READY? I have collaborated with Fabi shoes for a while now, and it has always been such a big pleasure to feature their gorgeous pieces on Kayture. Therefore I am so happy to announce you guys that from today on, you will be able to win these gorgeous peep toe suede ankle boots from their last collection. What do you say about that, isn’t that a good winter present? Please feel free to visit to have a look at all their amazing shoes and if you want to take part in this special christmas giveaway, all you have to do is :

1. Subscribe to Fabi’s newsletter by clicking HERE
2. Follow Fabi and Kayture on facebook
3. Follow Kayture on Bloglovin and post a comment under this post with your facebook name



Add yours

Ah they are amazing!

fecebook: Fransiska Novieta

Wish to get it!
Melissa Manun

Elija Januškevičiūtė

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Facebook name: Nikolett Tóth :)

facebook name: Magdolna Pekár

Lena Baumann

Ooooh! Want :D

Facebook name: Christina Sophia Gomes

fabulous Fabi! So elegant and Kayturous

Facebook :Aneli Peterson

this is awesome giveaway :)
maybe i’ll be the lucky one!
name: Michaela Fojtů

Awwww what an awesome giveaway! I did everything you asked, and my facebook name is: Demy NY and e-mail is:

Facebook: Concha López-Santamaría Reynolds


beautiful shoes:D

facebook name: Julie Becker

Facebook name Rory Lugosi( or Rory Noir)

They are amazing!

Eeek gorgeous! Done on all counts!
Awesome giveaway!

fb: Julie Khuu
Peace. Love. LOL!

p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

I love it
Ana Elly Bottigliero

I love it.
Facebook Name: Begoña Moreno

Elles sont sublimes!!!

Facebook: Ikram ROUNI-GAUTIER

Love this!
FB name: Marloes Soetevent

Subbed to their newsletter – (at gmail dot com)

Liked you both on fb – Jessy T

Already follow you on Bloglovin : )

Thank you! When does the giveaway end?

Those shoes are AMAZING! really into ankleboots this season, would die to win!

Facebook name: Claire van Leeuwen


I did everything

Facebook Name:Selenay coşer

FB: angela celotto

Martyna Ziemska (:

Wow how I love the shoes! Amazing giveaway!
Count me in!

Facebook name: Steffi Liem

Trés CHIC!!!! J’AIME!!!

Robinka Budaiova :)))

Looks great!
Fb name: Teodora Andrijana

love it!! would look so so good with my new dress

mail on facebook:

name: pa l.


sry forgot my facebooname : okayo okay


Facebook name: Dragana Daberky

They are amazing!

My Facebook name is : Fany Lotter ! :)

Fb name: Karmen Piirsoo

Facebook name: Gisella Genovese



Diana Šležaitė

Facebook name: Claire Jonsson

yes… it would be an amazing winter present! crossing my fingers :)

Agnieszka Dunin

Barbara Kudła

Carolina Vieira 14 December 2011 / Reply

Facebook name: Carolina Vieira

Facebook: Veronika Pélyi
Thank you!:)

Facebook name: Jessica Morgade

Facebook name: Aleksandra Ivkovic :)

Thanks for the lovely giveaway. All the best with your blog. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and a perfect new year.
Cathy Nguyen

Amazing shoes!

Facebook name: Vanda Masione

Genial!! Nereida Martínez =)

The shoes are absolutely incredible. Would love to be able to rock them!!
Ola Munia

Facebook name: Jelena Smiljanic

so wonderful, i would give them to my mum:)

Dobó Diána

Monika Jakimiuk

facebook name:
Valca Hrubesova

…that would be an awesome Xmas present!

Claudia Mandelli

I would so love to get these shoes. :)

Ive never done this before, so im curious. Maybe it will work ;)
my facebook name is Fanni Perjés.

best wishes from budapest

I’ve just done everything. the shoes look perfect! and it would be a perfect chance to prove if fabi is as good as you say :) i wish i win! :P xoxo

Amazing shoes :) FB: Fashion Dubrovnik

I’m so stupid haha.. Here’s my facebook name: Antonia Ivana

wow!!wonderful :)
fb:il mercatino di bea

Facebook name : Ana Aleksandrov or ana.aleksandrov

jimena tamayo (

The shoes are so beautiful I love your personal style!

facebook: Rachel Sanders

(sorry this is coming up as anonymous- my google account won’t work)

uou! really beautiful.
Facebook name: Jennifer Trocas

Yaaay!! Such A lovely Xmas present :)
Kristina Kotzmanova

facebook: Betty Nasui

Fingers crossed,

Laura-Liisa Lilleberg

I haven’t tried this before…but it might just work.
facebook name: Fanni Perjés

This is a great giveaway!
FB: Giulia Caristi

awesome giveaway*-*
my facebook name : Emőke Kádár

Amazing shoes!
Fcb name: Diane D. Attienyo

Veronika Kundrtová

Beautiful shoes

Fb name: Lauren algie

Ooo, pretty shoes.
Facebook: Thao Nguyen

Facebook name/ Marianna Fedorova

Iman Natasha Maszli

My face book name is Mia Hong!
Thanks so much for this giveaway!


