but I speak English… A little =) You have a face of angel *____* I’m a fair-haired girl too ^^ Your clothes are beatiful! Good luck for the more. (Sorry if did’nt speak much english =D )

Orange matches very well with your skin! You look beautiful

seriously – incredible , loveee love love this look!



J’adore ton style, tu es une des seule bloggeuse suisse vraiment “wouah”! ^^
Tu as eu une chance inouïe de pouvoir aller au Japon =) Les photos sont superbes!
Je crois que tu connais un peu une de mes amies, Ambre. Elle est en photo sur mon blog ;-) Ca peut peut-être t’intéresser!

You’re absolutely gorgeous!! I love your pants :)

Kisses from Lima..

I just falled in love with your beauty, style and everything!
You should be in Vogue.
Wish you luck in your career and that your biggest dreams come true ;**

Very Beautiful ! <3

Hello! I would love to know what is your ALma bags “name”, is it GM or what :) ? Thank you!

I have to tell This is one of my favorites. You looks so BEAUTIFUL on this one. The outfit fits perfect with your makeup, your maup is so natural, I loved the lipstick, and you hair is so precious. The orange shirt with the coat… WOW. and the pants… WWOW. I totally love this one. Your eyes also look so beauty and natural!

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