LAZY SICK WEEK-END Remember how I told you that I was going to spend my weekend at home with TV shows, soups and beauty treatments? Well it ended up with pills, tissues and hot honey tea. I was sick, stuck deeply in the hot sheets of my bed with a huge scarf around the neck. It is unbelievable, each time cold weather shows up, I catch up strong winter illnesses. Perhaps I should try to wear more winter adapted outfits for the blog… That is something I will seriously think about! Luckily James came to entertain me a little, we have spent time watching movies such as ”The Mask” which actually made me laugh so hard ( and then caught so hard…). Cameron Diaz is for sure one super hottie and I wondered how would I have behaved if I wore this green mask that accentuates your personality. I think I would have ran to the closest shopping center to buy new shoes, and then baked some winter cookies… So basically this was my very exciting weekend, I hope to get better soon because tons of projects are waiting. What about you guys, how was your week-end?

This outfit was shot a few days ago when I was out in the center of Lausanne for a Dinner. We were about to taste one of the famous winter traditional meals called ” La Chasse” made of an assortement of differemeent meats at our favourite restaurant. I decided to go with a snow white look, red lips on extremely pale skin. A white blouse from Isabel Lu, a red skirt from Zara and my beloved Miu Miu to finish the ensemble. The faux-fur jacket is very warm even if there is no sleeves and is good for cool winter days. Also this vintage clutch is one of my favourite of the season, it is too small for a whole day out but it is nice to take with during a dinner or a party.

BLOUSE : Isabel Lu
HEELS : Miu Miu
CLUTCH : Vintage
BRACELET : Parfois
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Rouge Volupté 17 ”Red Muse”


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The fur gillet with the all the red accents is so festive and pretty. x

I love this outfit, it’s a mix of snowhite and red riding hood (the recent movie)!

you look adorable :)

I have a cold myself, but luckily I didn’t have to stay in bed all weekend. Hope you feel better soon ! This is a great look.. the jacket makes it suitable for winter and the red skirt really pops out.
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I have a cold myself, but luckily I didn’t have to stay in bed all weekend. Hope you feel better soon ! This is a great look.. the jacket makes it suitable for winter and the red skirt really pops out.
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Hahahaha!!! Well sweetie you should maybe consider to wear more winter outfits to avoid these illnesses!!! I hope you are completely recovered by now!

that red skirt is adorable! you look beautiful. like usual


such an amazing outfit, I love everything. And yeah you look pale, but that makes your red lipstick look super good. Like a snow white ha.
Anyway hope you get well soon Kristina :)

You look beautiful. I Really love this outfit… you mix soft colours with hard, glitter and fur.

Love that lipstick :*

You look like a snow angel :O I love the ruffles down the side of the blouse. So pretty.

Castle Fashion

looove this look!

Monika from J’adore Fashion

Great outfit! Just love this look.

& every post with this shoes makes me jealous haha :p

Cotton Candy

im in love with those ruffles and you match it so well!

Summer Flounce

You look goregous…
I’m in love with your skirt…


nice bright spots – skirt and your lips =)
amazing blouse with attractive sleeves, so romantic

U look great. I like ur hair

Lovely look! That red lipstick contrasts so well with your porcelain skin!!!!! And I love your shoes!

I love that outfit!

Wow! Even beauty has its limits, which doesn’t happen on you. You’re extremely stunning and breathtaking..

Romantic look!!! i like it !!

Much love from Italy
Maria Onorio

Your really look like a princess :) Love it

Well, I think I might as well have got a cold because I spent my hooooole weekend doing my architecture project… My head is almoust exploding!! =P

you look so amazing!!!♥

Wow! Perfect outfit! Beautiful like always. I’m still waiting your skin/make up tutorial, don’t forget that :)

Love the red lipstick on you! Gorgeous.

It’s weekend not week-end and it’s quite not quiet (which means silent) and it’s truly not trully :) (main mistakes I’ve noticed in your English) :P
Wish you all the best and love your blog!

Amazing, not really into the shoes!!!!

Kisses,Marilena from Greece :)

these photos are so magnificent, so dreamy and the with the wind catching perfectly.

the red lips looks great on you.

The skirt is really very nice…i love red color on clothes
A little bit of fashion

Omg Kristina widermal you look absolutely stunning! I just love your hair!

<3 Anja

great outfit! i also love YSL lipstick. totally worth the money!

I love your outfit! The jacket in combination with the red skirt is so nice!
xo Madeleine

love the look and your nailpolish color is amazing ! is that the one from tophop? xx nadine

you look beautiful!

Your look is great! OMG!
Perfect combination!
Love every item!

So cute! you look amazing!

stunning outfit, love the pop of red! :) hope you get well miss! ~ Gabriele xx

wow, a blonde snow white :)




you look just AMAZING!!!!!
you look like a doll *.*


so beautifull.. red lipstick looks amazing on you!

You look so sweet, really pretty outfit and your skin is amazing!

Beautiful look! Love the pop of red.

Love the outfit! XOXO

wow i really love this outfit, it looks soo beautiful and romantic. and i wish you’re doing better soon!


You look simply stunning sweetie ! I love love love this outfit and your boyfriend always catches the perfect light for pictures.
You’re a great source of inspiration, I’m so proud you’re swiss like me :), it’s such a honor.


I totally love it!!! you look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

loving that fur and a red skirt mix

You look Amazing! :) So gorgeous! The outfit is beautiful! <3

beautiful!! love!

WOW! You look amazing1 LOVE IT.


I love the pop of colour from your skirt! You look wonderfully pulled-together.

Hope you get better soon. In any case, it sounds as if you’ve got an awesome friend in James!

x Minty

Feel better and stay cute!


love the style, all your styles, but the lips are to redish orangish for my taste.

Love it you look like red riding hood ^^
Hope you get well soon!

you look gorgeous darl! hope you’re feeling better now! :)

B xx

beautiful look!
i’m Ile from Italy,
visit my blog on

Wow, what an absolutely stunning outfit! Love love love it! :)
Sorry to hear you’ve caught a cold though; Hope you feel better soon dear!

<3 Shawna

The combination between the fur vest and the red skirt is great! Hope you feel better already, being sick really sucks! :)

xoxo Melanie

Love ,Love ,Love it!!!

I have just one word to say: P E R F E C T !

this post reminds me a snow white a blonde version of course your neon pout and pale skin beautiful xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Beautiful photos

I just found your blog, it is so professional!
Your pictures are flawless and look like professional advertising pictures, I’m really impressed!

Gorgeous outfit and photos! You look beautiful and I love your skirt so much! xxx

always so stunning! ♥

I am so thankful I found your blog.


M like screaming fr dat red skirt!
Nude colors with bright ones.. u sure got great style :)
Get well soon

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This is soooo gorgeous Darling!!!

This is another of one of my favorites.
Love the hair and the makeup. So white and everything is so gorgeous!