Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUMMER? What is wrong with the weather ? Woke up the other day and I swear it was almost 17° degrees outside instead of the usual 3°. No kidding, in Switzerland the weather swings are pretty unbelievable, I can tell you… You never know how to dress up. The sun has finally been highly usefull to shoot the Versace for H&M outfit since it was obvious for me that I wasn’t planning on wearing a vest over it ( which is actually not surprising at all if you followed my previous posts). Therefore the pictures session went out pretty well, and I wasn’t evening freezing for being half undress during fall, which is pretty crazy. The dress truns out good too. As I said I was a bit dissapointed since the pieces I wanted from the collection were all sold out. But this garment is very classy and it has this feminin and very sexy vibe that I really enjoy. The other pieces didn’t fit at all to my tastes regarding fashion, there was a lot of flashy coloured paterns, and I am not a huge fan of that unfortunatly. I know of course that the brand loves playing with that, but there were different pieces much more classic and elegant such as this dress for exemple. I could never buy something that I’ll wear just one time, if I spend money on a clothe it has to be worth it. And I have to get the big crush on it.

How did you guys spend your week-end? Modays are always such hard days of the week, so it feels good to think about the nice freetime spent a couple days ago, I do it a lot. Good method against Monday-depression. After having a huge maths exam on Saturday, I enjoyed with my mother a little time in town. We had lunch at a lovely place in the town center of Geneva and afterwards had look at the few shops around. It was so nice to see all the families together doing their christmas shopping ( it’s almost sales!). On sunday night James and I went to see the Kills perform on stage. I don’t know if you heard about that band but basically it’s a duo : Alison Mosshart, the singer and Jamie Hince the guitar player ( who is actually the husband of Kate Moss, lucky man. She definitely loves bad boys.. ). Their show was great, and they had a really good energy on stage. If you guys have the chance to see them, go for it. It ‘s worth it.

DRESS : Versace for H&M
SHOES : Zara
EARRINGS : Forever 21
NAILPOLISH : ”Or Divin” Dior
LIPSTICK : Lancôme rouge


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I’m not a big fan of the dress itself, but I have to say you definately look great wearing it. Pretty photos
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

I’m not a big fan of the dress itself, but I have to say you definately look great wearing it. Pretty photos
fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

wow, you look amazing!

impresionante ! preciosa!

this dress looks even more than chic on you, mostly because of the elehance hidden in your personality:)

Monika from J’adore Fashion

these photos look so great! red is your colour and i love all the modeling poses. you’re gorgeous!

pandaphilia style

You looked amazing! You’re so lucky, it was freezing in The Netherlands (again!)

beautiful colour on you. Can’t believe your not wearing any layers in the middle of november though! crazy.


Beautiful photos! I wanted that dress too, but it was already sold out when I managed to get to the local H&M. Well, it looks really good on you! :)

You look sizzling hot in that fiery dress!

You look suer sexy in that dress. xoxo

I don´t like Versace, but this dress look good on you :)

Stunning as usual, cheri!

Amazing photos!!
You look fantastic ♥


You look gorgeous! I love your dress.

amazing pics!

when I saw this dress in your last post i wasn’t sure if it looked nice but on you it looks just gorgeous! you’re so lucky that you grabbed something out of the collection. XO

You have amazing legs,
and I love the earrings on you xx

you look fantastic in red!


really amazing look!
LOVE the shoes!

Fashion Philosophy

Wow beautiful pics with a beautiful girl, and i’m really jelous on your make-up how can you do this? Looks so professional.

actual gorgeous!
Krissy xoxo



so stuning with the red dress babe

прекрасное платье! и ты тоже! удачи тебе во всём!

you look fabulous in that dress


you look really good on you, i couldn´t wear it! :D

Beautiful pics! U look great!)


amazing photos! but please make a post with ur birthday goodies !!!! i wanna see them all!!!

I Love the combination of red dress and gold accessories.

When i saw this dress in the shop i didn’t liked it at all, but now i see it on you it looks amazing!
Amazing pics.

It looks great on you!Beautiful:))


Very photogenic and beautiful !:)

I was actually in Switzerland :) You look beautiful !