Facebook name: Veronica Segatori

facebook name: tina venegas

liked on FB as Rory Finn!

Name: Stephanie Vazquez
(I do not have a profile photo.)


Facebook name: Isabela Falsirolli


Courtney Collins

Facebook profile:
Thank you, following on facebook, newsletter and bloglovin!

I always visit your blog… It’s a shame that I’m not from your country to win the shoes… But I’m going to try =D
facebook name: Elizabeth Frias
or /mangopepino

finger crossed :D
michela bartoletti

Ailin Menabil

ohhhh, my god
done everything,
facebook name: Diva Mukherji

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I love fashion and want to make a fashion blog to share my idea with the world but now I have no enough opportunity. I follow your blog every day and actually love your post…You have inspired fashion in me and make me more confident than before…My country has no Fabi, Zara or H&M stores….and we have to save much more money to buy clothes or accessories of them because of shipping price…so I love Fabi shoes and really want to own them :)
facebook name: Biha Lee

so so so beautiful booties!!!
already following you via bloglovin’ and facebook!
i have done everything else!
my facebook name is jenny kourpi
my email is

What a beautiful giveaway! Jules Jane Brotschi Ristow

FB NAME: E-Dinka Pákozdi

thank youuu ;)

Facebook name: Diana Morozova

Wooow, I would love to have them!
Facebook name: Tjaša Stojanoski

wooooooooow!!!!! thankyou for this giveaway!
FB name: Federica Cimetti
Good luck to everybody! :)


Karolina Klim 15 December 2011 / Reply

Karolina Klim

Love Fabi!

Wow they are really beautiful!
My Facebook name is: madstyling
xo Madeleine

FACEBOOK NAME : Chiara Borellini

I hope, I hope, I hope! Visnyei Kata

The shoes are amazing! I have never been succesful in winning something, but I’ll give it a try:) Love your blog!
My facebook name: Lucie Volná (

Done :)
Emilie Middelhart

OMG This is amazing! Perfect shoes for christmas and new year’s eve! You are amazing too, Kristina! Love reading your blog, it SO inspires me.

My fb name:

I hope, I hope, I hope! Visnyei Kata

Facebook name: Olesia Flegka

Facebook name: Surya Cotting
Bravo pour l’idée! :)

OMG these shoes are amazing!!!

FB name: Marty America

Michaela Cahlová (

Amazing giveaway! :)
Facebook name: Olya Khorosh

awesome giveaway!
daniela alfonsi

i love it!
fb: Sara Stolfa

Maja Magdalena Siemińska

They’re simply faboulous!!
My name on Facebook is Patricia Iglesias
Keep my fingers crossed!!

Iustina Silav 15 December 2011 / Reply

Facebook name : Janet Barral

I hope I get it! *fingers crossed*

FaceBook name : Laurie Innocent

FaceBook URL :

Great shoes!

facebook name: Špela Zadravec

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I love ur blog <3

facebook name: Priscilla Lee

This comment has been removed by the author.

Facebook name: Tiphaine Pittet

Amazing! Ilenia Troni

Facebook: Tany Maria

Facebook : Tany Maria

Facebook name: Anastassia Haltunen

Facebook name: Sophie Pikou Piquerez

:) :)

thank you for this great giveaway !!! I liked the two facebook pages with the name “centpourcent soie”. I follow you on bloglovin (100pour100soie) and I subscribed to their newsletter ( thank you !

Gorgeous! Facebook name: Rebecca Bianchi

I love your blog! You inspired me to start my own blog soon :).
And those shoes are amazing!

FB: Kayleigh Jonker

All done!

