Pictures by JAMES VYN

CINNAMON SHADES If I told you that it was night almost five minutes after these photos were shot? Unbelievable isn’t it, at 4 pm it is almost like if it was time to go to bet. Well that wasn’t our plan for yesterday. James and I were invited to a few very interesting events in Lausanne. First we had the chance to meet James Blunt at his private showcase; a couple of pictures were shot for a local magazine. Of course we couldn’t have a real discussion with him, everything went very quickly, however we enjoyed some great time sipping cocktails and eating mini sandwiches while listening to some of his most famous songs. After his performance (which we actually couldn’t entirely see because of the other event waiting us) we rushed to the Louis Vuitton store that also held a private party. Au rendez-vous: some delicious champagne, strawberry pastries all that with the last Vuitton collection exhibit. Also a Polaroid picture booth was the animation of the evening, how fun is that idea? The best part is that you could pick some items from the store to dress up a little for the pictures, a great souvenir. Unfortunately we couldn’t take a lot of our own pictures since as I said these were both special events. However we have done a couple of very nice shots at the last party and I am excited to share them with you in my next goodies post!

It is finally the week-end; this was such a busy week. I am in the last year of my high school studies, and because it is the middle of the year there has been a huge amount of exams those past weeks. So I had to find time to work on school, take part in all the amazing events where James and I have been invited and of course find some quality time for family and friends. I guess that my traditional lazy winter isn’t so lazy after all.
Now about the outfit, I have received the other day my new fall/winter collection picks from the Fabi Boutique! You know how much I love shoes; it is one the most popular feminine accessory so guess my reaction when I saw those ankle boots from in the parcel. Even though I have chosen them, therefore have already seen the model, I really was impressed by the high quality and the gorgeous detailing. I paired those lovelies to some brown leather inspired leggings and to a very warm faux-fur coat. I am definitely looking forward to show you the other two pairs I got from the boutique. Also what do you think about the golden bond bracelet? It is the third piece from that I wanted to show you.
Enjoy your week-end folks!

LIPSTICK : M.A.C Vegas Volt
BAG : Cosmo


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i have the same h&m pants, i was deciding whether to keep or return.. definitely a keeper, thanks! :D
XOXO Kasia

wunderschöne bilder!
mir gefällt der lippenstift an dir so gut!
und vorallem deine tasche :)
liebste grüße u ein schönes we,
maren anita

The dual-toned pants and your heels make such a perfect, ultra chic pair!

i love the shoes!!! and also the color of your lipstick :)

I love the shoes! :)

I am obsessed with those brown leather panneled pants and that amazing fur coat! sounds like such a crazy fun night

Wow Cool i love the makeup too !

lovely pictures dear…..
i really love your style and i wish to know you better

amazing coat. great photos :))

Love the Leggins! They are very much on my wishlist hope they still have them! and the Shoes are FAB!!! Most of all – the outfit looks warm! I have to be warm during this colder months! @getthriftycouk

Fabulous shoes!! Really into the two-toned right now so this is gorgeous…especially capped off with snakeskin, this is going on my Xmas wish list for sure! You look beautiful as always K!

Peace. Love. LOL!

great!! :) u look fabulous like always :)

you look amazing here:)♥

amazing outfit! xx

You always look super cute ¿how do you do?

Very cool boots and I like your hair in a ponytail, makes you look very different :) a cool change for a day.

don’t really like the leggings

Curious to see some photos of the LV event :)
new outfit post + christmas wishlist

Very cool boots and I like your hair in a ponytail, makes you look very different :) a cool change for a day.

don’t really like the leggings

Curious to see some photos of the LV event :)
new outfit post + christmas wishlist

You’ re so beautiful!
wonderful shoes

love your shoes

I LOVE the leggings and the shoes! Gorgeous outfit and photos :)

the small bracelet is so cute :)
you look so classy and elegant


wow, you look perfect!

Wonderful outfit – looks great with your hairs… great pictures!

Tanja – or via Bloglovin

Awwww.. the last pic <3
That fur coat is quite big.. don’t you think? But it looks nice with ur tied hair :)
N those boots.. my my.. THe height.. woah!!!! Can’t say more.. dey are just strt.. hw r u so comfy in dem?or u look comfy :D
Nice outfit..
n gr8 to hear that u attended James blunt’s concert.. he is amazing, isn’t he?

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Great shoes! Love the Christmas lights

omg your hair looks so good this way. your face is so pretty.

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Fabulous! I really like the bracelet :)

lovely photos! u look amazing with ponytail! it really suits you! :D



love your fur coat!!! *.*
I wanna one!!


I love your pics! And your blog is amazing!
I’m following you now :))

Love the look!

Love your shoes!!

such a cute bracelet and iam in love with your shoes! moreover your leggins looks so pretty with that fur coat ! i really love that kind of look ! xx nadine

Love your shoes.

You look stunning as always! Love the shoes!

Those shoes are KILLER! LOVE them!!!! My favorite photo is the one where you are sitting down, so glamorous!

Perfect, as always :)

Great hope you will post picture from LV event. Love Patricia

WOW!Those shoes are amazing!Love the snake skin top on them.

Loved the booties and the leggings! Fantastic photos!

Oh I didn’t know that your boyfriend is a photographer :) So now, that’s why your photos are so perfect :)

the whole look is so nice!
pretty ankle boots!
I would love if you showed us what you wear when you attend lessons.
It would be interesting (and something different) to see these looks!
Miss Starshiny

i have this leggins , so beutifoul!

your pony tail rock!


wow so beautiful! ♥

Hey, I don’t think you will ever read my message but i would like to ask you a few questions:

1.How do you keep your hair so straight and pretty? Do you use straightening tongs every day? Or any kind of mostuiriser?

2.I am 17 and i love fashion as much as you do but can never afford those beautiful expensive clothes. I always end up with drabs given the amount of money from my parents. Where do you get your money/earn it?

3. What do u plan to do after high school?

(p/s: If you have the time and if you happen to read my comment and wish to answer it, I am fuglygirlonthebench, one of your followers on chictopia)

Cheers!have a nice day!

really love how that ponytaail looks on you:) you look really pretty in this pics, and, your booties are so so lovely:)

Fantastic girls! Love autifit^^



Отличный пост и красивые фотографии=)

Perfect shoes and i love your leather pants. :)

Omg, love it!

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i love the fur coat and your leggings ♥

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love the shoes so much, they’re amazing x

Love your shoes! So fabulous. Big love for your blog all the way from England!

The pants!! And your hairr!

Wow the coat is so gorgeous, and the leggins with the shoes!! wow totally amazing