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 THE BROWN TRENCH COAT Not that the title of this post has anything to do with the Blondie character from Sin City, but sometimes some of my friends call me this way ( especially when I make stupid jokes and look like Elle Woods from legally blonde, a bit naive, and a bit ridiculous. But I can assure you, it’s really rare, usually I have always very intelligent facts to share hehe). I have always wondered how I would look like if my hair was dark brown, and I must admit that I’ve been literally dying to try out since many years now. Therefore I even bought a wig just to see how I would look, and frankly speaking: I love this color on me. So why not change? A lot of people associate the blonde hair color, to glamour and sexy, some others to stupidity and superficiality. I think that being blond brings a lot of judgments based only on appearances, so I would love to be a little brown headed just to try out how it feels, and to know if it is different. I mean if you just have a look, in most of the high school American cheesy movies, the bitchy girls are always blonde (Regina Georges must be the perfect example). Even though I am curious to see how it would be to have brown hair, I must say that it would be definitely strange to change it.

I am going to take a little bit of time to think about it, and perhaps will even do a post with my brown wig, that could be fun. In the meantime though, it could be interesting to discuss today’s outfit. I have always loved trench coats, and of course, especially the Burberry ones which are gorgeous. When I received this one the other day, thanks to, I was so excited to try it on. The cut is very elegant and yet really simple; it is perfect as an everyday coat and good for cold weather. I paired it to a little faux-fur neck warmer and to a Lodis leopard detailed clutch. The leggings that you may have seen in one of my recent posts called ‘’Pony Tails and Fabi shoes’’ are from H&M and these are matched to my beloved Mango shoes. What do you think?

SHOES : Mango
CLUTCH : Lodis
LIPSTICK : M.A.C Vegas Volt


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Look beautiful…yeah do a post with the brown wig would be cool…but i’m sure that i love you blond better…

first one:) wow, beautiful pictures and great look!:)

oh I often think about that too! can’t say whether I’d do it or not if I were you, but maybe you shouldn’t think about it too much and just go for it, you know?

in love with this outfit! a great mix of textures

beautiful nail polish! what brand it is?:)

You look amazing!! Love the coat and the clutch!!

Books in my bags

I love your coat :)I love trench coats, I love the colour of your hair, it would be great to see what you would look like with the brown wig I think it would be a great idea to do a post with the wig

Everything is perfect. Love that coat.
Much love,


Haha, I’d love to see what you would look like with brown hair! I do love your blonde hair though. It’s gorgeous.
Love the outfit, too!

loving the look, the coat works nicely with the clutch

Don’t color your hair too dark because you have very light skin ;)

Beautiful coat!!!

woow i love this outfit! aboe all this fur item and the coat:) looks perfect for winter.


Great outfit. Love the trench and the clutch!

I absolutely adore you. You have such a fantastic style and the makeup video you did the other day…I just do my makeup like that now, it’s so cool and really fit’s me well, thank you!

Kristina, I’ve been following you since August, and I can’t say nothing more then that I love your style and fashion scent! You’re also a very beautiful Model :) Good luck in the future, I know your going to be very big!


Lovely pictures – your coat and bag are amazing… love them!

Tanja – or via Facebbok-Page

I think you look gorgeous with blonde !
This summer I also wanted to try out how it feels to be different then usually.
So I dyed my hair blonde.. and i must say i was satisfied just for the first 2weeks ! Then i just wanted my natural color back and even if I did it professional my hair was noticeable damaged :/

Sorry for too much information)) But just sayin’’ll probably regret it !

I just found your blog, and I follow you now. You are so beauty and your blog is a great inspiration for me…

You have the most beautiful skin and facial features, you look like a porcelain doll. As you have mentioned about how blonde’s get judged by society I think you give blond a new meaning of sheer elegance and class!
Because your face is so beautiful, blond hair is perfect for you, it does not overpower your already powerfully beautiful face, I would love to see the brown wig on you as I think you would look immaculate either way to be more than honest!

