Pictures by JAMES VYN

HOLIDAY SEASON This kind of weather just makes me want to stay in bed all day long and drink hot chocolates while eating cookies in front of a nice tv show. This is also the time of the year when you don’t go out that much, and find various activities to do at home. First, you get addicted to your thickest, usually ugliest socks. Mine are with a Hello Kitty pattern, very chic.I also had ones with ducks on them… But that is an old story. Second, the pyjama you would never wear in front of somebody, the one you litteraly float in and which is perfect to sit in any comfortable or uncomfortable postion on the couch. Then you find things to do like redecorating your room ( that is what I am thinking about right now), or for example do some blogging, check some blogs, find some blogs, create a blog? This must be the reason why I started mine in winter. This Chrismas period is just perfect for those lazy, and cozy type of activities. It had been a tradition for me since I have been born, to become a real bed-patato during winter but this year I was thinking about changing a bit my habits and trying to go out a bit more, even if my bones trasform into ice cubes. I think it is such a gorgeous season, and there are too many things to discover and to try. Ice skating for example?

Are you guys already thinking about your Chrismas presents? I am, and it is always such a difficult decision. Presents have always been for me the coolest part of any celebration ( a part from the feast, turkey yum). These are those little intentions for the people you love the most, they have to be special. Therefore I try to think about the gifts in advance, to find the best ones possible. Let me know what are your ideas!
For this outfit I decided to stay in a neutral palette by wearing my favourite combination : nude and black. There is something about those two colours that I love. I think that pulled up together they bring so much chic and elegance. So here I matched some black leather-inspired leggins from with a nude shirt and a nude blazer over it, which one is from, definetly an online shop to check. Not only their prices are totally affordable but the clothes also have great designs. The little Michael Kors bag is a souvenir brought back from the FNO Michael Kors party in Tokyo with James. Such great memories.

SHIRT : Zara
SHOES : Mango
BAG : Michael Kors
NECKLACE : Topshop
LIPSTICK : A mix of  ”génial” from Chanel and the classic red from Lancôme.


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really nice! christmas? you have got more than month for a presents! no stress! :D

you look amazing! i love everything about that outfit and that nail polish also! xx

We love your nails, they are super cute :)

Kisses from





Woooowww…so elegant…so chic this look! I love it!
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Wonderful look and you are stunning! :)

Amazing pants! And I love the draping of the blazer.
You look stunning as always.

what is the company/name of your nail polish? it’s amazing!

Gorgeous. Love that blazer!

I love you makeup – dunno why, but when I make it like that I look.. cheap… maybe it’s because I dont know how to do it well :)? Anyway… I like your leggins very much and I read some article where you wrote that you dont care that people say you have “fat legs” and I think it’s great, but Im also curious how does your “back” look in those.. cause you see, this is a problem with those leggins and Im always unsecure about my bottom in such… sooo… how are you coping with that?
kisses :)

So gorgeous! Love it!

Thanks Olja, well I don’t care because I have normal legs, not skinny of course but I like them the way they are. And I know they are not fat haha!
The word ”fat” has a different meaning to me.

Also try to wear with this kind of leggins really adapted under-wear, it helps ;).

The nailposlish is form the Dior’s new winter collection. It is called ”Or Divin”.

omg, this is terrible ! You can not wear these pants, please … : < BUT You are beautiful!

I loved the last photo :) Kisses!!

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Love the jacket and the nailpolish the most. Love that you like the holiday season as much as I do.

I have the same problem with my holiday wishlist!

Love from a Dutch beauty and lifestyleblogger

You look amazing! love your blazer! and your lipstick is fab! amazing color!

kisses from

This is such a clean and polished look. You look magnificent. And adore the fur accent. x

you look gorgeous, love love love your make up! x

I love the nude with the black! That necklace is fabulous too!!

No matter which size you have, 32 or 42, I personally don’t like leggings without a long top kinda covering them, would prefer normal pants with short top.

But I really like the outfit in general. As you say the colors are very classy and the necklace is really pretty.

I’m to busy to be a couch patato, but this cold weather does make it very tempting. Also started thinking about christmas presents already
I like it when people give me things that have some sort of personal meaning or an insider joke behind it or a memory
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

No matter which size you have, 32 or 42, I personally don’t like leggings without a long top kinda covering them, would prefer normal pants with short top.

But I really like the outfit in general. As you say the colors are very classy and the necklace is really pretty.

I’m to busy to be a couch patato, but this cold weather does make it very tempting. Also started thinking about christmas presents already
I like it when people give me things that have some sort of personal meaning or an insider joke behind it or a memory
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Great outfit! I love your style
I wonder, if you could show us some jacket or coat that you wear in these cold days, because you are such an ispiration to me. I want to buy a new one,which is chic and warm at the same time but I really dont know where can i get or how it should look like. Thank you :)

That portrait of you is stunning. Love this outfit!