I would have never thought about buying this dress, but it looks unbelievable gorgeous on you!!!

you look amazing! i LOVE your dress!


This dress looks gorgeous on you :)
Wish we could have sudden turn-around and have 17° =)
Have a spectacular day,


Hot hot hot! Like Donatella’s muse honey, you’re totally working that dress! Gorgeous accessories, the way Versace was meant to be rocked!

Peace. Love. LOL!



you look absolutly stuning

wow. you’re stunning.stunning. beautiful.

my blog♥mfashionfreak

Amazing photoshoot, it looks like Russian Vogue and I love the portrait photos with the light reflections from your bracelet.

you look so great !
and you’re so right for the kills they’re incredible ! hope you had a great show !
love from belgium xxx

oh my god, you look absolutely phenomenal. so stunning! love those shiny shoes x

amazing pictures! you look like a profesional model :)

Love this look!
That dress suits you so well!

I don’t like the shoes but I really love the dress and the make up.
Everything looks good on you

I love that dress, I feel like it has a sort of 90s feel to it. In the last photo you look sort of like an Olsen sister, by the way!

Can you tell us a secret of your lips? They are always sooo gorgeous, how do you do that? I mean, have you got any useful tips?


this dress is so amazing! ♥

You look so chic! :)
- Laura S

The dress is really nice, but the photoshoot and your make up were even more amazing. Congrats! :)

beautiful photos!beautiful clothes! come to see my outfit :)

3rd picture of you should be on the cover of Vogue! You look so gorgeous in this dress. Kisses!

The dress looks perfect with your blonde hair – and gives you all the attention – wonderful…!

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

Love that dress it is stunningg!

this dress looks so gorgeous on you ! The bracelet is super cute too.

Really attractive and stunning dress! One can never miss this color.. Your fair skin brings the color out even more.. Very elegant indeed.

i’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and these are the best pictures in a while by far!
ps: love love love your (eye)makeup :)

amazing photos, you look great rocking that dress! :)

B xx

Fabulous dress, fits like a glove! Love the tiny cutouts.

completely agree with you about the Versace Collection :)

you look amazing in this dress!!! love the pics and what nice weather!”!

You could have been the model for this collection, you look fabulous in the dress.

ohhh.. I love the dress.. Orange suits u so well.. I love Zara so much.. I had seen these shoes there.. THey have awesome collection of high heels bt Im nt comfy in them so cant buy :\.. u loook gorgeous..

Lucky girl! Here in Holland it’s like 3 degrees… The dress looks SO good on you! I have the blue/green bomberjacket :)

With love,

You are adorable with this dress!


Amazing pics!! They look like the Versace x H&M ad… ;D Really beautiful! :)

Your look is perfection!! *.*
The shoe are wooow!


And I lovvveeee your header/logo with the name on your lips, very original!

you look stunning! and these photos are amazing,thumbs up to your photographer! love all of them and especially the close up!

It really fits on you :)

Kisses from


Very cool looks!Can I ask the question?Do YOU make your own makeup by yourself?)It looks fantastic!^.^

You look so stunning that I had to put at least one of those picture on my blog I hope you don’t mind.

Kisses Andie ;)

you look amazing in this dress!!! love the pics .

you are one of the most beautiful humans ive ever seen in my whole life! and youre definetely not looking like you are eighteen years old

amazing dress, you’re so gorgeous!

Nice dress, amazing with gold accessories. Great post, Kristina!:)


Dear Kristina! I am fallowing your blog since your participation at the miss swiss contest..and I have to stay I absolutly love your blog and especially your style! I enjoy every post. I’m not a very big “commenty”-person..but now I just have to say I absolutely love the new Versace for H6M dress on you! When I saw it in your last post I thought it didnt look very pretty..but now that you wear it I totally want the same ;-) so congrats, I think your a great model! I wish you the best for the blog and for the continuation of your model-career (et bonne chance pour la matu ;-))!

Heilanddonner isch die geil.

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Your looks so gorgeous in this photos, like it’s summertime or something. Totally cool, and love your makeup and the dress

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