Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUGAR AND BAUBLES James’s place in Montreux is full of little surprises, tiny vintage boxes, amazing cups for tea and the cutest christmas baubles on earth. The day after the celebration, we couldn’t eat anything else than some cookies and drink tea ( well that isn’t actually true, James ate the rest of the turkey. I don’t know how he does that, antomic tummy?), well at least I couldn’t since my stomach was full of chocolate, ham and masched patatoes.
As a matter of fact, those past weeks, we were both truly into the ”tea-time” tradition because nothing tastes better than earl grey during winter. 
The weather that morning was amazing, so we decided to shoot a few pictures with the christmas tree just for fun before going out in town. Isn’t this tiny mushroom bauble the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures, there are more coming up with this outfit. I am on my way to DUBAI! Here I come.

PANTS : Zara


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Such a lovely couple! Wish you&James all the best in New Year and enjoy Your trip in Dubai!!! :)

i love the last picture! you both look so cute together!

love, Summer Flounce

Awesome pics!! You look amazing!

Books in my bags

Beautiful *.* Linda :D

Kisses :*
Beijão linda :*


your outfits are always classy..!! good job!

Love these photos. The color of the shirt suits you very well.

Perfect outfit ! Dark green looks great on you.
Can’t wait to see the Dubai photos
new outfit post

Perfect outfit ! Dark green looks great on you.
Can’t wait to see the Dubai photos
new outfit post

you look insanely pretty!!! and those shots with the santa hat are the cutest!!! ^^ i love the christmas food, the atmosphere and all the yummy food going with it too!!! :)

Really chic outfit!
Have a great 2012!


you look fabulous !!
and the last photo is sooooooo great !!!!

Sur les 3 dernières photos t’es juste magnifique *.*

Beautiful pictures and outfit :D
Love the green on you!

Super cute! Love the last photo, makes me smile big :) The shirt is lovely, really brings out the color of your eyes! Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


Aaaw, how cute pictures<3 And enjoy you tea ;) Btw, wrote a little post on my blog about you the other day

stunning shots, and i love your lip colour!
enjoy dubai x
Moloko & Honey

I like your post! Holidays are very magical. In your photos you can see a lot of joy, warmth and great fashion.
I cordially greet and welcome to my blog:

lovely pictures :) xx


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The shirt is lovely, beautiful colour!x

you look so chic and beautiful! that tree is lovely ♥

Loved the photos with Santa hat :) And such a lovely couple.. Check my blog too :) Kisses!!

such beautiful face!such a great style!my congrats for everything!

You are such a classy girl. Very sweet captures!

you look totally stunning like always. a good flight to dubai and i need to say i am kind a jealous wish i could be in the sun too but work calls…

love cherry bee

gorgeous! great pics! :D

Truly amazing outfit! I’m in love with these pics! Some of my favourites on your blog so far. You look so good together.

i adore your make up,it suits you so well :)


looks to be the most festive fun


beautiful shirt!! i love it!!
please looks and follow me on my blog if you want thank you very much, with love <3

Wonderful! You look fabulous. You have really beautiful make – up. Kisses and greetings from Poland. Happy New Year.

That necklace is so unbelievably gorgeous… and you and your boyfriend look so cute together!

XX Kathryn

You look FANTASTIC! ♥

beautiful pictures! so great the colours! :)

You are ridiculously gorgeous! I love the colour of your shirt. (:
And I love the pictures of you in your Santa hat. Hehe.

The Deer Lady

What a great pictures !!!
You’re so gorgeous ;)
I loved your shirt, this colour suits you !!

Kisses from Brazil

love the green blouse, and you guys really make such a cute couple <3

Your style is great! This outfit looks so classical.

♥…what can I say? You look like a princess, your Bf is handsome and the BEST photographer, his house is GREAT, and you look SO inlove!!!!I wish you to be like that FOREVER!!!!
I love the green top and that necklace!!!Green suits you in perfection!!!!!
Love from Greece!

i love your make up and last photo:))

beautiful, sophisticated look!
I love it 100%ly <3

You are so beautiful! And I tell it you on your every post!:D ‘Couse I think there’re a lot of girls that wanna look so georgerous pretty like you!
I hope that you’re not mad on me, ‘couse I maked again a post about you with your photos, to make people go on your site and ckeck it out. :) If you have something to this, tell me, I will delate it :P Here is one of my posts about you

omg i looooove that sweater!! I am planning to sew something like that soooon! (blog about sewing my own fashion!)

Gorgeous outfit!! I simply adore that blouse, the color is perfect for you! And Dubai sounds amazing :D

I love your makeup! <3 and your clothes of course. great pictures :)

Beautiful pictures! I love your outfit.
xo Madeleine

J’adoooooore !!
L’e,semble rend très bien !
‘Suis fan !!

Lovely pictures and lovely you!! You and James look really like a great couple!!
Enjoy your trip!!

I love your outfit. You’re pretty! xx

Again such a beautiful style! Gorgeous!

Very cute pics, exactly what Christmas should look like :)
You are so lucky your boyfriend is a photographer and can help you with your blog. Mine is the worst photographer in the world which makes it very difficult to get good pictures for my blog..

Anneli xx

You look so chic and comfy !!!

Very nice pix. :)

Lots Of LovE


you look so cute together! happy new year to both of you and your families!

Lovely look !! Love the colors!

You and James are such an adorable couple! You look gorgeous in that outfit. Have fun at Dubai!! :)

You look really elegant, I love your necklace!
✝ Fashion Bible ✝

Love it! Super chic pictures :)

I love this outfit!! And you’re more and more beautiful :)

Oh man, your pictures are always so elegant and … GREAT!

Wow amazing shots ! You look beautiful as always and i love your christmas decoration ! Hope you had a great christmas time and that you have fun in dubai! Xx nadine

Wow amazing outfit! So elegant! Have an amazing trip :D

i like your pants!!
happy christmas!!

C’est sur la bouche le bisous, le pauvre James !

Love these pictures! They’re so classic :)

With love,

You are so cute together, such a beautiful couple! Great pictures, you look amazing! Happy New Year!!!

just discover you blog! it is great! nice look!!!

Incredibly chic and elegant blend of faded green with ivory, for this unearthly jewelry. Extremely consistent and wonderful composition. I admire!


Your amazingly beautiful!

Here I live my blog if you would like to check it out:

XXXX Maria Luís XXXX

I love your necklace…where is it from?
you could like this blog as well <3

I love the necklace and you look amazingly beautiful !

clarissa , xoxo

great look :)

So elegant and precious!

So elegant the outfit, and you looks so formal, BEAUTIFUL!