Pictures by JAMES VYN

BEFORE THE DIESEL EVENT I love winter season at night, when the bright lights of all the shops with their festive colours are shining, and when the streets are illuminated by all the sparkly christmas decorations. This is for me one of the best time of the year, a period perfect for family, friends, traditions and presents. When we were, James and I, out the other day for the Diesel event in Geneva we just couldn’t resist doing some pictures in those colourfull streets. I just loved starring at the glittery vitrine of the ”Bongénie” composed of velvet curtains and sparkles. I just can’t wait to show you all the pictures from the Diesel party, it was such a nice evening full of new discoveries. But for now, I let you admire the result of a few night lights in Geneva’s streets.

P.S : I have read today the interview of Donatella Versace for the november’s issue of Vogue France, her sentence made me smile so much :
Je lis de moins en moins les journaux, et de plus en plus les blogs. L’approche est totalement différente, plus spontanée, moins formelle. Les jeunes qui les rédigent font vivre la mode en permanence, aux quatre coins du monde. Ils n’ont pas peur de dialoguer, et ne prennent pas leur avis pour des oracles. Ils sont technologiquement et culturellement a l’heure.”
ENGLISH  : ” I read less magazines, and more blogs. The approach ist totally different, more spontaneous, less formal. The young people who write them make fashion permanently live all over the world. They aren’t afraid to speak, and don’t take their opinions for oracles. They are technologically and culturally at time.” D.V


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Awesome pics, you look absolutely amazing!!


Beautiful shots!

I love all the Christmasdecoration on the streets aswell :)

Cool that donatella said that, I guess she is right, although lots of us bloggers get inspired by magazines.
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I love all the Christmasdecoration on the streets aswell :)

Cool that donatella said that, I guess she is right, although lots of us bloggers get inspired by magazines.
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

Beautiful city!

I love the fur faux coat!

what are you wearing?

gorgeous!! love ur coat :D

nice bag !!!

beautiful pictures! amazing clutch!! xx

so so beautiful :)


gorgeous coat and make-up! xoxo

You are absolutely beautiful. Great shots. And I agree with you, it’s a magical time with all the lights and sparkles.

je t’adore♥

Amazing clutch ! You look so beautiful in that fur coat ! Love it ! Xx nadine

I’m in love with your clutch!

love this entire post! gorgeous outfit & i love the donatella versace quote!

You are so pretty !! Really I cant stop looking at your pics

It’s just Incredible how you look! And that what Donatella Versace sas is so true!

I love that clutch, the detailing is beautiful! I’m glad that fashion bloggers are being recognized by such influential figures!

Amazing photos!
You look always so chic!!!
Your style is just perfect <3


Your blog is one of the best! It’s so elegant and chic! OMG I love you classy style!

Tu es trés trés chic!
J’adore ton clutch!

x H


amazing pictures! I always have difficulty with evening/night photos.. did you use additional lamp?

Amazing post and photos!:)


Your fur jacket is amazing! Love what Donatella said. It’s so true.

You are sooo beautiful!!!
Adore your style! <3

you look perfect!

your pictures are always so beautiful <3

such a gorgeous outfit, ofcourse! Love the fur coat!

I love christmas season as well, also I love what Donatella Versace said. :) ~ Xo

I wonder how you look like without eye make-up :)

That yeti coat is so decadently beautiful, and such a beautiful clutch!

Amazing look as always!!

you are so gorgeous!!!

Awesome pics! You look everytime amazing!

That is so great, she said that!:D:X I am proud to be a blogger :X And you look spectacular in this outfit, I really love the make-up too !

Hello Kristin,

Lovely entry. The streets look festive and and inviting. Also, I was just curious what lens you’re using?


so beautiful!! I love that fur coat

That is def true what Donatella said about reading blogs instead of fashion mags. Blogs are better!

Beautiful pictures …. love your style and the winter season is perfectly captured on your pictures!

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

awesome pics:) you look amazing<3

this is so beautiful! ♥

last summer i was in geneve, it was soo beautiful:) i love these photos at nigh.


Cute cute cute! as usual :)
kisses from Portugal

á la mode!! That Fur coat is amazing!

oh it looks so festive over there!

I love your lipstick color:)


absolutely amazing!

awesome pictures and I love the christmas decoration, too :)

Very beautiful look !!!!

You look FABULOUS!!!But what I like the most? The fact that you showed me a little bit of GENEVE that I love and have in my heart!! I spent some of my beautiful years there: GENEVE, JE T’AIME!!!

soo beatiful;-]]]]]


I also love Christmas time!!!! Gorgeus pictures sweetie!!

I love cities full of christmas lights too.. so beautiful!

so beautiful i love your jacket and cluch! your make up is great!

<3 Anja

i believe donna tella never miss-read ur blog!


You’re such an inspiration!

I just made a post on my blog inspired on you :) – I gave you credit for the pictures don’t worry :) Hope you go there and see it :)

you look so glamorous, love it! and that clutch is so beautiful!

Beautiful :)