Pictures by JAMES VYN

MERRY CHRISTMAS! First of all, I hope you all guys received all you wanted under your christmas tree and the you had a great day. It has been so long since my last post my my… I guess that is how it is when you get sick. But I am so happy to be healthy again and back on the block. James and I went out yesterday to buy the last presents for family and friends so it was the perfect occasion to make some pictures.Ah, it is amazing to be back on high heels again, I missed those…
My outfit is very neutral, composed of some camel elements such as the sweater, the capeline and the clutch (thanks to for such a great gift) and finally the Just Anna Shoes.The all combined to the yeti faux-fur coat from and a few golden jewerly pieces. Let’s not forget the Chanel lipstick in ”génial” that adds the little hint of colour.

I have bought the january issue of Elle as soon as I saw Gaga on the cover, you how much I love her and her crazy excentric character she has build up. The shoot is amazing, Matt Irwin did a great job that is for sure. The styling by Nicola Formichetti is stunning aswell ( aah those Guiseppe Zanotti heels, aah this Alexander McQueen dress…),. It is definitely worth reading if you love the Lady, some quotes are memorable and made me laugh so bad.
” She knows instinctively if something works ( the green Simone Rocha dress is ‘like a sexy watermelon’). And she pulls no punches – one outfit is flatly rejected as it ‘doesn’t make my fashion-pussy wet’.’

SHOES : Just Anna Shoes
LIPSTICK : Chanel ”Génial”
JEWERLY : Parfois and some vintage pieces.


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i love your look and the colours !!!!

omg so beautiful! merry x mas:)

perfect outfit :) i love it :)) and i hope you found under your tree everything you wanted too…

Gorgeous! Love your hat and a coat! :)

Merry Christmas! :)

merry christmas to you hun, glad you are better now! gorgeous photos – love your hat and jacket :)

B x

Merry Christmas to you!!! I hope you’re better. Ciao!

You’re gorgeous :)

I love your faux fur coat!

I love your lips! and how you’re always wearing diffrent lipstick!

How amazing… Merry Christmas=)

Merry Christmas!! hope sangta was good to you too!! xx

My top colors ever <3
I wish my lips looked like yours with lipstick on!

you look so pretty:) you always do:) i really love that outfit, its so nice<3 merrychristmas!!

You look wonderful!


Maria Onorio

wonderful look:) Merry Christmas back:D

You look great..and I totally love the lipstick colour :)

Merry christmas to you too :)

You look amazing. Love everything about this outfit.Glad that you are healthy now, I´ve also been sick but feeling much better today:)
Enjoy the holidays:)
Much love,

Lovely fur coat :)

Kisses from


you look brilliant! I’m your big fan!

So Beautiful outfit! Marry Xmas chiara

i love your blog and your style :) and wish you merry christmas :)
but one thing,you are sick often and i think it relates to your dressing,for example are these shoes proper for winter season?they look weird on december,they are sandals:) no offence :)

That lipstick shade suits you so well! Love this look!

Merry Christmas to you! <3

With love,

I really love your shoes!

You are so pretty! And lovely that you are healthy again! Have a wonderfull new year! ♥

Really like the coat and hat ! Merry Christmas ! Curious to see your next goodies post with your gifts and your party outfits :)
fall outfit overview

Really like the coat and hat ! Merry Christmas ! Curious to see your next goodies post with your gifts and your party outfits :)
fall outfit overview

Fantastic dear! Maybe I’ll see you in Geneve :)

you look just as stunning as always! that fur coat, camel hat, and bright pink lips look fabulous on you! happy holidays

amazing outfit! xx

wonderful connection !
I love your makeup

I wish all the best to you and I hope you have a wonderful 2012!
> <

Lady Gaga <3 She's so intriguing.

Happy Holidays!

Castle Fashion

You look great! Merry Christmas!!!

Je reconnais Lausanne, jolie tenue.


amazing amazing your´s sense of style :)

I wish I could put my feet in open heels today)
You look amazing as always!

come visit my blog and see what inspires me today

i always absolutely love your lipstick.

merry christmas
my blog♥mfashionfreak

What a great outfit, I like how you choose black stockings, it really added a great contrast. It wouldn’t been the same if you had beige ones on I mean. And a merry merry christmas to you, good you’re not sick anymore :) Sorry for my bad english btw

This outfit is amazing, looks beautiful with your blond hair!! Love the lip color.

Amazing photos! You’re so lucky to have such a talented boyfriend/photographer! And you’re the perfect model! Happy Holidays!

I love your Capeline :)

so chic and stunning! ♥

photos look fresh n amazing … still not buying the strappy sandals and tight combined… nice look overall

I am absolutely in love with that lipstick and that white fur coat! You look like a dream!

XX Kathryn

Beautiful outfit! Your sweater, your shoes, your hat and your clutch are gorgeous! xxx

Now I know what’s in Elle I can’t wait until he’s in my mailbox!

Gorgeous outfit!
I love your blog. There’s just something about it; something about YOU i guess.

Very beautiful!!! I love your style :)

OMG!the beautiful clothes, pretty face :) love it:)

you look wonderful, love your flawless makeup.


Wonderful :D
Make Beautiful ^^

Beijão linda :*


Wow! Amazing outfit!

can’t say i like the brown strappy heels with the black tights, but everything else is perfect! :)

gorgeous!!i love everything on this outfit!!

I love your jacket and hat – beautiful together!

I have seen this outfit, but with sendra biker boots. BUt the same hat, same coat…. strange. nice blog anyway.

I really like that outfit, but the black tights are too much contrast for me. You look beautiful though!

everything is beautiful :)

I loved the outfit, the makeup and of course your hair

Okay in this post everything looks so beautiful. First, the outfit is TOTALLY cool, gorgeous and chick. Second, the makeup you used is flawless! The hat fits perfect! And your hair is AMAZING! I always love your hair, and even more when it was like blond, almost white and so long, like on this post. I love you Kristinaa