That coat is so beautiful,your whole outfit is perfect, I am inspired by you!

I have dark brown curly hair and I wish blond hair would suit me!

aaaaw! I really love your coat, is amazing!^^
I love it in special the color, and if you like the black hair do it! Sure you look very good!:D
Hope you have a nice day!^^


Maria Onorio

ROMWE coat is amazing! You look beautiful in it, and such a great color combinations to fit you! You are simply stunning! kisses ;*

Hi! I have a pair of those leggings, but in black, and love them!
Love the coat, looks fab on you, so elegant!

Take a look at my blog, I think you’ll like it:

Lovely photos! Your coat is amazing! xxx

Gorgeous! LOve the brown on brown…that trench is fabulous…even more so with brown hair?? Maybe…can’t wait to see you try the look out!

Peace. Love. LOL!

p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

BEAUTIFUL. love this whole outfit !

great outfit..I love the coat & fur collar! you should try brown hair..I think you’d look nice with it! & you can always dye it back if you don’t like it

love your chocolate outfit!

Lovely trench coat, clutch and shoes! Please do not ruin your beautiful blonde hair by dying it brown!

You look gorgeous! Love the brown tones paired with the leopard clutch!

I would love to see how your hair looks in a different color! I have been thinking about changing my hair color as well! It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?
And i love the coat, very chic!

gorgeous as always! and i would love to see you in your brown wig! how fun!

You’re perfect !
I love all your outfits ^^


Qualsiasi cosa indossi ti stà divinamente!



You look amazing, girl. I love you leopard clutch ! Xx nadine

Love the coat and the clutch!!! You beautiful as always :)

xoxo, CJ

love the leopard! <3

so beautiful! I love the different shades of brown on you!

xo Julia

The Trench shorten you out… it should have stop by your waist….

Blondie means to me no caracter from the Sin City but:



In love with that jacket!!!!

love your outfits!! kss from spain

Such a beautiful coat, I’m in love !!!
Please don’t dye to brown, it’s so hard to get rid of it later, and unhealthy to your hair!!!

So, is this the only coat you have that is not a fake fur coat? :D Looks great on you. And I also love your hair color, that’s just the perfect shade of blonde. I have brown hair and it’s really the other way round for me: I always wanted to try to dye my hair blonde but actually I like my hair color, so I never tried. I only had once some light strands, but the hairdresser kind of messed it up so I paid a huge amount of money and the strands were not even visible… But this is many years ago ;)

By the way, I LOOOOOOOOOVE you fake fur coat collection ♥

First :D
Love it, especially the clutch and shoes :)

Love the heels. xo Madeleine

Nice trench coat kristina!! I like how its a darker color compared with traditional trench coats!! And I definitely think you could pull off brown hair. I just dyed my hair for the first time over summer and it’s really fun changing up your look! I tried a dark blond and red so far! And if you end up not liking it, you can always dye it back to your original color!!

i love the neck warmer. it could be very warm and it’s so fashionable!

you sil. your hair looks so fabulous in these photos. you don’t need to change it, you look great! ^_^

I guess u were having a good hair day dats y ur hair look gorgeous :D
You look beautiful your trench coat is magnificent :)
Maybe u have time to visit my blog

Amazing outfit!!! I love your pictures!!!You look georgeous!!!

(giveaway on my blog!!)

Lovely outfit! :P


Love the clutch!!! And I can totally understand you, regarding to the hair.. I’m blonde too and sometimes I’m naive too and don’t get the jokes before anyone else =P I’ve been wanting to change up my hair colour..but I don’t really know what to do..’cause I like the blonde =P

xox Rose

J adore cette tenue! Et le trench a vraiment une jolie ligne !