FB: Sheryl Wee:)


i miei tronchetti preferiti…
cristina campanelli

Vrahoriti Ada

Adèle Detollenaere 15 December 2011 / Reply

Wow very special shoes!!

facebook name: alessia.melis

Subscriber and Bloglovin follower
FB fan – Pinky Sade
gagaslab at gmail dot com

Eglė Sabaliauskaitė

Alexandra Bajzíková

Facebook name: Sybil Vane

Catarina Velosa

Catarina Velosa

Catarina Velosa

carmen fiorentino 15 December 2011 / Reply

Hiiiiiiiiiii sweetie you are so gorgeous!
I follow you everyday ;)
I haven’t facebook, because I don’t like it… but I follow you and fabi on facebook with another account! (note e gusto, my restaurant!)
I’d like to win these fabulous shoes

kisses from Italyyyyyyyyyyyy

I love your blog,,
you inspired me to start ny own blog soon ^^!

And those shoes are truely amazing!


FB: Kayleigh Jonker


My fb name Evita Gavrilova

Facebook name: Sara Gomes

Diana Erikman

emilka pientka

love xx

wow, what a great idea!

FB name: Carina Joana

xoxo, CJ


Chiara Comberlato

FACEBOOK NAME: Nora Hynštová :)

facebook: Ivana Bebek

great shoes!

Facebook name: Špela Zadravec

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Love these shoes, they look amazing! Fingers crossed :)
Facebook name : Rania Kelesidou

ohhh very beautiful=) <3
my mail :
my facebook name : Mariste Zuncheddu

Fb name: Gyöngyösi Nóra

Noemi Garcia Montes

Noemi G.Montes 15 December 2011 / Reply

fb name!: Noemi Garcia Montes :)

Francielly Fujii 15 December 2011 / Reply

Facebbok name: Francielly Souza

Vanessa Tovar Rodriguez
those are amazing ! i want them <3

Facebook Name: Renia Bögli

Facebook name : Aurélie Garcin

Ces chaussures sont magnifiques, quelle bonne idée ce concours.
Et quel plaisir de lire tes articles tous les jours :)

I like this type of shoe <3
Facebook name: Elisa Carlino

Amazing giveaway! My facebook name is Eda Güler.

liked; liked; and would love the shoes ;-)

Facebook name: Myriam Schumacher

Would be great:))

Facebook name : Nelly Blogmode
Mail :

Love love love your blog ! kisses

Love them!
Facebook name: Christy Taylor

please enter me.
thank you.
facebook: ana gonzalez sanchez
bloglovin: caprichos de ana

Facebook Name: Jessica McDaniel

such lovely shoes!

My facebook name :)
Katarzyna Brodzik

amaaaazing shoes!!!

Anastasiya Eismann (Facebook)

Those are AMAZING!

ksenija.s.aksic at gmail dot com
ksenija aksic on fb

Agnete Flyger Hansen 15 December 2011 / Reply

Oh wow Kristina, those are GORGEOUS! It would be a absolute dream to own these, since I’m a student, and don’t have money for buying such beautiful shoes. Sad but true! Therefore I really pray for winning these:-)
I did everything you required, and my facebook name is “Agnete Flyger Hansen”
Here’s the link to make it easier:

Love your blog btw, your style is beyond amazing! So glad I found this:-)

facebook: Orihime Masopustová

Awesome shoes!!

fb name: Anabel Marques

Facebook name:Andreea Adam(Annia)


facebook: Gaia Meazza


Elégant, chic … simplement magnifiques !!
Facebook name : Cindy Grohe

Facebook name: L’n Fierlafijn

I adore!!! these shoes!!!!


it would be perfect under the christmas tree with my name on it!!!

kisses from Lisboa!!!

facebook name: mariana vasconcelos peixoto

Adeline Cuvillon 15 December 2011 / Reply

Salut, je souhaite participer aux concours :D Je m’appelle “Adeline Dujardin Cuvillon” (sur facebook), je ne suis pas sur bloglovin par contre :/ j’adore vraiment ce que tu fais (je commente parfois sur ta page fb :) )
Voilà bisous :)

Facebook: Sophia Liebermann

Veronika Zu

these would be my prettiest christmas present ever, i hope!:)

amazing giveaway
facebook: martina rolla

Following and I’ve liked both pages! :D My Facebook name is Yasmeen Fahmy.

Thank you for hosting this! Hope I win!


Castle Fashion

hey great contest, facebook name is Denisha Peterson

Facebook name: Mouna Zelmat

Facebook name : Dominika Kocaj

Awesome shoes :) Fb name: Agne Rudzinskaite

lovely shoes!!

clodette paulina aguila

This is the BEST giveaway ever! Love your blog :)
facebook: Kristýna Bradová

Anna Lapada 16 December 2011 / Reply

Hello Dear!!Thanks for giveaway!!
me in facebook is – Аня Лапада


facebook: Blanche DuBois

Hey, thanks for the giveaway. Here’s my FB name: Alết Lết or you can click here

so pretty :X
name: Roxana Zapartan

Awwww, lovely shoes!!! my facebook name: ulrike berlinghoff

Facebook:Anja Statebrigakako

Lenka Chrpova

Great giveaway!!!

