Pictures by JAMES VYN

 JEANS AND GIANT PERFUME BOTTLES It was such a pleasure to be invited at the Diesel event organized in Geneva last week. First, I must say that it was really interesting to discover the history of the jean made by Diesel and their many years of researches to understand the way to satisfy women with those timeless blue pants aswell. Some like the slim, the other ones love the boyfriend cut. And I? Well it has always been delicate for me to wear jeans ( yes… I know, I am not normal.) but I honestly never liked the classic blue jean on me. However, even though I rarely wear that type of garment I love how jean’s design evolved thourgh years, the cuts are more interestings such as the colours and the details, rivets, stud, everything is possible and designers get more and more curious to play with this iconic fashion piece, their imagination has got no limits. Of course it happens, sometimes I decided to wear a pair of jeans, but usually they are black and very slim which actually tend to look like leggins. My style has always been all about elegance, being chic and modern : I guess I should find a way to interpret the jean in this direction. New challenge!
The evening was lovely, O.P.I had their own little spot where they introduced us to their new shatter nail polish ( have you heard about it?) and some little pastries were spread all around the place, pretty hard to resist to those cute little cupcakes and candies. Also it was a real pleasure to meet ( meet again actually) Amanda, a swiss blogger from Le Ravage and especially share our opinions about fashion in Switzerland.


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this looks great! i was also at the diesel event but in zurich, and they also had this cupcakes! so cute:)


You’re so beautiful when you smile!

You look gorgeous! That lace black dress is one of the most beautiful little black dresses I’ve seen lately :)

you´re really nice couple! :) love your dress.

aww soo cute you’re taller than your boyfriend hehe

That dress is beautiful!
Lovely photos, looks like an amazing event.

your boyfriend is like a doll

amazing dress!
love the 7th pic :)
why you don’t like blue jeans? Blue jeans are one of the most important basics in my closet :)

gorgeousss make up! and you too of courseee


i love your dress and make-up! :D i think i’m gonna watch your make-up tutorial again hehe.

YOU LOOK PERFECT in that dress! what a great combination: lace + backless!!!!!


very nice outfit!

so chic. I love your dress and your makeup. Looks like a very fun event.
xo, Alexandra

Beautiful dress! You look great! And you two look adorable together.

gorgeous photos – love your dress & booties! looks like the event was a lot of fun :)

B xx

I really like your dress

wow, u look amazing.. and james looks hot!

you look stunning as always. the dress is the perfect black dress

i’ve never bought a pair of diesel jeans. i don’t like them on me… but i’d like to change idea….

that lace dress looks so pretty on you!! i love the shade of lipstick you’re wearing!

i must say, i love jeans! it must be the southern california girl in me, but it’s definately a staple in my wardrobe! i definately think you can make jeans look elegant and sophisticated if you pair it with the right top and accessories. especially now that they come in every color of the rainbow!

Wahoo, je suis surprise qu’il y ait des événements comme ça à Genève.
Ps: belle tenue…

Awesome Outfit and lipstick.
Looks like lots of fun!

Hi Kristina, i’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, i wish i lived in europe like you, that’s the reason I love to see european’s blogs, the other day i sent you an email but i didn’t receive an answer, i guess, you just put it on your blog but you never check your fan’s mails, i am a girl from Mexico and love this country, and im a graphic designer and a photographer.
kisses girl, i love your style.

Is it you boyfriend in one of your pictures :)? You both look so cute! By the way you look so elegant and beautiful ! Xx nadine

You are so beautiful!
Love the look! :)

Kisses from pepa:X

Hello Swiss beauty!!!! Just IN LOVE with that lace dress!!!!!!SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Loved the photos, I follow your BF on LB, he has so MUCH style! what a COUPLE you are!!!!!

Beautiful pictures!
Your outfit is amazing.
xo Madeleine

beautiful dress <3

Nice photos and outfit, but this time I don’t like your hair very much. I think they’re too much straight…I prefer you with wavy hair.


You both look lovely!


So beautiful dress !! You look fabulous !

who is the girl with you?
your dress is super :)

Gorgeous outfit! Your dress and your clutch are beautiful! xxx

The black lace fits so well to your blonde hair! Nice look !

i love your dress and a clutch! you look great!

where did you buy the dress?

You and your boyfriend look perfect together! Oh, I want a giant perfume bottle of Diesel! I’ll ask someone to give me that like a christmas giant gift :)

FIRST ! Yay.

you look just perfect together! Krisitna, you’re so beautiful :)

with love,
your opinion is VERY important for me!

You look gorgeous :) I always had a soft corner for lace dresses .. good one..
btw I have never seen you in a pair of jeans :D maybe u cud post ur casual style? ;)
Now u can also follow me on Bloglovin.. New der :) and Facebook too

nice photos!♥

You look amazing! It seems a cool event! (:
I’ve just opened a GIVEAWAY, join HERE if you want (:

xoxo ♥♥♥

i do not like the way your hair look here..
bur never mind.. :D – i`m addicted to your blog!

you look JUST GOURGEOUS!!!!


Very pretty picture of you smiling with the Diesel tank + your friend Amanda just has an amazing leather jacket… Would love to know a little bit more about that one !
Also the last pic : such a sweet couple and noticed you were taller than him with heels on… I don’t feel guilty anymore, thank u ! (Same for me :D )
Oouups almost forgot : just litteraly loooooove your lipstick !


Очень красивые фотографии=)

sounds like a cool night ! would love to see you wear jeans sometime

pretty dress !
new outfit post + Christmas wishlist

sounds like a cool night ! would love to see you wear jeans sometime

pretty dress !
new outfit post + Christmas wishlist

you’re are just beautiful, i dont know if you model, but you should do runways

I love your make up so much! :)

You’re lovely :) great outfit, I love your dress :)

i love this dress. where is it from?

I absolutely love you and your blog!

Where’s the dress from?? I love it!!!