Beautiful and very elegant/chic outfit !! Looks very very nice aswell as comfy enough to fight the cold weather… Like it a lot ! You’ve just inspired my today’s outfit and I’m becoming a ROMWE girl myself today ;)

I think the fur-scarf detail makes this coat look so much better! Love your shoes too, it’s a great outfit :)

Il neige toujours pas ? eheheh chez nous il neige au Valais à Sion ^^
Sinon j’adore ton manteau *.* il est sublime !!!!!

so gorgeous! The look is perfect! Amazing trench!! :)

as always chick and classy!
keep doing this! :*

I think your blonde hair looks great and you should be proud of being an ( almost) natural blonde. Although brown would probably suit you aswell.

Elegant outfit !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I think your blonde hair looks great and you should be proud of being an ( almost) natural blonde. Although brown would probably suit you aswell.

Elegant outfit !
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Amazing look !! Lovely clutch !

I thing that the blond color is perfect for you :)
A little bit of fashion

I think the blond fits you better ! Keep your blond baby ! You’ll regret it (I did it 5 years ago and I returned to my blond hair).
You are amazing ! Thank you for sharing with us :)

Please visit my blog at !! and follow if you like !

xoxo from Paris !

oo blondie you look fantastic!

Great outfit, these pants are so wearable.
You`re a proof that the blond stereotypes are wrong! And don’t you dare changing your haircolor, it’s gorgeous!

Love the leggings and the coat. – the outfit is perfect. and you look really really pretty in these pictures! one of my favorites of you.

i was always made fun of when i was younger for being blonde. being called dumb and all those stupid names. I used to want to dye my hair brown but now i’m proud of my blonde because it resembles my family. my whole family (for many generations) have been blonde, so why would i change myself to fit to society. i love being blonde

I love your trench and the colour is perfect for your hair.

Just Rock and Rose.

I LOVE THIS! perfect look dear x

You look gorgeous! I love your style! :)

Очень нравятся фотографии=)

the look is so nice:) the trench is lovely too, it looks so nice on you:)

i love to see you blonde, and even if i never saw you with brown hair i think blonde is definitely your colour!
oh and i love this outfit ♥

Like a blonde girl I must admit that sometimes some friends call me Barbie… But I don’t care because I know I’m not a futile and silly girl. Futhermore beauty and wit can easily walk toguether. My philosophy is: sharp mind and a body to match! :) We both know that nothing is more brighter than us. Kisses from your fan, Thereza(Brazil).

I would love to see you with a brown hair :D

i ask myself if you someday read all these comments here and all those e-mails you receive everyday, i sent you one months ago and didn’t get an answer. ):

Love your nailpolish! What brand is it?

Absolutely love and adore your style…I’m a blonde too and I really understand what you mean. On the other hand: Why not prove everyone wrong? I’ve thought about changing my hair color too but I have to say: Being a blonde can be so fun. Dark hair is beautiful, but it’s not for everyone. I think you look gorgeous the way you are.

Amazing outfit!!
Kisses from Style LimeLight

So beautiful as always!
the leopard clutch is amazing nice! I really lovev it!

You can always change it back if you don’t like it.
It’s not like cutting your hair.

I do love the coat on you matched with the rest.


J’adore la pochette, elle fait très chic !

I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I must say your absolutely beautiful, and your posts are all so inspirational!
Happy new year!

I have the same leggings, but haven’t wore them yet. Would love to see how brown hair looks on you ;)

View From Heels

WWOW love it

The brown coat! Totally chick

Im thankful for the article post. Keep writing.

A little bit late hehe but do it! why not change? it would look sooo incredibly amazing with your gorgeous eyes!

en ce moment j’aime bien lire d’anciens articles ici, voir l’évolution… ce que je peux en dire c’est que j’aime l’évolution du style vestimentaire, qui est aujourd’hui plus subtil, avant comme sur ce post, c’était un style plus babydoll, moins abordable et qui te rendait peut etre plus inaccessible aux yeux des autres. le style d’aujourd’hui est plus simple, raffiné et tout autant travaillé…
quand aux cheveux, tu devrais essayer un jour, avec ton teint et tes yeux, ce serait sublime.