Fingers crossed

Laura Lama F

facebook: Bianka Fischer

for me this is the greatest inspiration…

Klaudia Kordowska

Facebook name: Daria Stotskaya

I’m in love with your blog!! <3 xxx

Dorota Chudek

love the shoes!!!!!!
facebook name : kelly chang larsson
email :

Beautiful shoes!

Facebook: Laura Cárdenas

amazing boots!
my facebook name is olga kot

so pretty!
Facebook name:Lorina Ardeleanu

facebook name: Noor Wille.
done all three.

I love Fabi Shoes!!
In FB I’m Diario di un ex stacanovista!

Anne Vanherck 17 December 2011 / Reply

All done! Awesome shoe Kristina!
facebookname: Anne Vanherck

beautiful,beautiful,beautiful!!!! i love them!! i would like to win!!!
fb name: Maria Gravalou

Hi! My facebook name is Manuela Saliani

my e-mail:

My Facebook name is : Fany Lotter ! I’m french ! :) xx. Fany.

facebook: Ilča Kramářová

on fb: tresy petraglia

Aaaaww.. they look too cute. Especially for Christmas♥
xx Elke de Smit :) (facebookname)

Facebook ID: Martina La Corte

I would like to enter the giveaway for these gorgeous shoes! My Facebook name is Paola Peculic.

Oh beautiful shoes!!!
Ananda Rock

facebook name: ines blanco


Facebook name : Anastasia Moser



wonderful connection !
I love it
greetings :)

Frances Veenhuijsen :) x

Facebook name: Anna Vidal

I would like to enter the giveaway for these gorgeous shoes. My Facebook name is Paola Peculic. <3

I’m Cloé Bascou.

I’m totally in love with your style :) greetings from czech republic ;)
facebook nick: Kristina Kůdelíková

beautiful shoes and giveaway.
michela colo’

everything done!
Sabrina Musco on Facebook :)
my email :)

facebook: Serena Tozzi
e mail:


Facebook Name:
Tina Nezić

thats great.
facebook: Kübra Sarı

I do love them!
My facebook name: Julie Guillet

Thanks for the giveaway !
Facebook Name: Kayleigh Prince

Wow, gorgeus shoes <3
It would be nice to win it for Christmas :)
Facebook name: Barbara Herceg

Facebook name: Xiaohan Tan

Great you have, K!

so gorgeous shoes!

my facebook: Aniela Rutkowska

facebook: Gabriela Zieńko


My facebook name Carmen Cristina Stanley, those are gorgeous shoes :D

Gorgeous shoes! :D
Facebook: Maja Lolic

What a great giveaway! Have a nice day :)

fb name: Barbara Hocevar

Nice schoes and nice blog !!
Facebook name: Mégane Wüthrich

lovely shoes…

FB name: Eda Zarife

Love this shoes :) Absolutely gorgeous.
Facebook: Barbara Herceg

Wow! They’re amazing!
Facebook name: Claudia Ávila

Mary Olvera < - facebook name.

wish me luck!

i love this one !!!

facebook name : wening tresnany sheyza II
Email :

Zuzana Tran ;) I really like your blog :D

thank you for this giveaway!
facebook name: Rafaela Abdul

Hey sweeety!! I have done the requisites!! :)
Facebook name: Akanksha chawla
Blog: Fictitious Fashion
Email Id:

Gosh these r Beautiful **
FB Account: ‘Gøssà Fay

Please enter me.

Name: Annabel Hernandez (as Bell Rios in Bloglovin)
Facebook: Annabel Hernandez

Gorgeous shoes! So versatile! Love them!

These shoes are stunning!!

facebook: Lana Rose

I really love the shoes, one of the best ones I’ve ever seen…you are like a inspiration to me, i want to grow up and be a model.thanks.

Facebook: Maria Hernandez

FB: Jana Jašíková
(just to make sure)

Facebook name: Nadya Joy
Facebook e-mail:

Facebook name: Andrea Nikic

Love the shoes <3
Facebook name: Maja Lolic

These are so gorgeous!
My facebook name is: Maja Živković

Please enter me! I love these shoes!!!
Facebook name: Bonnie Stuart Martin

facebook: carolin wachsmuth

they’re abs lovely!! crossing fingers :)
fb name: Andreia Pires

Your blog is perfect!

Telma Medeiros

Good luck all!!

would love to win!!

Gia Lee

nice shoes, not my type but they’re nice

Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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