You have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. And you always do your make up so pretty! Love the outfit too xoxo

I love you blazer!

Love your blazer, leggings and necklace. You look really elegant.

The link to the blazer is not working?

i love love love the blazer together with the necklace. nude colours rock!
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Love the dash of fur


I’ve just discovered your blog recently and am already so in love with it! You’re so gorgeous and you’ve got a great eye for fashion!

You look fantastic ! You always look so elegant ! Xx nadine ( it would be a great honor for me if you visit my blog !)

This is so great! I love the blazer, the necklace, the furry detail… just everything!

loving the idea of mixing nude and black, nicely done

Nude and black so elegant as you said!
Very good mix for the lips!

Adorable necklace!Loved it :)


Your face is amazing!
Perfect outfit

You look perfect as always, Kristina <3

nude and black are really chic!!
Ciao from Italy! :)

really amazing look!
and i just love your figure! i love how you’re not sick-thin like most popular bloggers!

Fashion Philosophy

very nice all the pictures!
I’m looking forward for Christmas too!
Miss Starshiny

love the outfit!! love the nude color of your top!!! and love the pants!! you look great!!!

You look so beautiful! I like your nailpolish color.Looks perfect with your outfit.

Absolutelly Beautiful!!! Love your blog and your style. Make up is amazing too. :))

You’re very beautiful, I expect you’ll be a great model.Btw all your look’re gorgeous.

amazing! but don’t be a fool, it’s cold:)

Beautiful pictures!!! Great combination!

Gut, sehr gut)))))

Very unusual and beautiful color of the dress! Very sexy neckline! Bravo!

Beautiful outfit – it really looks fantastic – love your pants…

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

I cant believe that some people are so rude and come to your blog to tell you, you cant wear those pants, you look fat…whatever! You can wear what you want and in my opinion you can definitely wear those leggings without a long shirt!!!! You look absolutely great and everybody who is saying something different is talking bullshit!

You look so pretty, love the photos. xx

Love this light peach color! I am also a bit against some “heavy” trends of the fall season, and I’ve recently bought a dress in this exact shade! I wear it with glossy black accesories.

They look like an inspiration for painting.

wow amazing blazer!

you look fabulous :)

I actually have hello kitty with individual toe sections. Super rad ugly home socks :)

Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

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you look gorgeous *.* love that necklace.

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Perfect outfit!! I really like it,girl!!

Kisses,Marilena from greece :)

Beautiful outfit and I love your musings on Winter, feel exactly the same haha :D

♥♥ beautifuullll!!! u are my inspiration!!

This is so damn gorgeous!
Every single piece is amazing and they all go great together. ♥.♥

Amazing oufit! I’ve never used black and nude in one outfit but now i should try it!

wow.. u are gorgeous :) u dun look like 18.. (dat is a compliment :D) .. Your dressing sense is amazing.. I love each of your outfit :)

youre stunning, i love all your outfits but this time i have to say that you should wear longer t-shirts (etc.) with leggins. Leggins are not pants! :)
Have a nice day.

your necklace is so luxurious looking! i love the leather-esque pants and chic nude blazer with the cascading lapel. pop of pink tops it off

This is so gorgeous ;-)

beautiful makeup and clothes! ♥

I loved everything about it… from the lipstick to the boots :D <3<3

wonderful as usually, you should post your beauty pictures at, all the best! X

gorgeous look, I love nude and blck together too and I love you´re necklace :)

The last photograph is my favourite! Love nude colouring and boots.xo

geneve is so beautiful!

and i love this outfit:) above all your eye-makeup! stunning.


Oh, what a beautfiul make-up! I would love to see you making tutorial…

You inspired me!
You are absolutely amazing! <3
I visit your blog everyday. In my opinion you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You should be Victoria’s Secret model, or fashion designer!!

I’ve got a question where the pictures were taken?:)

you are beautiful and this outfit is really amazing :) simple and amazig

I absolutely love your makup! wowww

i love combining lipsticks–sometimes you can find the perfect combination. lovely outfit, by the way–i adore the black booties.

i am enchanted by your necklace love it so beautiful and simple makes the whole look xx A Fox That Meows ♥

you look stunning! beautiful necklace!

this is such a chic look! love your necklace and your gorgeous makeup!

Really nice outfit ! I love nude too! xoxo

you look stunning! i really like the nude colors!

I know you got that bag at the store, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE online..and I want to ask for it for Christmas! Any chance you know where I can find it online??

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Your eyebrows <3